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Who Is Jyu Viole Grace?

Tower of God is a Korean manhwa released as a webtoon which is written and illustrated by S.I.U. It has been released on Naver Webtoon since June 2010. It’s been published by Younge Com in nine volumes till March 2022. The English version of Tower of God. Its official English transitions are done by Line Webtoon which begins in July 2014. The anime series Tower of God was directed by Takashi Sano and produced by Joseph Chou. The anime aired from 1st April 2022 to 24 June 2022. It has 13 episodes in total with a runtime of 25 minutes.

Jue Voile Grace was created when the twenty-fifth Baam of the Tower of God was mirrored in the mirror of the past. He was created because of the Sworn Enemy of Baam to balance the presence of Baam on the hidden floor. He was tasked to stop Baam from doing the wrongful acts, keeping him busy, and killing him. In the end, Jue Viole was “absorbed” by Baam’s Shinshu Orb.

The story revolves around a tower (known as the Tower of God)—the Tower has mysterious magic in its environment. there’s a special power that lets someone get what they desire at the highest of it. all and sundry wanted to succeed in it. But the tower had mysteries. With each passing level, the guards or guardians would provide a task that the person had to finish to achieve the following level. there have been two ways to achieve it. Members called “Regulars” are allowed to undergo the tests legally, while the outsiders or “Irregulars” can enter it forcefully or illegally, but it brings about grave dangers.

Who Is Jue Voile Grace?

Who Is Jyu Viole Grace?
Tower of God

Baam is the protagonist of the story, a boy who lives a solitary life on the underside of the tower, in a cave. He never saw the surface world in his life. he’s alone, and living bleak life, somehow surviving a hostile environment. There was only 1 one that brought hope to him, Rachel, who taught her everything that he knew. Rachel, too, had desires of her own. Her whole life she had never seen stars, so she wanted to achieve the Tower top. Baam never had a desire to get anything except to be with Rachel. Although they had a robust bond together, daily comes when Rachel left him. Even though Baam was said to be departed from Rachel, he entered the first level of the tower to chase after Rachel and bravely clears his road to the second level of the tower. To determine Rachel again and be together with her.

He makes friends within the tower along the road, competing and doing the tasks altogether. He teams up with Aquero Agnis Khun, who got kicked out of his Khun family, which was amongst the highest ten families in this era. Ruk Wraithraiser, is an alligator, faced creature, powerful, and has shapeshifting abilities. However, one and all who were there had some or the opposite desires, but Baam was the sole one who wanted to be with someone. this can be all he wanted.

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Baam and Androssi finally arrived inside the hidden floor after being arrested by the Mirror of The Past, they were lying on the bottom, unconscious. once they were on the brink of getting executed by the quarantine area’s bobby trap, they were saved by Yu Han Sung who appeared at that place. After he saved them, Baam finally wakened and was surprised to work out Yu Han Sung’s presence ahead of him, then with Androssi later.

Mirror of The Past created and generated Jue Viole. After Yu Han Sung introduced himself, he escorted Baam and Androssi further into the deeper, inner part of the quarantine area where the hidden floor’s Data Humans resistance was hiding from the various Hidden Floor Soldiers. When the three of them arrived and walk for a long time at the staircase location, they encountered a hidden floor soldier, but Yu Han Sung quickly eliminate it. Yu Han Sung suddenly stopped walking and start running his brain about what made Baam come inside the hidden floor. After he clarifies that Baam comes to fulfill Zahard, Yu Han Sung explained many things about the hidden floor, including the matter of the so-called Sworn Enemy. While Yu Han Sung explained things about their Sworn Enemy, at a distinct location, Mirror of the Past has successfully created and generated Jue Viole.

As most folks know, that’s at the tip of the anime. Rachel finally ends up betraying Baam within the last guardian test. She pushes him removed from the tower. Rachel comes back and tells everyone that Voile died protecting her. However, the reality is he finally ends up surviving and takes up the Persona of Viole Tower of God. this is often because the betrayal made Baam lose all his feelings and his old personality. he’s more fierce and less caring now.

