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Who is Isabella Guzman And Where Is She Now In 2022?

Recently, many people are drawing their attention towards crime and serial killers, murderers, and more stuff like that, well, we can say that the amount of documentary series is growing which is why fans have been showing their interest in crime and all.

Netflix and other streaming applications have been providing so many interesting documentary series related to the most heinous killers out there such as The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, The Night Stalker, A Conversation With A Serial Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes and many more series are there.

But there is one unfortunate thing to hear that there are many crime stories that do not have documentary series, which is why many people are unaware of many incidents. But there is one incident that is trending a lot lately and fans are curious whether this particular incident has any documentary series or not. “Isabella Guzman” you must have heard of this name or else you would not have been here to know more about “Isabella Guzman” right? “Who is this person? And why is this person getting attention all over the internet?”

Well, I am so sure that you must have been asking these questions and trying to find out the answers because you are not the only one who has been searching so much stuff on the Internet related to Isabella Guzman, many people are curious to know about her.

If you are on the way to learning all the information about Isabella Guzman then you have entered the correct place to learn about her, we have tried our best to gather all the factual information about Isabella Guzman. So keep on scrolling down through the article to learn all the essential stuff about Isabella Guzman.

Who is Isabella Guzman and Where Is She Now in 2022?

Who is Isabella Guzman?

When a person is on the trending list we always get curious to know why that particular person is trending, right? The same situation goes for Isabella Guzman.

Well, first of all, let me clarify that Isabella Guzman is not a celebrity who is trending for her popularity but she is a killer who killed her own mother in the year 2013, you must be very shocked to know this right?

Well, when the news first broke out it was very hard for most people to digest the fact that Isabella Guzman killed her own mother, many resented her and criticized her too, it is indeed a fact that she committed a crime but the main twist arrives later when she was proven not guilty and I am sure you must be quite shocked to hear this too, right?

If you want to know the whole thing in a detailed manner then keep on scrolling down. You must have seen many articles and videos on the article about the case of Isabella Guzman, the incident happened back in 2013 but this story is never getting faded away, it has always grabbed the interest of the people.

When the case happened in the year 2013, everyone was talking about this and they were trying to post comments on the internet and YouTube that uploaded videos related to the trial of Isabella Guzman.

What is more surprising is that Isabella was just 18 years old when she killed her mother in a very brutal way, so the way people started taunting her and cursing her so hard but we can not deny that she was so young at that time and at such a young age she got witnessed something so awful and she also did something very awful.

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Why did Isabella Guzman Kill Her Mother?

When this news first broke out, the first question that came to the mind of people was “Why did she kill her mother? Isn’t she too young to be in prison?” And many more questions there.

But the fact is that nowadays people are getting more curious to learn about Isabella and her whole history because something happened this year that is making people draw their attention towards it, and you will know about it below. Isabella Guzman and her relationship with her mother was kind of sinking.

Her parents got separated when she was very young and she started showing mental issues when she was very young. Isabella first lived with her mom after that she stayed with her dad but in the end, she came back to live with her mom and step Father, Ryan Hoy.

According to the sources, it is said that Ryan even commented how Isabella was being weird and she was more like a threat to both of them. She and her mom, Yun Mi Hoy used to argue a lot and their relationship was kind of hard to understand. Isabella stabbed her mother 79 times and after killing her she did not even show remorse for killing her mother. They both were not sharing a good relationship, since her childhood, she was not doing great, so all these reasons led to her killing her mother. 

Is Isabella Guzman Alive?

Who is Isabella Guzman?

Yes, Isabella Guzman is still alive, we do not have that much information about her whereabouts but for now, we know that she is alive. Isabella didn’t get to serve in prison as it was proved that she had Schizophrenia, so the judge declared that she was innocent and that she just needed to go to the institution for receiving treatment.

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After being treated for 7 years, it is confirmed that she has been cured. According to the sources, she is feeling bad now for doing such a heinous thing and she is now remorseful for killing her mother but now nothing can be changed as she has already killed her mother and everything is in the past now. When it was declared that she was innocent, many people found it ridiculous and they wanted her to serve in prison but things took a different turn.

Is Isabella Guzman Still in Prison?

No, Isabella Guzman was never in prison, she was in prison while her trials were going on after that she was sent to the hospital for treatment of Schizophrenia and as I have mentioned above, she is finally cured after 7 years and living safely, it is also confirmed that she is not a threat to the world anymore nor herself and her father and step Father. So she is not in prison anymore or the hospital ward.

Will Isabella Ever Come Out of Prison?

Isabella was out of prison when her trial got over because she was a patient and her mental health was not that great. But now she is fine and she is not a threat to the people and her family. Isabella Guzman became famous this year because of her video that went viral on Tiktok, as you have seen these days she has been trending a lot, and the Tiktok video was showing her attitude and behavior during the time of the trial.

That is why many people started to learn about her and who she actually is. Surprisingly, she even now has a fanbase, and many people liked her attitude during the time of her trial and found it attractive. Well,l this is kind of wrong too, but as everyone has their own choice to support or like someone we can not comment on anything like this.

But now everything is normal, she is behaving like a normal human being who is trying her best not to repeat the same mistake intentionally. She was a patient at that time which is why she was not proven guilty but if she will do something like that again then she will be severely punished. 

What Other Crime Did Isabella Guzman Commit?

Isabella Guzman only committed one crime, she was not a serial killer, she was a patient with Schizophrenia so she did not feel anything while killing her mother after she was arrested, she still did not feel anything, but surprisingly the county announced that she was not at all guilty which led to the creation of several questions but you must have read the reasons why she did not get the punishment and sent to the hospital for her treatment. We can also say that she got her punishment as she lived in the hospital for 7 years which is a very long period.

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