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Why Did Chicha, The Star, Leave Mexico?

We get to see our favorite players compete for the squad on yet another world cup day. On the one hand, we have many supporters who have enjoyed watching the world cup from the comfort of their homes, and on the other hand, we have those fans who have been watching the game live at the stadium.

According to the most recent rumors, Javier Hernandez, well known by his nickname Chicharito and the major and favorite of many Mexican team supporters, has formally declared his departure from the national football team.

The team’s main player, Javier, has finished all of the necessary steps to leave, which makes it evident that we won’t be seeing him on the field for this year’s 2022 World cup, which is now taking place in Qatar. Now let’s examine the scenario that exists inside the Mexico national team and the explanations for why this star was forced to return his jersey to the group.

Why Did Chicha The Star Leave Mexico?

Why Did Chicha The Star Leave Mexico?

It was difficult for Javier Hernandez, aka Chicharito, to remove his club shirt and leave the squad, just like it was for the supporters. The football player allegedly broke into tears in front of the audience during the announcement, according to many social media reports.

What are the reasons behind Chicharito’s exit from the team?

For those who may not be aware! For many years, Chicharito has been one of the top players on the Mexican squad. He has a strong track record, having played in all three of the most recent world cups, and he is also one of the best scorers in the nation. In terms of total goals scored throughout the course of 109 matches, the former Manchester United striker boasts a stellar profile.

When we consider his track record of consistently scoring goals, it begs the issue of why the Mexican squad would let the greatest player on the team go without a fight. We have done extensive research to find the answers to your queries. Let’s look at it now.

First and foremost, Javier Hernandez’s departure from the club is not recent; according to a prior source, he hasn’t played for them since the year 2019 and hasn’t been a part of the group since then.

The player allegedly scored over 15 goals and contributed two assists in the MLS despite a break in their career, showing the squad that he is still capable of producing great things for them! Tata Martino, the manager of the EL Tri, does not share our perspective. According to reports, the club management had no interest in bringing Chicharito back to the squad to play.

Additionally, there is a story regarding the Mexican player that claims there were other interrelated issues in the locker room of the national squad. There have also been suggestions that manager Martino never saw Chicharito as the sole choice when the player was let go.

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What is Javier Hernandez doing now?

Why Did Chicha The Star Leave Mexico?

Even after leaving the squad, the Mexican player is unstoppable. Javier Hernandez, better known by his stage as Chicharito, is now seen spending his leisure time on the Twitch platform. He has set up his own Twitch channel and uses it to communicate with his followers. Chicharito also enjoys playing video games and streams his gameplay on the Twitch online platform.

lbai LIano, a Spanish streamer who has been a longtime admirer of Chicharito throughout his football career, recently made a surprise appearance on his channel. During his twitch streaming, the former Mexican footballer spoke with this fan base in Spain as well.

Is there no future for the player in football?

Now, the team will definitely be a factor in this! There is definitely a chance for his fans to see him back if any team has expressed interest in returning to the field or even if the manager of the team changes his mind. Let’s cross out fingers to see him making his arrival back to the world of football again. But, as of now, you can just move to his Twitch profile and see him doing what he loves, and also if you get a chance you can also talk to him through his Twitch channel.

Chicharito – Will the player come back ever?

According to reports, the player has given interviews in which he has affirmed that he had no intention of leaving the Mexican national team and that he had made every effort to stay on. However, Chicharito was left with little choice but to return his team’s shirt, despite the player’s controversies.

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