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Who Is Asta Parents? Everything We Know

Hi all! Today we are back again with a topic which surely intrigues the interest of all. Black Clover, literally everyone has seen this anime. And why will people not watch it? The anime is just wow! I really had a great time as I binged watched this one quite a few times now.

Getting back, we know who Asta is actually. But do we really know him at the end of the day? He is introduced to us in the anime as an orphan so we never really got scope to get to know about his past. So today we thought why not discuss his past and get to know about our hero a little bit. 

Below you will get to know about him and learn some interesting facts which you were previously unaware of. But before that, if you are an alien to the topic go and watch the anime first. It will surely give you chills with its amazing and to die for the plot. I will share the details of the anime with you so that you have an idea about the anime. And who knows after reading the article it might intrigue your interest. 

Let’s begin the race then! 

Black Clover Story

Who Is Asta Parents?
Black Clover

The anime is adapted from a 32-volume manga that is still publishing its upcoming volumes. The anime has a total of 170 episodes with runtime being 23 mins each. The anime’s watch time isn’t very long in spite of its number of episodes. At the most, you can finish watching the entire animation within a week. The anime also has a game version. If you are into games then feel free to play the game. 

The anime scored a rating of 8.11 from My Anime List (MAL) and 8.6 from IMDb. The 2017 action, comedy, fantasy, fall anime is highly rated and is a fan favorite. So if you haven’t yet streamed the show. Do so now! 

Asta is an orphan boy who is born in a world with magical power, but unfortunately, he hasn’t any.  Asta and Yuno, both were abandoned by their parents and hence became close ever since. While young both are plagued to compete against each other once they become adults. 

But the question is, among the duo who will finally claim the throne of the Magus? Who is the next emperor in line? 

Rest you find as you stream the show on your PC or Android. 

Moving on to the next topic. 

Asta’s Background

Okay, so his father’s identity was never revealed in the manga nor in the anime. But do we know who he is? We will talk about it soon.

As for his mother, she had to leave him because of her self-absorbing force. So in order to save her son’s life she turned him out. 

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Hence, we know why he became an orphan. 

Next, we will talk about his brother who is not related to him by blood, and also about how and where he was raised. 

We will also talk about Yuno as well. 

Who Is Asta Parents?

Who Is Asta Parents?
Asta’s Parents

I will tell you from before that Asta’s father’s identity was never revealed. He is not mentioned in the manga at all. I already mentioned this.

Now speaking of his mother, his mother’s name is Richita. He was left in the care of the church because his mother wanted him to live as staying by her side would have only caused his death. 

Because of her condition she was forced to live outskirts there, she adopted the demon Liebe and brightened him as her own. 

She left him under the care of the church little did she know that her son was born without mana. She had the same mana-sucking disease as Henry too did have. But her mana got stolen when he was in her womb hence is the reason for him being born without mana.

Later she died in the hands of Lucifero while he was defending her own demon Liebe. 

If you are interested in knowing further details you can read the manga as it shares more info than the anime. This is all about Asta’s mother.

Now speaking about his father although much is not known we speculate that his dad might be the devil himself. Again, he might be someone completely different, someone, other than a devil but still a magical being as stated in the manga. 

Being an orphan he never had any blood relatives but later he met Yuno whom he considered his brother in short, he is his foster brother. 

This is all you need to know about the stated topic. If you are interested to find out more then either read the manga or you can even watch the anime. Now speaking about the anime.

Where to Watch Black Clover?

Who Is Asta Parents?
Asta and Yuno’s Secrets

The anime is there on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Funimation.

Go and enjoy the show while we get back shortly with yet another interesting topic and fun facts. Stay tuned for updates and more. 

Happy Reading!

Happy Watch! 

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