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Who Was Cassie Jo Stoddart? How Was Her Life?

Amongst the variety of content that is being created to entertain people, one is a documentary series that features incidents that seem to be too unrealistic to have happened in reality. One such documentary series is “Your Worst Nightmare”. The American documentary television series was released on October 22, 2014. The episodes of this series are a 60-minute narration of true crime incidents. The series has 6 seasons with a total of 58 episodes. Each episode of the series has a different crime story to tell.

Every episode has a different story which has a very intriguing concept, the most exciting part being that all the episodes are based on true events. All the episodes have attracted the attention of the audience in their way. In this article, we are going to talk about the character of one such episode of the series.

We are talking about Cassie Jo Stoddart. She was murdered by her classmates. The second episode of the first season of the series is based on the true crime incident of Cassie Jo Stoddart’s murder.

Let’s know something more about Cassie Jo Stoddart and her life.

Who was Cassie Jo Stoddart?

Who Was Cassie Jo Stoddart?

Cassie Jo Stoddart was an ordinary girl. Born on December 21, 1989, Cassie Jo Stoddart was a student at Pocatello High School. She was born in Idaho to her mother Anne. She had two siblings, her sister Kristi, who was 6 years older, and a brother Andrew, who was 1.5 years younger.

She came from a very happy and loving family and was very intellectual and ambitious. She was also a very creative personality who spent hours sitting in her room listening to music and drawing. She was easygoing and a happy-go-lucky person who had a lot of dreams to achieve and was such a good personality that she was ideal for a lot of people.

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Her life was going well and she was leading a very simple and normal life just like the girls of her age.

But the life of this young beautiful ambitious girl came to an end when she was murdered by two boys of her age!

Why Was Cassie Jo Stoddart Murdered?

Cassie was asked to house-sit for her uncle and aunt, to which she readily agreed. It was the night of September 22, 2006. Her uncle and aunt were Frank and Allison Contreas who were going out of town and had asked Cassie to take care of the house as well as their three cats and two dogs.

On the day she was house-sitting, she was visited by her boyfriend Matt Beckham at around 6:00 p.m. Later on her classmates Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik came over, ostensibly to hang out. The four of them then watched a movie together after which Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik went out saying that they wanted to watch a movie at the local theatre.

Cassie was unaware that when both of them left, the basement door had been left open so that they could secretly enter the house. Beckham was picked up by his mother at 10:30 p.m. and then Cassie was all alone at the house.

From the basement, Brian and Torey turned off the lights and went upstairs. Draper had with him a dagger-type weapon and Adamcik had a hunting knife with him. They had purchased the weapon at a pawn shop. The boys then attacked Cassie, stabbing her brutally around 30 times. Not only did they kill her, but they also made a videotape of the whole thing and it was later revealed in the investigation that they had planned to murder Cassie at school.

It came out later in the investigation that the teens reportedly were quite fascinated by Ted Bundy, the Zodiac Killer, and the Hillside Strangler. They had reenacted a scene from a slasher movie. Allegedly, they had murdered Cassie to get famous.

After the trials, both the killers received sentences of life imprisonment without parole on August 21, 2007.

The tragic incident of Cassie Jo Stoddart’s murder shook everyone to their core and made them ponder about what made these two kids do such a horrific crime.

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