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Who was the express bandit in the railway men Balwant Yadav?

In Shiv Rawail’s Netflix Hindi historical drama, ‘The Railway Men,’ the aftermath of the 1984 Union Carbide gas leak in Bhopal unfolds in a gripping narrative. Amid the chaos, Bhopal Junction serves as a fragile refuge, with Stationmaster Iftekaar Siddiqui striving to save lives. The plot takes an intriguing turn as Iftekaar enlists the help of a mysterious constable, revealed to be the famed thief, Express Bandit. As personal secrets collide with a greater evil, the character of Balwant Yadav, alias Express Bandit, emerges, captivating viewers’ curiosity. While rooted in a real tragedy, the character itself is a fictional addition by director Shiv Rawail, strategically woven into the storyline for heightened drama and audience engagement. The inclusion sparks a debate on its necessity, but regardless, the scripted tale unfolds with a compelling mix of thrill and impact.

Who was the express bandit in the railway men Balwant Yadav?

Balwant Yadav, known as the Express Bandit

In ‘The Railway Men,’ Balwant Yadav, known as the Express Bandit, is a fictional character strategically woven into the narrative for thematic and dramatic purposes. Introduced as a notorious thief and train robber wanted by the police, Balwant’s escalating infamy prompts him to plan one final heist in Bhopal. Arriving in disguise as a police officer, he aims to deceive Stationmaster Iftekaar Siddiqui and access a substantial sum of money.

However, the unfolding tragedy of the Union Carbide gas leak disrupts Balwant greedy intentions, injecting a captivating twist into the storyline. The character’s criminal background, highlighted by a daring theft from a Minister aboard the Delhi Bombay Rajdhani, adds an extra layer of suspense to the show. As Balwant grapples with the consequences of his actions amidst the chaos, his presence serves as a thrilling element and a clever tool to establish historical context within the series.


Why Did Balwant Yadav Help Iftekaar?

1984 Union Carbide gas leak in Bhopal

Balwant Yadav, also known as the Express Bandit, initially approached Iftekaar Siddiqui, the stationmaster, claiming to have intel that the Express Bandit would strike that day. However, when the gas leak occurred, chaos ensued, and Balwant, initially focused on robbing the vault, was momentarily taken aback.

In the midst of the turmoil, Balwant noticed homeless kids on the station platform, reminiscent of his own challenging childhood. Struck by compassion, he engaged with the brothers and, witnessing the elder brother holding the younger one, discovered the severity of the situation. As the poisonous gas spread, Balwant, along with Iftekaar and others, sought refuge in the waiting room, setting aside his criminal intentions to help those in need. The shared experience of facing the tragedy together forged an unexpected alliance between Balwant and Iftekaar.

Why Did the Express Bandit Not Escape with the Cash?

The Express Bandit initially stole cash when he thought Iftekaar, the stationmaster, had died. However, overhearing officials blaming Iftekaar for the theft, Balwant, moved by the sacrifice of noble men during the gas leak, felt compelled to protect Iftekaar reputation. Realizing the importance of preserving the stationmaster’s legacy, Balwant returned the stolen cash before inspection, keeping only one note as a memento.

A year later, Balwant returned to Bhopal Junction, confessed his real name, and acknowledged his initial intent to steal. Despite their unconventional connection forged during adversity, Balwant and Iftekaar shared a cup of tea, reminiscing about their shared experiences, solidifying a lasting bond.

Divyendu Sharma (played   Express Bandit) Personal Connection to the Bhopal Tragedy

Divyendu Sharma, who plays Balwant Yadav, the Express Bandit in ‘The Railway Men,’ brings a personal connection to the Bhopal tragedy. While Balwant’s character is fictional, Sharma’s portrayal adds authenticity to the show. Drawn to the well-researched script and the director’s vision, Sharma found the character’s compelling arc intriguing.

In an interview, Sharma revealed a deeper connection, sharing that one of his close friend’s fathers was present at the Bhopal station during the tragic night. Though the friend’s father didn’t survive, hearing the stories made the role meaningful for Sharma. He expressed that joining the project became important as it narrates a significant tale relevant to our times, adding a poignant layer to his involvement in ‘The Railway Men.

Frequently Asked Question
Is Balwant Yadav, the Express Bandit, based on a real person?

No, Balwant Yadav is a fictional character created for dramatic effect in ‘The Railway Men.’

Why did the Express Bandit decide not to escape with the stolen cash?

He overheard officials wrongly blaming the stationmaster and, feeling remorse, returned the money to protect Iftekaar reputation.

What personal connection does actor Divyendu Sharma have to the Bhopal tragedy?

One of Sharma’s close friend’s fathers was at the Bhopal station during the tragedy, and his stories influenced Sharma’s decision to join ‘The Railway Men.’

What sets Balwant Yadav apart in the show?

Balwant is portrayed by Divyendu Sharma with a compelling character arc, standing out as an outsider in terms of locality and morals among the railway men.


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