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Who Will Win Lockupp 2022?

Are you a Lockupp fan? Everything that started it has been reading a lot of buzzes. Before this show on the ott platform alt Balaji started ever since then it has been creating some controversy. This show has been produced by ultra Balaji and producer Ekta Kapoor. Producer Ekta Kapoor needs no introduction now; she is one of the most famous and successful producers which Indian film or Indian television has. She is known for her controversial concept whether it is TV shows such as Naagin or web shows. This year she came up with a new concept which is now known as a lockup show. 

These shows started on February 27, 2022. Kannada North is the host of the season. Before this shoe was announced and even till now Ekta Kapoor is being compared to Salman Khan and Salman Khan has been the host of Bigg Boss and several previous seasons. 

The Lockupp show has broken a lot of records and it has also become the most viewed ott show ever with more than 100 million views on its live feed on the ott platform called Alt Balaji whose producer is Ekta Kapoor. Bigg Boss 15 contestant Karan Kundra is the jailer of the show. Insaver interviews Ekta Kapoor and even thanks both Kangana Ranaut as well as Karan Kundra for the success of this first season of the show.

Contestants of the Lockupp show

Who Will Win Lockupp?
Lockup Show Contestants

Ekta Kapoor doesn’t like her idea of working in the field of entertainment. So, for her first season of the Lockupp show, she came up with the concept of a jail, a jailer, a host, and contestants. 

I can’t say about all but most of the contestants in this show are somehow connected to some other controversy. 

Contestants and celebrities such as Payal Rastogi,  Prince Narula, Munawar Faruki, Zesaan Khan, Sana Khan, Ali Merchant, Karamveer Bohra, Anjali Arora, Azuma Falla, Shivam Sharma, Nisha Rawal, Mandana Karami, Babita Phogat, Tehseen Punewala, Sidharth Sharma, Aaisha Sinde, Poonam Pandey were the contestants ever since the show started. 

Out of all these contestants, six contestants are now the finalists of the show. Contestants who have been qualified for the finals are – Rastogi, Prince Narula, Anjali Arora, Shivam Sharma, and Azma Dallah. 

Today is the finale of the show. Today it will be declared who will be the winner of the show. 

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Who Will Win Lockupp?

who will win Lockupp?

Out of all these 6 contestants who have managed to reach the finale, Munawar Farooqui is known to be the most popular one. He has been missing a lot of love and support from his friends ever since he entered the show. 

For your reminder, let me tell you that Munawar Farooqi is an Indian comedian who last year had a lot of difficulties when he was banned from doing his comedy show in several states. He was actually banned from doing shows in several States. Even had to go behind the bus but soon he got bail from the supreme court as he was not proven guilty. He managed to win a lot of appreciation and life as well as support from the audience from his genuineness, his one-liner sarcastic replies as well as his humor.

Anjali Arora is also one of the most famous and appreciated contestants on the show. Even the better Pioneer is Tungi and Shivam Sharma also received a lot of support from their respective fans. Prince Narula who has won several reality shows such as Roadies Splitsvilla Bigg Boss Nach Baliye is also one of the strongest and loves the contestants of the Lockupp show. Although Prince Narula entered the show a bit late, he managed to make his impact on the show in the heart of the audience. 

So this time it will be a tough decision for the public to make one person win the show out of all the six contestants. Because every contestant of the local show has made an impact on the respective audience and received a lot of love and appreciation.

today’s the finale of the show so it will be interesting to see who will win this first season of the show. Will it be Munawar Farooqi who will win the show?  Will it be Anjali Arora, Prince Narula, Shivam Sharma, or Azuma who will win the show? I wish to be on Shivam Sharma who will live the trophy of the first season of the show. To know this she will have to wait till the finale of the show which is tonight. 

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