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Who Is Jess Brolin? What Is The Mystery Of His Life?

Jess Brolin is the son of the Hollywood star James Brolin and the brother of Josh Brolin. Now the first thing that most of us might think about him is that he would be a rich spoilt son living a luxurious life. But that is not true. Jess Brolin is homeless and has been found sleeping on the streets many times. He grew up surrounded by fame due to the status of his parents. His mother died when he was just 13 years old. So although his early life might have been very pleasant, now he doesn’t have a prosperous life. His date of Birth is unknown to the general public but he might be 48-50 years old by now.

What Is Jess Brolin Famous For?

Jess Brolin is famous due to his family members. He is the son of a very famous Hollywood actor James Brolin and the brother of Josh Brolin who is also an academy award nominated. Though he himself has worked on several projects.

Jess Brolin is said to have had numerous issues as a child as was said by his mother. He is also said to have attended a special school for emotionally unstable kids. His mother had also left a huge inheritance behind for him. He is also said to face major criticism based on his weight and physical health.

Jess Brolin Networth

Who Is Jess Brolin?

Though Jess Brolin’s net worth is not as much as his father and brother are yet it is estimated that he has a net worth of 50k USD. He earned this money by working in the entertainment field.

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Jess Brolin Personal life

Jess Brolin’s father James Brolin is a very famous Hollywood actor, director, and producer and he also has a brother Josh Brolin who is also an academy award- nominated actor. Her mother’s name is Jane Cameroon Agee. She was a wildlife activist and an aspiring actor. It is after her death that Jess started working in the entertainment industry. His father has won many awards like Golden Globe and the Emmy. He also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Jess Brolin is known to be a secretive type of person who does not believe in sharing a lot of details about his personal life. There is not much information about his relationships. So all that can be made out of this is that he is currently not dating anyone publicly. He tries to avoid getting captured or his life on the camera as he doesn’t want people to make fun of him for not being as successful as the rest of his family members.

Jess Brolin Career

Jess Brolin himself started working in the entertainment industry after the death of his mother. However, he does not earn as much as his father and brother. He did his last contribution to the Hollywood industry in the movie ‘ Sting of Black Scorpion’. He also worked as a sound editor as well as a post-production runner for many films. Therefore, he is mainly recognized as the son of the superstar James Brolin. Jess Brolin has also been caught on camera searching for food in the trash bins since he didn’t have money.

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