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Why Did Pink Floyd Break Up?

People from the 90s must be fond of Pink Floyd music, even today’s generation who love 90s music, Pink Floyd must be in their playlist. Even after the conflict among the members, the music of Pink Floyd is always ready to win your heart. As we know, Pink Floyd broke up, but what was the reason behind it? So today, we are going to see why they broke up and what was the reason that they ended their journey as a band.

In London in 1964, an English rock band Pink Floyd formed. This rock band gained an early following, as they were one of the first psychedelic bands. Pink Floyd was formed in 1964. The band consists of 6 members Syd Barrett(lead vocal and guitar), Richard Wright(keyboards and vocal), Bob Klose(guitar and he left the band in 1965), Roger Waters(bass guitar and vocal), David Gilmour(lead and rhythm guitars, vocals, bass, and keyboard) and Nick Mason(drums). Two singles and one of the successful debut albums The Piper at the Gates of Dawn in 1967 released under the leadership of Barrett. In December 1967 David Gilmour(guitarist and vocalist) joined the band. However, Barrett took his exit from the band under his mental health.

Further, Roger Waters became the leader, and lyricist of the band under his leadership and they gained peak success with the albums The Dark Side of the Moon in 1973, Wish You Were Here in 1975, The Wall in 1979, and Animals in 1977.

Afterward, in 1979, Richard Wright left the band due to personal tension, and thereafter, Waters took his exit from the band in 1985. However, Richard rejoined the band with other members after some time. By 2013, the rock band Pink Floyd sold around 250 million records globally and became the best-selling music artist of all time. They won numerous awards together. 

Members Of Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd

Nick Mason (drums and vocals) years active-1964–1995, 2005, 2012–2014; Roger Waters (bass, vocals, and rhythm guitarist) years active-1964–1985, 2005; Richard Wright (keyboards, piano, and vocals) years active-1964–1979, 1990–1995, 2005; Syd Barrett (lead rhythm guitar and vocals) years active-1964–1968; David Gilmour (lead, vocals, rhythm guitar, bass, and keyboards) years active-1967–1995, 2005, 2012–2014; Bob Klose (lead guitar) years active-1964–1965.

But unfortunately, two of the band members passed away-Richard Wright passed away on September 15, 2008, at the age of 65 and Syd Barrett passed away on July 7, 2006, at the age of 60.


Why Did Pink Floyd Break Up?

Pink Floyd was one of the most successful bands of all time. They have created several histories and records.

The reason behind everything that happened in the band was misunderstanding and miscommunication among the members of the band. Roger Waters and David Gilmour were always in hot waters. Their ideas had always collided and had a somewhat dysfunctional relationship. Most of the members were leaving and rejoining the band persistently because of some personal reasons and mental health. And most of the members had a conflict between themselves because of the unmatched decisions and choices.

 Once, Roger Waters was recording his single album, and he also wanted to leave the band, further, he called all the members of the band and told them that he thought it’s the end of Pink Floyd. But the remaining members of the band thought they would work together and carry on the legacy they created together. After some time, due to some reasons, Waters filed a lawsuit against the members of the band and further he also wanted to end his contract. The case was carried out to the court and in the end, the agreement was settled. 

During the release of The Dark Side of the Moon in 1973, band members of Pink Floyd wrestled over how to build off success. Miscommunication among the band members led to fighting while recording their albums Wish You Were There (1975), and Animals (1977). And after all the events most of the members went on their solo careers in the industry.

The band Pink Floyd disbanded in 2014. Even after all these unwanted conflicts, the albums and singles of the band Pink Floyd always have a special place in the hearts of their fans.


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