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Who Is Lainey Wilson Dating Now? : Read The Full Scoop Here!

The Nashville Bash keeps trending on the internet and it was a wonderful party indeed. Our celebrity today has been known to be a bit of a party animal and her New Year’s celebration has recently broken the internet. With all the noise around, she has been speaking about other aspects of her life that totally might interest a lot of the audience.

Lainey Wilson is a singer from Baskin. Known for her hit 2022 album, she has managed to turn heads in her direction again with her new internet sensation. Amongst all this chaos, the singer has chosen to speak something about her relationship and this is currently trending.

Yes, you heard me right! This Baskin singer has been rumoured to be dating a lot of people but we finally have some real news that is not just a flowing rumour! Just as expected, the news heard is the most interesting one yet. The scoop is very thrilling and we have in-house for you!

Read further to know all about Lainey Wilson and her relationship status. 

Who Is Lainey Wilson Dating Now? 

Lainey Wilson is a singer from Baskin, Louisiana who became popular with her 2022 album, Bell Bottom Country. She recently became known for her New Year bash. Her songs have recently become a huge hit and her studio albums are blowing up. 

Her popular records include Heart Like a Truck, Dirty Looks, etc. Her songs have their own country finish with a pop effect which has made them the hit they are today. She is a multitalented person with expertise in many fields. Apart from being a singer, she also plays instruments and is creative enough to pen down songs as well! This personality has made fans go crazy with her recent interviews and this has been blowing up the internet now.

Celebrities usually refrain from discussing their relationships and deny any claims. Their lifestyle often remains a secret and nothing much is confirmed even though its true. This celebrity, Lainey has taken the brave step of actually confirming her relationship! Yes! She spoke about the “Duck”. Lainey Wilson has been rumoured to be in a relationship for a while now but nothing was confirmed until she herself addressed it. 

Devlin Hodges is Lainey Wilson’s boyfriend and is known for his sports career. Devlin played as a quarterback and is now a former NFL player. His passion for the sport faded when he started working towards real estate and gaining expertise in the field.  

Speaking about Lainey Wilson, she and Devlin tried to keep this a secret but did not succeed. In MAY 2023, the two have finally confirmed it and this seems to be wonderful and happy to all of us! The couple have been dating for several years now and this seems like they are the one! Yes, they have revealed it only after years of dating and there does not seem to be anything around the internet but congratulations to the happy couple!


Devlin Hodges

Devlin Hodges is a former football player known for his performance as the NFL quarterback. The player has been a part of teams like Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh Steelers and more. For his performance, positive or negative, he has earned a lot of trophies as well. 

He was awarded the Walter Payton Award in 2018 and the most known offensive player award. The SoCon Offensive Player Award was presented to Duck not once, or twice but thrice! You heard that right! He won this award consecutively for three years beginning in 2016. 

After retiring from football, the player is now well-settled and is currently working in the field of real estate. He has been working on this business venture for years and he seems to be really succeeding. After years of dedicating to his passion, he has now settled down. 

The two have been committed for years now and then they finally chose to make it official and confirmed the rumours were true!

Lainey Wilson And Devlin Hodges

The couple come from two different fields altogether. She is a wonderful, talented singer-songwriter and he is a former footballer turned into a businessman. Their hearts connected together years before they were very famous and they have stayed together ever since. 

The couple have been together for years now and this marks the commitment they have to each other. They two were seen together in the 2023 Academy of Country Music Awards and this marked their entry as a coupe for the first time. 

Devlin also known as the Duck, has been a passionate footballer for years. He moved from following his passion to working as a businessman quickly. While this switch might not have been easy, it surely will have helped him explore different fields gain more knowledge and become more comfortable.

She also spoke about how she was not able to write a lot of love songs previously but how it has all changed now. since she met him, she has been able to write a lot of wonderful songs that we are all in love with currently as well. 

The chemistry and romance they share are visible in every event they attend. Even the internet is in love with the couple and there is a plethora of positive comments floating online to congratulate them!

If there is anything else, we will update you.

Until then, stay tuned. 


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