At the edge of the first season, we catch a glimpse of Viole after Rachel and the rest proceed up the tower. Hating his name, Baam that Rachel gives him. He abandons it and is now called Jue Viole Grace from the Tower of God. Jue Viole’s appearance copied the Baam’s style when he won’t be the newly elected FUG Slayer Candidate within the very beginning of Tower of God: Part 2 – The Return of the Prince, with the long black hair and therefore the FUG slayer robe.

He is currently a FUG Slayer Candidate. FUG are the those that ended up saving Baam when Rachel pushed him away. He also has developed certain hate for Zahard and his Kin and expresses it with no doubt. the explanation however he became a FUG member was that they threatened Baam that FUG will harm his friends if he doesn’t comply.

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How Baam Become Jyu Voile Grace?

Who Is Jyu Viole Grace?
Tower of God

In the first season of this show, the thirteenth episode keeps during which Baam gets pushed by Rachel from the highest of the tower. After this, Jyu Viole Grace is to enter the scene, rather than Baam, whose name was given by Rachel. The obsession made the boy into an indifferent man who suffers seven years of war, rage, and loneliness to which he was accustomed during his cave days. it’ll get the best honor for the audience to work out their favorite character within the upcoming season, released in 2021.

With long hair, golden eyes, and wearing dark clothes, he became a FUG Slayer Candidate. He may have lost his innocence and love; there was some a part of old Baam still existing inside him. He says to Uruk Mazino, “Stars, thrones, skies, and then the outside world. I don’t need any of those things. But what if someone tries to harm someone precious to me, I will be able to Fight! “.

The brutality and vile disregard for others became a part of his personality. In one of the encounters on the 20th floor, when asked to be joined by teams, Jue Viole Grace replied that He is the Jyu Viole Grace from the Slayer Candidate from the FUG. Zahard and their kin… I live for his or her death. that’s why none of them will be able to become his teammate. He is their enemy.” While on the opposite hand, he still has compassion for his friends. On one of the occasions, during a conversation with Ha Jinsung, he says, “I want to be strong. so that I don’t should say goodbyes anymore. How strong do I’ve got to be to not lose any further friends? I don’t want to mention goodbyes anymore!”

With rage and hatred toward his enemies, he moves forward and is taken into account the strongest opponent. He joined Slayer Candidates after getting threatened by Yu Hang Sun, and to create that happen, you threatened him along with his friends’ lives. To which Jyu Viole/Baam submits.

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In the webtoons, he had already left the Jyu Viole Grace avatar and had become Baam again when he again met up together with his friends, especially, Khun who helped him revisit his old self. at the end of this suffering, he still doesn’t forget Rachel. He still wants her. His obsession with Rachel remains the identical throughout, till the end; moreover, to his utter dismay, he needs to accept that they need become nemesis. Viole from the Tower of God had an immense power up. he’s training to be a FUG Slayer which is someone who fights on the front lines for FUG.

How Did Jue Voile Grace’s Power Rise?

Who Is Jyu Viole Grace?
Tower of God

Within the Webtoon, we see that he trains a lot during his absence. His teachers are quite harsh with him and threaten to harm his friends if he doesn’t comply. This kind of coaching made him plenty more powerful than his counterparts. Especially Khun and Rak. However, it’s unsure who would win against Khun and Rak but he will surely be ready to give them a tricky fight, which was highly unlikely before when he wasn’t a FUG Slayer. So in an exceedingly sense, yes, Viole from Tower of God is going to be ready to defeat Khun and Rak. All these stories could be visiting show up in its next season, likely to release next year.

The IMDB rating is 7.9 out of 10 which shows that the is liked by the manhwa readers in every expect ether it is story, character, or scene.

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