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Who Is Rayuji Ayukawa In Blue Period And How Old Is She/He?

It has a lot to say about LGBTQ concerns to its audience, as depicted in the anime series Blue Period. When it is found that one of the drama’s most important characters, Ryuji Ayukawa, is bisexual, the entire plot of the show is thrown into disarray. Furthermore, it depicts the difficulties that a genderqueer person encounters on a regular basis. In this sense, it helps to promote awareness of societal issues.

How Old Is Rayuji Ayukawa?

Ryuji Ayukawa, who is 18 years old, is still enrolled in high school. Artistically inclined, he expresses himself through his paintings, which he finds to be quite satisfying. Ryuji’s sexual orientation is still a mystery at this time.

Rayuji Ayukawa Sexual Tendencies

Who is Rayuji Ayukawa in Blue Period
Blue Period

Character Ryuji Ayukawa is a bisexual and genderqueer artist from Japan. Because he pretended to be a woman on a regular basis, he became a popular student at his high school. He has features that are both manly and feminine. On occasion, he will dress in a feminine school skirt and high stockings, which he will pair with a masculine jacket. On other days, he chooses a macho top and a pair of male pants to wear.

Yuka’s close friends and acquaintances frequently refer to him as “Yuka-chan,” which is a slang term for a young lady. His more feminine side is usually revealed through these movements. A few chapters later, in Chapter 20, Ryuji confesses that he and his pals developed feelings for one of their female middle school classmates. The manga’s protagonist, Ryuji, reveals up ais affections for a female classmate in Chapter 20, after previously confessing to having feelings for her.

Is there a gay or lesbian subplot in Blue Period? In this article, we will look at how LGBTQ+ people were depicted throughout the Blue Period.

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Personal expression has an important role during the period known as the “Blue Period.” Due to the fact that it examines both gender and sexuality, this piece is an excellent fit for the theme of exploration. As a gender-queer person, Ryuji has a slew of issues to deal with, including the difficulty he has describing himself and the stigma he faces.

Due to his feminine traits, he is usually referred to as a “straight man” who “cross-dresses” because of his gender identity. Some girls consider him to be nothing more than a sexual partner. His romanticism is not one of his strong suits, as you can see. He feels confined in a world that does not comprehend what he is trying to communicate.

While the plot is still in the early stages of development, it already has a lot to offer. In order to convey a serious message, the protagonist of the story is chosen to symbolize a real-life individual from the audience. Please be patient as we await the outcome of the story. Thank you for your understanding.

Who is Rayuji Ayukawa in Blue Period?

Who is Rayuji Ayukawa in Blue Period
Blue Period

In Blue Period, despite her underlying anxieties, Ryuji is outspoken and strong in her actions. Many people are drawn to him because of his endearing and colorful personality, which many others find attractive.

She selected Japanese art since she is the one who is the most in touch with their grandmother. It is possible that Yuka, despite her best efforts, will behave in a bold and impetuous manner while under duress.

Aside from Yuka’s pale complexion and tall, thin build, she is tough to miss. Hair that reaches her stomach is long and thin with long bangs that are worn to one side. Her long, naturally golden hair is disheveled most of the time. The color purple dominates her eyes, which is a unique feature.

Throughout the film, Yuka alternates between wearing a boy’s uniform skirt and blazer and a girl’s uniform top and bottom, as seen in the video. This deliberate choice of style draws attention to the anti-conformist viewpoint. In her paintings, the artist paints while wearing what appears to be a maid’s apron from France, which results in a beautiful and feminine aesthetic.

Continue reading to find out more information. When Ryuji confesses that she has been in love with a female student since middle school, Ruyaji Yuka responds that he is also attracted to guys, so making them both bisexual, and Yatora points out that Ryuji had previously communicated her affections to male classmates.

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