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19 Most Hated Avengers: Who Is The Most Hated Avenger According To You?

Avengers, the name itself brings some remarkable characters to our minds instantly. MCU has developed a lot of characters be it a hero or a villain and everyone has some unique trait that makes them stand out in the crowd. Among these several characters, there are some who will be loved by everyone and honestly, they are not even a handful. I do not have to name them too because you all already know the answer but there are several characters who are debated upon because some fans like them and some hate them. There are various reasons why the characters are hated and since there were many discussions on this, we decided to take this opportunity to introduce you all to some of the most hated characters of avengers who have more haters than the ones who like them.

Who is the Most Hated Avenger?

Who Is The Most Hated Avenger
Who Is The Most Hated Avenger

It is quite difficult out characters that will be hated in the MC universe but trust me there are some characters whose names we have included in the list that are actually disliked by many fans and will take you by surprise just like we were. Let’s look at the list and find out whether you hate anyone from the list too or not, and if you have some other names, then let us know too.

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19. Mantis

who Is The Most Hated Avenger

Mantis is one of the characters that has been included in the list of the most hated avengers of all time. This character made its appearance in Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 2. Which according to many fans was also a weak film of MCU. She got discovered by Ego at a young age when she was in a larva state and then was raised by him. She has no clue about social engagement and its intricacies but she is trying to learn as much as she can. Though she has issues with social interaction, she is still an empathetic character who can understand the feelings and emotions of those who she touches. The character just couldn’t stand out especially being surrounded by amazing characters who overshadowed her and the potential of the character overall.

18. Harley Keener

Who Is The Most Hated Avenger
Harley Keener

When it came to disliking, in avengers’ kids have also not been spared and that is why Harley Keener is also on the list which I know might be surprising for many but it is a fact. Harley was one of the kids who was to be mentored by Tony Stark. He first made his appearance in Iron Man 3 and helped Iron Man to save himself because he was left in isolation without his armor. Harley as a character that appeared in the movie actually played a pleasing role and the movie also was quite a hit but still the fans were least interested to see the kid in the movie. But this kid then touched everyone’s heart and gave a very emotional moment when he appeared in Avenger’s Endgame for the final rites of Tony.

17. Flash Thompson

Who Is The Most Hated Avenger
Flash Thompson

This particular character is hated for obvious reasons which are him targeting Peter Parker and trying to end his game. Well, the fans will hate anyone who will try to attack their favorite characters, especially Peter who is actually one of the most loved and adored characters of MCU. Flash has been given all the traits that make the audience hate him. He is a rich spoilt brat who is a bully and thinks very highly of him. He does not leave any chance to put Peter down.

16. Quicksilver

Who Is The Most Hated Avenger

Quicksilver, I hope you remember this character because he was not a character who stayed for long. He was introduced as a villain in Age of Ultron with his sister Scarlet Witch. He however becomes a hero too. He gives himself to death just to save Hawkeye and one child. But still once a villain always a villain, he is still on the hate list of many fans. There were many who felt bad that he had to go but still many dislike him.

15. Dottie Jones

Dottie Jones

She made her appearance in Wanda Vision, one of the best running series which had so many twists and turns and plot twists but she was that one character that from the first appearance was made to be hated. She was characterized so that she directly landed on this list. She was shown as a strict, rude, arrogant neighbor. I mean who likes a neighbor like that right? She is quite a character with her tone, her look that instantly makes the audience hater her and thus she is on the list but we cannot deny one fact that she was made to act like this, it wasn’t her choice because she was a creation and had to act according to the liking of Wanda. So, let’s say that hating her was a little unfair but it cannot be helped because, considering the hate she received, we had to include her in the list.

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14. Moon Knight

Moon Knight

Another character did not meet the expectations of the fans and made it into this list. There were a lot of things that the fans had anticipated about the character but even before it made its appearance, fans started showing their disgrace and then the way it was portrayed on screen made the character one of the disliked ones. The character is also hated because he does not come in the character costume that often and how inaccurately he has been shown.

13. John Walker

John Walker

Giving the ultimate mantle of Captain America to someone who was not yet ready for it, this decision taken by MCU proved to be harmful. Firstly, it is pretty hard to see that Captain America’s mantle is being disposed to someone else and on top of that it is being given to someone who is shown as arrogant and violent. The step taken in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier just aggravated the hatred toward John Walker. Though he is a hero his personality is the antagonist and for that, he is hated even more.

 12. Hank Pym

Who Is The Most Hated Avenger
Hank Pym

You must be thinking that why is he here, he is the smart guy of Avengers and also helped in getting the technology to go into the wrong hands, and most importantly he is the REAL Ant-Man. Well, the simple reason for which the fans hate him is because of his temperament and disposition. He gets irritable maybe because of his old age and is quite stubborn when it comes to giving chances to other for scientific explorations. So, he actually proves that being smart is not everything, you still can be on the hate list if you do not have a good personality. He is a man of ideas, but with his temper, he puts off the audience and makes them hate him or dislike him,

11. Ravonna Renslayer

Who Is The Most Hated Avenger
Ravonna Renslayer

She was one of the characters that were introduced in Loki. She was interesting but not to the point that would please fans which in turn made them hate her. She was hated because she would always be a bone in the meat in the time-traveling Loki which would irritate the fans to a great extent. She was a character who loved abiding by the rules and regulations, so it is easy to assume that she will put her leg in everything that would be against it. She would always go angry and irritated when she saw that rules and broken and most importantly, she is being lied to. This attitude of hers not only brought her to the path where fans hate her but also to the path where she removed Mobius, which gave more reasons to fans to hate her.

