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Who was the station master in railway men?

Shiv Rawail’s “The Railway Men” tries to tell the story of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in a dramatic way, splitting it into four episodes. Even though it has good acting and production, it falls short in making a strong impact. The series doesn’t hold back in showing the terrible effects of government and corporate neglect, making it a powerful portrayal of real-life failures. Unlike previous documentaries and films on the Bhopal tragedy, this Netflix series aims to bring the massive scale and human toll into the spotlight. Created by a relatively new team and backed by YRF Entertainment, “The Railway Men” unfolds as a touching and cinematic retelling of a tragic and resilient human story.

Who was the station master in railway men?

The Railway Men” tells the story of fictional characters based on real people facing extraordinary challenges to save lives during the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. The series unfolds with life in Bhopal appearing normal before the disaster, weaving parallel storylines for each character.

Now the question is Who was the station master in railway men? Station master Iftikaar Siddiqui, played by KK Menon, and a new employee at the locomotive yard, portrayed by Babil Khan, begin their night shift amidst the bustling Ijtema pilgrimage crowd entering the city. Meanwhile, Vijaya, a railway station sweeper, is preparing for her daughter’s wedding.

Siddiqui’s son dreams of joining the Carbide factory for better opportunities, ignoring his parents’ advice to opt for a stable railway job. On another front, a dedicated local journalist named Kumawat, played by Sunny Hinduja and inspired by real-life journalist Rajkumar Keswani, is on a mission to gather details and documents proving that the Carbide plant is a ticking time bomb that could devastate the city.

The series captures the lives of these characters, each entangled in their unique stories, as they navigate through the normalcy of life in Bhopal before the tragedy strikes.


Story line of Railway men

The Railway Men” is a Netflix series directed by Shiv Rawail and written by Aayush Gupta, shedding light on the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. The show features Kay Kay Menon as the stationmaster, Babil Khan as an ex-Carbide worker starting a new job, Divyenndu as a crook caught in an unfortunate situation, and R Madhavan as a top Railways official turning his locomotive into a rescue mission.

With four episodes, each around an hour long, the narrative weaves multiple storylines, shifting between different times. It introduces characters like a stationmaster dealing with a cash shortage during a crucial moment, a train carrying a Sikh family escaping violence post-Indira Gandhi’s assassination, and a con man eyeing cash in a station locker. Flashbacks to 1970 depict an American scientist silenced about gas dangers, while the present shows the Bhopal plant’s systems failing with an impending leak. A poignant moment in 1996 reconnects a local journalist with a pregnant woman he helped during the tragedy.

Despite occasional use of dramatic tropes, such as orphans singing Bollywood songs and a climactic mournful song, the series maintains solid performances. Kay Kay Menon excels as the dedicated stationmaster, Babil Khan impresses as a blue-collar worker, and Divyenndu brings a good balance of drama and realism to his role. Despite some underlined writing, the principal cast, including Madhavan, Chawla, and supporting actors, contributes to a compelling portrayal of individuals who risked their lives to save others during that fateful night in 1984.

Who was the station master in railway men characters?

The Railway Men: R Madhavan, Babil Khan, Kay Kay Menon 

The Railway Men” boasts a talented cast bringing life to the characters entwined in the narrative. Kay Kay Menon takes on the role of the stationmaster in charge of Bhopal Junction, portraying a character marked by integrity and determination. Babil Khan, portraying an ex-Carbide worker starting a new job at the station, impresses with his portrayal of a blue-collar worker devoted to doing the right thing.

Divyenndu adds depth to the series with his performance as a crook caught in an unfortunate situation, offering a compelling mix of drama and realism. R Madhavan, playing a top Railways official, turns his locomotive into a rescue missile, contributing to the gripping storyline.

Where to watch

To experience the gripping narrative and learn about these lesser-known heroic feats, you can watch “The Railway Men” on Netflix. The streaming platform offers a platform to explore and delve into the impactful and true stories portrayed in the series.

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