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Will BTS Disband? Will Their Contract Expire In 2022?

Today, K-pop, or K-Culture, in general, is popular worldwide and is having immense followers throughout. In fact, there are moments when people do not even realize that they are listening to a Korean artist’s song and have started liking them. One of the biggest reasons for such rapid and immense popularity is undeniably the Grammy-nominated boy band BTS which is not just a boy band or a group but a global phenomenon. They have made a mark not just in the music industry bringing a new definition and style but have spread their wings in almost all sectors. They in fact are one of the income generators of their country as well. But after their 2022 BTS Festa where they announced that they will be taking a hiatus, all the fans and the entire industry went frenzy over the news thinking that the group is disbanding. This particular news traveled faster than the light making everyone emotional and shocked.

Will BTS Disband?

Will BTS Disband?

The news of the hiatus came as a piece of disbanding news because the members were all very emotional while discussing it. However, here we would like to break the entire news and give you the facts that the Bangtan boys are not disbanding or going anywhere. So, do not get sad or break your heart. The group on BTS Festa itself announced that they are taking this break in order to give themselves some time. According to the group, they have lost the majority of their young age in building up this group, making their career, and trying to as many armies as possible which in turn took away their crucial time of life where they could have learned and done so many things like other teens and young people. They also said that they have not given much time to themselves which in turn made them even sadder.

They explained that this is the right time for them to take a break as a group and focus on themselves, on their hobbies, spend quality time with themselves, and give more time to themselves to come out as a better person to make better songs, albums, and projects as a group. The group also revealed that they were not feeling greatly satisfied with the work they were coming up with recently but then they did want to give something to their fans who have always supported them through thick and thin. They could feel that their focus was not straight and they really needed a break to create something better. They were thankful to the army who liked their work and supported them and the group felt that they have not given their full and had just struggled to reach as many as possible and fulfill their dreams but they did not focus on themselves properly.

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The group also decided on a hiatus now because now they wanted to focus on their solo work to show more of their individual selves to the fans and want to test themselves as well as how they can perform as an individual and how will they be liked by the fans. They want to showcase more than what they could show as a group. They even haven’t got the chance as a group to show who they are as an individual due to several reasons but want the fans to see thus they would like to do so through their solo projects. But this does not mean in any way that they are breaking up or disbanding. The group is staying intact, but they are just going to give a little break to a lot of group activities for a while and would like to focus on themselves while doing a few group activities.

The problem that took place was the interpretation of the messages or rather it can be said the subtitles and the emotions of the band that made several thinks, they are disbanding. They shared that many told them why they are taking the break especially when they are in such a position now, but according to them either the time is now or it is never. The Festa this time was really an intense one but this should not be interpreted in a wrong way because each of the members clearly mentioned that they are not breaking but are just giving themselves a little time as an individual to groom themselves more, to learn what they want, to do what they have been planning to do for long but haven’t got time to do so, to collaborate, to travel and several other things.

While the BTS Festa went on to be quite emotional for everyone with fun as well because they talked about their journey, the best moments that they shared as a band and their tastes which differ from each other so much which all of them understood by seeing each other houses. They even went on to share that they have changed a lot as an individual as well. To make the moment of their celebration special they celebrated it in the place which they have been renting together as a group but the lease was now going to end on the day of their celebration. They did not share whether they will renew or not but their expressed emotion was enough to understand their attachment to the place. After the whole life took place, the discussion of disbanding took place taking, and since the hiatus has been mentioned the fans started to believe it. However, Big Hit Entertainment was quick enough to shut down all the rumors and give a proper explanation of what the hiatus really meant and what they would like to do.

This motioned that the group is taking a break but it does not mean that they are breaking up in any way, they will be doing all their group activities and everything has been planned but they are also going to focus on their individual work as well. The hiatus is in no way meant as a disbanding. Later on, when Jungkook did a live followed by the Festa, he also clarified that the band in no way is planning to disband anytime soon. They have no plan to disband. In the live, he clarified that they will be doing group activities along with solo activities. This was followed by a live by RM where he clarified further on the hiatus to clear the air and give a relaxation to the fans that they are not disbanding anytime soon and they have planned a lot of things as well.

Later on, a schedule was also released releasing their group activities and the plans for the year, and the things following. The best part of giving relaxation to everyone was the announcement of Run BTS which was also not happening for quite a long but then that also appeared to happen and two episodes were released which also was a breather for the fans. This was followed by their In The Seom game and other videos that started releasing on YouTube and Weverse. All these activities by the group are proof that they are not breaking up. To give all of you even more relaxation the biggest piece of news is that they have been appointed as the ambassadors of the 2030 Busan Expo as a group pointing in the direction that they are not breaking up or disbanding anytime soon. Even in the interviews for Weverse Magazine, they shared that they would like to show something that who they are and something more to their audience that they might not know of them and that is why they are working hard on their solo work as well and they hop that the army will like it.