10. Sharon Carter

Who Is The Most Hated Avenger
Sharon Carter

A helping hand who would help the heroes whenever needed no matter what she has to go through to make ends meet. She was a hero indeed who also fell for Steve but she never got the chance to be with him as he went back in time to marry Peggy who is her aunt. This incident and her chance that was lost because of her aunt brought to a point leading to her being disliked by the fans. She appeared as a Broker with villain traits in the Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Though her intentions were not cleared properly the aura was enough to understand that she had something in mind. This change in character was more than enough to make her one of the hated characters.

9. Pepper Potts

Who Is The Most Hated Avenger
Pepper Potts

She is a character whose reason for dislike among the fans is not very clear. It was very difficult to understand what exactly was wrong with her, her traits, her personality, and what exactly was wrong with her. Many said that she came out to be a nagging woman in a superhero movie. Some fans did show him some softness as some love story was budding and could be seen between her and Tony and it is obvious that fans would not hate someone who Tony likes and she was none other than a love interest who looked amazing to him. The only bad part is that she came on the hate list because of the deep hatred and dislike that she had to face for a long time and the warm reactions were received quite late.

8. Jane Foster

Who Is The Most Hated Avenger
Jane Foster

She was hated because of the story and the relationship that was being put into which fans were not ready to accept and did not like. The relationship that was being built between Thor and her. Her character as an individual was amazing no doubt, but the way she was pushed into a love story was what her way to the hate list of the audience and ours. She got the chance to show her abilities too but then the love story created by the creators made her fall on the list today and we really feel bad because she as an individual character was really good.

7. Thunderbolt Ross

Who Is The Most Hated Avenger
Thunderbolt Ross

The military male introduced in The Incredible Hulk is yet again another cast who is just not liked by the fans of the Avengers. He is hated because he puts his nose into everything a lot which the heroes do not like leading the fans to hate him. The heroes ignore him so the fans also tend to dislike him. He is not taken seriously by the heroes and the fans also do not take him seriously. The relation of reaction is directly proportional you see. Thus, we had to include him in the list.

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6. Ralph Bohner

Ralph Bohner

He made his appearance in Wanda vision and disappointed fans because they were expecting Evan Peters to be Quicksilver but that did not happen. The Fans were disappointed to see that he came as the characters who had been brainwashed and appeared as the characters of Westview.

5. Odin


The strongest character in the Avenger should be the one to be liked but guess what the fans do not like him because of his complicated characteristics. Odin, the King of Asgard has been overlooking Nine Realms but because of his violent, cruel nature and his temperament, he started being disliked by the fans. He also expelled Thor, sent an army to capture him, and has done a lot of other things which made many fans think about whether they should really like him or not.

4. Hawkeye


You must be thinking about why Hawkeye is on the list. He is one of the strongest characters in the comics but then on screen, the character’s portrayal has been made fun of by many fans. He is a man who does not really has power but just a bow and arrow which he is extremely good and skilled no doubt but still he falls flat if other characters are taken into consideration who have powers of different level. Everything related to the character is it his history or his skill is good but just in comics, on-screen Hawkeye has been seen as an easy target to make fun of and to pull down.

3. Nick Fury

Who Is The Most Hated Avenger
Nick Fury

Nick Fury again has a divided audience where some of the fans cannot get enough of him and some are there who do not like him. It is because of his shady personality. After the first movie of Avengers, the dislike increased further because he was being tagged for the death of Coulson and started seeing him as the one who is against the Avengers. But then he is not a character who can be underestimated, you might understand what I mean if you have seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

2. Black Widow

Who Is The Most Hated Avenger
Black Widow

Black Widow is one of those characters that would have taken you by surprise especially when you see her name on this list. But we will tell you why she is here. The first female hero who was introduced in the Avengers won everyone’s hearts with her killer moves and acting. Even though she is one of the most awesome female characters of Avengers who was introduced in Iron Man 2 as an agent and a fighter (a fierce one) without doubt, she is still always the one who has been pulled into controversies. Not denying at any point that she is one of the most loved characters but still, there are a lot of people who do not like her and the dislike is to such an extent that even before her movie was released many started claiming that the movie is just not needed. All these in turn have brought her into this list.

1. Carol Danvers

Who Is The Most Hated Avenger
Carol Danvers

Hatred towards Carol Danvers has been on another level altogether, which ultimately made us put this character on the 1st rank of the most hated list. The dislike for her also started before the movie was even released and the reason was that she is going to be the lead of the movie and not the real Captain Marvel. The backlash was for the female lead as the one to lead the superhero movie and thus stereotyping the genre into the terms that superhero movies are meant to have only a male lead. The extent of dislike was even taken to the extent of boycotting the movie. But once the movie was released, it was realized that it was actually good and she has done a commendable job. But again, the dislike did not stop and is still going on on the internet and not all the fans are completely ready to accept her as a superhero.

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