Who Does Tatsumi End Up With In Akame Ga Kill?

Akame ga Kill! Season 2 is a Japanese manga series composed by Takahiro and delineated by Tetsuya Tashiro. It was serialized in Square Enix’s Gangan Joker from March 2010 to December 2016. Akame ga Kill was a highly anticipated anime that pitched in as Game of Thrones of the anime world, but those who have seen both clearly can see the difference. To be very clear to start with, Akame ga Kill Is an obnoxious anime. I will remember it for its cocky protagonist. Many people who watched the show were disappointed by the protagonist and hated him.

Did not write the character correctly as to how can a protagonist be that dumb that he gets baited by a girl easily on his first day in the capital. The primary purpose was to get him acquainted with the nobles, and that’s why he meets a noble girl who takes him with her in the very next scene. Unfortunately, all this is done in such a clumsy manner that you never get going. Here we will discuss the series Akame Ga Kill! season 2.

Who Does Tatsumi End Up With In Akame Ga Kill?

Mine is the love interest of the Tatsumi in Akame ga Kill. She also is a member of the Night Raid squad. Mine and Tatsumi don’t get along initially in the manga or anime but then after Seryu’s suicide attack she finally confesses her love for Tatsumi and falls in love with him after how the event turns out.

However, in the manga, she confesses her love to him after a short while and they quickly become a couple. Unfortunately during the battle, Tatsumi gets captured and thus he undergoes trial in which she is sentenced to public execution. They manage to save Tatsumi but due to the nature of the battle Mine is forced to use up all of her imperial powers and gets heavily injured which leaves her in a coma. But to pay respect to her sacrifice and love for him, Tatsumi decides to stay single until she wakes up from a coma. In the manga, she wakes up from a coma, and they marry each other and have a child together. However, in the anime, she gets killed after killing General Budou.

The main plot of Akame ga Kill is the fight between the group Night Raid and the sinful elites of society. The main aim of the assassin’s group Night Raid is to kill the sinful elites of the kingdom, the chief of which is empowered and his ministers. Unfortunately, night Raid’s signature is gratuitous violence. It’s so meaningless that it didn’t faze the audience at all. The same can say about the humor used in the anime, as it is so unfunny that you will hardly laugh throughout the show. Even the fight scenes are just too meaningless and boring that you will scratch your head. For example, in the first episode, our hero survives against the Emo girl just by standing and luck. And then when the girl uses her sword on him he can stay due to a wooden statuette IN his pocket.

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Akame Ga Kill Story

There is hardly any build too many of the revelations that do throughout the show. It is just bad writing and character development. Anime fans will be amazed at how bad writing can be. Even the foreshadowing of how shallow the Jillian would do, but at that point, you are not even shocked at sometimes like that.

I am unsure of the target audience of this anime. It’s too violent for children and just too immature for adults to watch.

Art- some of the backgrounds look decent, but overall the animation is terrible even when released in 2014. Essentially, in the next scene, appropriately written details like the dresses of the character are entirely overlooked in some of the scenes, and it is visible that the creator was not bothered by the designs of the clothes.

Sound is a generic piece of art, and even the action scenes don’t hit on you. well, enough has been said about the anime story, but once again, I would like to repeat that it is just a very clumsy story. It is very poorly written and has no character development. The Night Raid attacks one villain at a time even when they have the potential and chance to take many of them together is beyond explanation.

Conclusion- you can watch it if you want some plain violence and average writing. But you can explore many more options before you decide.

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