Who is Joker from Fire Force?  

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Fire force or Enen No Shouboutai (炎炎ノ消防隊) series is based on a Manga of the same title (34 volumes). Created by Atsushi Ohkubo. The first season of the series was released back in July 2019. And the second season in 2020. Both the seasons were well-received. Both seasons consist of 24 episodes in total.  The series has a 7.7 rating on IMDB.

The studio has confirmed a third season. But as of now, there is no date fixed yet. Stay updated on @poptimes.

The story has numerous interesting characters, one such character is the Anti-hero named ‘Joker’. If you are a fan of Joker or just curious about this character, read on below to find more about joker and the fire force.

Who Is Joker Of The Fire Force?

Joker is a third-generation pyrokinetic, which means he has the ability, to generate fire or flame from his body or through objects. While very young, Joker gets abandoned by his parents and he ends up being an orphan. He is taken in by the ‘Holy Sol Temple’(A church). Here, the young joker gets training in combats and assassin techniques. He turns out to be highly skilled and even better than the rest. However, instead of having a good time, he gets bullied by his trainer through mental and physical abuse. He becomes a member of the assassin group ‘Holy Sol Shadow’. These assassins work as the soldiers of the temple. They fight the enemies of the church and even the ‘Infernals’. Abandoned by his parents and bullied by others, the joker known as ‘five–two’ during his time in the temple, loses hope and accepts that the world is a dark place. With this, the joker leaves the temple at 16.

After leaving, he is taken in by a nice family but unfortunately for the joker, the Holy Sol Temple interrupts this new human connection in Joker’s life, by killing off all the members of that family. This has a huge effect on Joker’s view of the world. Through all this, his sole mission in life becomes ‘to find the truth behind everything’.

Later he takes up the name of ‘Joker’ and together with Victor Licht ventures to find the truth about the state of the world they live in.

Joker Strengths

Pyrokinetic (ability to generate fire and flame through his body or objects), great physical strength (even uses his tongue muscles for moving his body), quick-witted, expert in hand-to-hand combat.

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Fire Force Story

Who is Joker from Fire Force?  
Joker from Fire Force

The last season or season 2 ending, showed an upcoming war between the fire forces and the Evangelists. It is shown that the fire forces are preparing for the battle. Therefore a battle is due and therefore season 3, is coming.

The Great Cataclysm

The story is set in Tokyo Were the ‘Great Cataclysm’, is an event that causes humans to burst into flames and make them lose their sanity. The process is called ‘Spontaneous Human Combustion. These fired beings are known as the ‘Infernals’. Many humans adapt to the combustion phenomenon and turn into pyrokinetic (first generation, second generation, and third generation), the first generation being the Infernals. The Holy Sol Temple or the church is a highly regarded body. It recruits pyrokinetic individuals to train them and turn them into assassins, working for the church under the name ‘Holy Sol Shadow’. These highly skilled individuals, defend the interests of the church and fight anyone against it and the Infernals also.

Holy Sol Shadow and the Special Fire Force

Under the ‘Holy Sol Temple’, there are Special Forces, differentiated by company numbers. Pyrokinetic individuals are taken in the act as soldiers against the Infernals. Many of the characters appearing are a part of these special forces. The white-clad is a group set on destroying mankind. The Evangelist, who is the leader of the ‘white Clad’ is the reason behind the first ‘Great Cataclysm’, and seeing her plans fail, she is set on creating another or the second Cataclysm.

Later in the story, we also come to know that, The evangelist is behind the Holy Sol Temple. This becomes known to Joker and Burns after they meet The Evangelist in Adolla.

The main battle is between mankind and the Evangelist and her purpose. Many fights against the Infernals and some others are set to find the reason behind all of the happenings.

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Fire Force Characters

Who is Joker from Fire Force?  
Fire Force

Joker ((ジョーカー):Voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda

Joker is a third-generation pyrokinetic with the ability to generate flames and fire. Having expert fighting and observational skill, he used to be an assassin for the ‘Holy Sol Temple’ but later he escapes and becomes the ‘Joker’ that he is. His motto in life is to find the truth behind the Infernals and the great cataclysm that caused it. And he gives himself the title of ‘Anti-hero’.

Leonard Burns (レオナルド・バーンズ): Voiced by Taiten Kusunoki

Burns is a priest and the captain of ‘Special fire Force Company 1 under the Holy Sol Temple. As a priest, he later loses his faith in the church after encountering the evangelist from the white Clad. He and joker both get into Adolla Link, due to which they both lose an eye.

Victor Licht (ヴィクトルリヒト) : voiced by Daisuge Sakaguchi

He is a member of the Special fire force company 8. Licht is a meticulous and extremely intelligent scientist. Always curious and eccentric almost appearing as mad, he shares the same idea of finding the truth as a joker. Questioning every fact about the Infernals, pyrokinetic, and the reason behind it. Victor’s one sole obsession is the ‘Adolla Burst’(a powerful original flame that comes from Adolla, an alternate dimension). Victor himself does not have any ignition abilities. He later joins Joker and together works on their goal.

Shinra Kusakabe (シンラ・クサカベ) : Voiced by Gakuto kajiwara

Shinra is both a third and fourth-generation pyrokinetic, which means in addition to the ability to generate flame and fire, he also can create the Adolla burst. He becomes a part of the Special fire force company because he wants to help fight the Infernals and save people from combusting like a hero.

Shō Kusakabe (ショウ・クサカベ) : Voiced by Maaya Sakamoto

A fourth-generation pyrokinetic, Shō is the commander of the ‘Knights of the ashen flame’. He is the younger brother of Shinra Kasukabe, but he gets abducted by the white-clad while he is a baby due to his ability to create Adolla Burst. He gets brainwashed by the ‘white Clad’.

Evangelist (伝道者)

The evangelist is a being with god-like power.  She is the leader of the ‘white clad’.  It is her who is behind the first great cataclysm’.  Her aim is to bring the destruction of mankind by creating Infernals. But this does not work fully, since many humans adapt to the ‘spontaneous combustion and turn them into Pyrokinetic beings instead of the ‘Infernals’. Due to this reason, she starts planning for a second cataclysm, by recruiting powerful fourth-generation pyrokinetic called the ‘pillars’.

Hibana (プリンセス火華): Voiced by Lynn

She is the captain of the Special Fire force company 5. Hibana was a third-generation pyrokinetic. She enjoys killing the ‘Infernals’.

Arthur Boyle (アーサー・ボイル): Voiced By Yūsuke Kobayashi

Special Fire Force Company 8 soldier, Boyle is a third-generation pyrokinetic. He is a valuable member of the fire forces as he is very imaginative and knight-like. Boyle sees himself as a knight and believes in justice greatly.

Where To Watch Fire Force Season 1 and 2?

Season 1 and season 2 are available on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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