Who Is Charlie Heaton Son? Know Here

Celebrity relations are so difficult to understand and keep up with. Some of them we love to watch. They make their lives public enough so that fans get to live and laugh with them. Others like to keep it simple and private.
Today we’ll talk about Charlie Heaton. One such individual likes to keep his family life private. While we respect that privacy, fans also want to get a sneak peek into his personal life. So let’s talk about his son in this article. And you must have heard about his son- Archie Heaton. The cute little bundle of joy that he is. If you haven’t then don’t worry. We’ll get into all the details quickly.

Who is Charlie Heaton’s Son?

Charlie Heaton Son
Charlie Heaton Son

It must be so cool to have a rockstar mother and a movie-star father. Well, Archie Heaton is living his dream life. With celebrity parents, there is no doubt that everybody wants to know about him. So let’s get into all the details. Archie Heaton is Charlie Heaton’s son. Currently, he is eight years old. Archie Heaton was born in England on 19 May 2014. Charlie Heaton was 20 years old at the time of his son’s birth. Archie primarily lives with his mother in England. His mother is Akiko Matsuura. Charlie now splits his time between the USA and England. His workplace is mainly in Hollywood so he has to spend time in the USA. But he also regularly visits his son and homeland whenever he gets the chance. We’ll get into more details about him later. First, let’s get to know Charlie Heaton a bit more.

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Charlie Heaton Career

One of Hollywood’s very talented actors, he is also an excellent musician. He was raised by his mother in Bridlington. It is a small coastal town in Yorkshire, England. He is an English actor best known for his role in Stranger Things. He plays the role of Jonathan Byers in the very famous Netflix series. If you watch Stranger Things then you love Jonathan Byers too. He is the older brother of Will and the oldest son of Joyce. He is an aspiring photographer who is a quiet kid and an outsider at Hawkins High. Charlie Heaton started his career with the 2014 movie Life Needs Courage. Before that, he was a drummer in the band Comanechi. His other notable roles are Mark in As You Are, Stephen Portman in Shut In, Billy Marrowbone in Marrowbone, Will in No Future, Samuel Guthrie or Cannonball in The New Mutants, and Jim Dagger in The Souvenir Part 2.

Heaton dated his former bandmate Akiko Matsuura back in his musician days. He also has a son with her named Archie Heaton. Heaton met Akiko when both of them were part of the Comanechi band. Heaton was the drummer and Akiko the frontwoman. Currently, they are not together but co-parenting Archie. They separated following the months of Archie’s birth. Some speculate that Heaton, who was only 20 at that time, was not ready to be a father. Others point to the age gap between Akiko and Charlie. Charlie was 20 and Akiko was 38 at the time of Archie Heaton’s birth. However, neither of them has commented on their breakup. They lead a very private life when it comes to their personal matters. Heaton has been dating his costar Natalie Dyer from Stranger Things. She also plays Jonathan’s on-screen girlfriend Nancy Wheeler. We don’t know much about Nancy’s relationship with Archie either. It seems all of them lead a very secretive life and like to keep things personal.

Akiko Matsuura Early Life

Akiko Matsuura was born in Osaka, Japan. She is a talented singer and drummer. She has worked with several punk rock bands in her career. Currently, she is the frontwoman of the English art-rock band PRE. She has been the front woman in other notable bands like Comanechi. Akiko has been a drummer in The Big Pink too. She has also played with Divorce, a band based in Glasgow.
Akiko currently lives in England with her son Archie Heaton. They share a very private life. But they are happy and enjoy living a private life away from the paparazzi.

Charlie Heaton Personal Life

Although Heaton and Akiko lead a very private life we do have some information about Archie. It is said that Archie, who is currently in elementary school, is also taking acting lessons. No doubt, he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps. He also loves playing football and spending time at the beach. He does not get to see his father often but they still share a very strong bond. Charlie Heaton also hops on the plane to England whenever he gets the chance.

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