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In terms of solo work, the first on the line who started with the project is J Hope who came up with his album Jack In The Box. The album did wonder the moment it was released with its songs and J Hope also happened to have an amazing response actually beyond amazing response at Lalapalooza where he became the first solo artist from the band to perform on stage and the whole crowd went gaga over it. It was very much visible when the videos were released of his performances on YouTube and Weverse. He gave a power-packed performance for each of the tracks he covered and also was joined by Becky G for the song Chicken Noodle Soup. Apart from him Jungkook also collaborated with Charlie Puth on the song Left and Right which also became a massive hit breaking records. Suga also collaborated with Psy on the main track of his album, the song named That That which also went on to become record-breaking for all the good reasons. All the released took social media by storm and honestly, this just proves how good they are as a solo artist as well which they have proved a lot of times before as well.

J Hope also appeared in several interviews and the group also promoted his song immensely. J Hope recently did another collaboration on the song Rush Hour with Crush which is also a hit. Have not heard the song yet? Then do it now, because it is really good. Apart from this the solo album release for other members has not been released or announced and we can predict that it will be done one by one and not all at once. We know that you cannot wait to see the work of other members and your biases but do not worry as it will be released soon.

In the time of their hiatus, they can be seen doing several things like RM visiting museums and aesthetically beautiful places giving all the fans the urge to visit all the places. In fact, it has been reported saying that after RM visited and shared about the places he visited the tourist visits increased rapidly. V, on the other hand, has been featured in Vogue, and honestly, we cannot keep calm at all after seeing him and his pictures. He also attended the Celine Fashion show which also was really pleasing to all the eyes and the army.

It can be said that V has officially now become a model, though all of them are seeing him like this must be pleasing for all the fans. Suga did share on the Festa live that he is focusing on learning a lot of things like dancing, focusing on creating music which he likes a lot and we are getting to see that as well because he has created several music tracks for big brands like Samsung, In The Seom and many more. Jimin has been seen posing with some big producers giving making everyone excited to the point that maybe they are going to collaborate and something is coming up soon. The members have also shared their vlogs of a day where they shared everything they did in a day which actually was really exciting and fun to watch as the army got the chance to witness their activities.

Speaking on the release the vocals team of the group that is Jimin, Jungkook, Jin and V also collaborated with Snoop Dog and Benny Blanco on the song Bad Decisions which I am pretty sure that you are vibing on it almost every day and why shouldn’t you, it is such an amazing song. Apart from this, the team has been releasing concept films of each member titled Me, Myself, and (the member name). Till now the concept film of Jungkook called Time difference, RM’s called Skit, and Jimin’s called ID: Chaos has been released which has shown a very different side of each of them. Behind the scenes have also been released along with their main film. Looking at the films, one just cannot imagine how the films of other members will be. If you have not seen the films yet then do watch them on BANGTANTV the official YouTube channel of the Bangtan Boys. Behind the scenes, their recordings and collaboration are also getting released regularly. All of this is just proof that no disbanding is happening and our OT7 is going nowhere anytime soon.

This hiatus is the hiatus of surprises for the fans and if hiatus for BTS is meant to be something like this then there is nothing wrong if they take a hiatus as long as they are not disbanding, right? The team also released a new version of their song Yet To Come for Hyundai Motor Group which you can find on the YouTube channel of Hyundai Motor Group. Speaking of Yet To Come the song also had the message that they are going to come back, the moment is yet to come meaning that the group is not going anywhere but is coming back soon. The group as we can see recently has planned a lot of things for the army and has been quite active on social media as well trying to connect with the army as much as possible, and all of this just means that they are not disbanding.

The Grammy-nominated and Guinness Book of World Record holders and the most influential groups of the era BTS also called Bullet Proof Boy Scouts, Bangtan boys, Bangtan Sonyeondan, and Beyond The Scene have represented their country and the army at the most pivotal places like White House, UN and the like are not disbanding and we have given you all the reasons and announcements that were released by the members and the Big Hit Entertainment. The boys are yet to do a lot of things and have not achieved everything neither they have shown everything to the army. So, do not worry about anything as BTS is not disbanding, and keep loving, supporting, and enjoying them because we Borehae BTS, and they Borahae us.  

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