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Who Was Louis Gumpenberger And How Did He Die?

Louis Gumpenberger is an American citizen from Missouri who was murdered in 2016. This case was framed to be a case of self-defense against Louis but this was not true. There was much more to this case than just the murder. Investigating what happened that afternoon brought out a serial killer who very strategically escaped the police once before. So, before you know about Louis, we must disclose Pam Hupp the killer of Louis.

Who Is Pam Hupp And How Is She Related To Louis

Pamela Marie Hupp is a murderer from the United States and is currently in jail serving a life sentence for her doings. Pam Hupp shot Louis Gumpenberger and called the police on him claiming a knife-wielding intruder had entered her home and was trying to kill her. When investigated the police found pieces of evidence that were pointing to a certain someone who was linked to pam Hupp’s previous murder.

It was Russ who was falsely accused of killing his wife and his wife was Pam’s best friend Betsy Faria, who had made Pam the beneficiary for her 150,000-dollar health insurance weeks before she was murdered. Later after investigating Russ was bailed for the false accusation of his wife’s murderer, Hupp killed her best friend to claim her health insurance money and farmed Russ for the killing in 2013. Then in 2016, Louis was suspicious of Pam and this led to Pam deceiving Louis Gumpenberger by getting him to enter her house and murdering him and then again trying to blame Russ for this. So, the 2016 murder of Louis turned out to be so much more. Read more to find out every detail about Louis Gumpenberger’s murder case.

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Louis Gumpenberger Murder Case

Who Was Louis Gumpenberger

Louis Royse Gumpenberger lived in St Charles. He was 33 years old when he met his untimely death. At the time of his death, Louis had two kids. Louis faced severe mental and physical injuries in 2005 which left him crippled. He was a pawn in Hupp’s plan to frame Russ. Louis was framed to be a hired hitman who broke into Pam’s house and was going to kill her with a knife before she shot him 5 times.

Pamela Hupp called the police and told them she did not know the man who was trying to kill her. She said she was sitting in her car when Louis forced entered her car. And asked her to go to the bank to get Russ’s money. She admitted she broke free and went to get her gun and shot the man dead. When the police arrived and investigated, they found that he is Louis who has a disability and limps while walking. The further investigation they find that was another case reported which stated a woman who pulled up to Louis’s house. She tried to recruit him to act for her as she claimed to be a producer and promised 1000$ in case. Later surveillance cameras confirm that this lady was Hupp and police find the same stash of money in Louis’s pocket.

She planned to find an innocent person and frame him to be a hitman sent to kill her. The police also found a note saying to get Russ’s money. Which is believed to be his wife’s insurance money. She tried to lure many others before. Many more pieces of evidence said differently to Pam. Tracking her Phone it was found that she had been to Louis’s house an hour before the shooting. When ask about this she said she went to visit her daughter whose house was two miles from Louis’s house.

They found 9 notes of 100$ in Louis’s pocket and one note 100$ in her dresser which had the subsequent serial number. The knife Louis had and the notepad was bought by Pam from Dollar Tree near her house. Evidence linking Pam to Louis’ death began to build up. Pan then decided to plead an Alford plea for Louis’s murder case in 2019. In 2021 she was charged with the murder of Betsy Faria wife of Russ.

Where Is Pam Hupp Now?

She was arrested on August 23 2016 for a murder and armed criminal act. When she was arrested, she went into the restroom and attempted suicide by stabbing herself with a ballpoint pen. It was also found that Hupp was also behind her mother’s accidental death. As her mother had more Ambien and from the look of the railing it did not look like an accident. It is safe to believe that her mother’s death was also staged as she was the last one to see her alive.

There is also a six-episode long series that covers the death of Betsy Faria it is titled The Thing About Pam. You can watch this series on Amazon Prime Video. You can also watch it on Peacock TV or NBC.

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