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Will EXO Renew Their Contract?

“We are one! EXO Saranghaja”, this one is not just a slogan anymore, this is the reason why someone is trying to hang on there, this is the reason why someone is smiling right now and this slogan is everything to certain people and those certain people are EXOLs (the official fandom name of EXO), the SM group that debuted in the year 2012 is now the richest Kpop group ever, such a Flex for the SM entertainment for having such a gem like EXO. They are not only the Richest Kpop Group with the estimated Net Worth of $1 Billion but they are also known as The Nation’s Pick.

EXO has done a lot for the company as well as the Hallyu Industry, they have created a masterpiece like “Growl” which is considered The National Anthem in South Korea. Despite being on hiatus and without having any proper Comebacks and promotions they still managed to be the Richest Kpop Group ever which implies that they are such a notable group. EXO debuted on April 8, 2012, with the song Mama, since the day they got debuted They are ruling the music industry of South Korea and they are the only artist that has the record of Fastest Artist whose concert tickets got sold out in 0.4 seconds and then they broke their own record when their concert tickets got sold out in 0.2 seconds, we can say that no one is doing it like EXO.

The craze for Kpop is growing a lot day by day and for sure EXO is one of the reasons why the craze for Kpop is growing a lot. The members are not only active as Idols but they are also very active as Actors. It is confirmed that Sehun is going to act in a new drama, Xiumin is also confirmed to be a part of an upcoming drama with MonstaX’s Hyungwon and Lee Shi Young, this drama is going to be Xiumin’s first drama after his military discharge and also he is going to act in a drama after a very long time so Exols are curiously waiting for his drama, the leader of this amazing group, Suho is also confirmed to act in a new drama and Kyungsoo is finally coming back as an actor with the drama Bad Prosecutor which is going to be aired on 5 October 2022 and it will be also available on Netflix, EXOLs are quite shocked that they are getting feed with so many contents of EXO because usually there are very fewer updates on them because of the member’s enlistment and they are also on hiatus.

But fans are happy that finally EXO is back with contents and they are expecting that once all the members will be back from their Military service they can have a proper comeback with proper promotions.

Will EXO Renew Their Contract?

Will EXO Renew Their Contract?

EXOLs are always curious about one thing, if you are an EXOL then you must have been aware of that one particular thing, “Will EXO Renew their Contract?” this question is not just a question anymore now this is a very important part of EXOLs’ lives. SM Entertainment is home to all the legends, in simple terms all the legendary artists are from SM, from H.O.T to EXO and many more artists are there such as Super Junior, Shinee, T.V.X.Q, Girls Generation, S.E.S, NCT, Red Velvet, F(X), BoA and many more are there but most of them have already left SM entertainment and fans want to know whether EXO will leave this company or not?

SM entertainment is one of the Big 3 companies in South Korea and it is also the first ever entertainment Company that got founded by Lee Soo Man in the year 1995. So should EXO leave this company? EXO has given so much to this company and they have worked hard to contribute to SM entertainment, the big building of SM is created by the profits EXO has brought to the company after the song “Growl” got released, and SM’s stock price is always increasing because of EXO and also because of other artists. EXO celebrated its 10th anniversary this year on April 8, 2022, it’s been a decade with EXO and the group has come a long way despite having so many ups and downs in their journey and they are still going strong.

EXO’s contract period will be over this year, for now, we do not know which member is going to renew the contract because there is no chance of the group renewing the whole contract together because Lay has already left the company and he left SM on 8 April 2020, Yixing/ Lay now has his own company known as Changsa Chromosome Entertainment.

Lay is the only member of EXO whose contract is already over with the company and the other member’s contract will be over soon. As of now, we do not know whether the other members will leave SM Entertainment or now, Lay left the company but he is still a part of EXO and will give his best to participate in the Comebacks. Recently, Chanyeol got discharged from his military service on September 28, 2022, and Xiumin also made his solo debut on 26 September 2022.

Chen is also back from his military service and performed at Hallyu Pop Fest in London, EXOLs was very overwhelmed to see him after a long time and they could not even control their excitement. Suho is also back from his military service and he is also going to work on a drama soon. Baekyun is the only member who is still serving in the military, he will be back next year and there is also one more thing, Sehun and Kai have not yet enlisted, most probably they will enlist next year, so as the members have their solo activities, it is hard to say that they will leave the company or maybe some of the members will leave the company and continue to be a part of EXO like the way Lay did.

Why Should EXO renew Their Contract?

As you have read above, I clearly mentioned that there is no official news on whether the members will renew or not but if they will renew then what should be the reason? The fact is that you will find tons of reasons why EXO should not renew their contract but there are also various kinds of reasons why they should renew it.

If the members will stay in the company then maybe one of them could be the director of SM just like the way the popular and amazing Boy Group, BTOB’s Eunkwang is the director of the company, Cube. EXOLs want Suho to be the director of SM or to take over the company but for now, this is kind of hard to accomplish though Suho is capable enough to be the director of the company.

The whole presence of EXO is very profitable for the company and it is obvious that SM will not let go of them that easily, we will have to wait and see what exactly will happen when the contract of all the members gets over.

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Why EXO should not Renew Their Contract?

Will EXO Renew Their Contract?

Why EXO Should not Renew Their Contract? It is kind of funny to state this but there are tons of reasons why they should leave the company. First of all, SM doesn’t give them proper comebacks and promotions, they have won on many music shows but without proper promotions, now they are also the richest k-pop group without even a proper comeback and promotion which shows how powerful EXO is.

SM does not give the members proper solo activities, SM Town Live 2022 concert was held recently but Sehun could not be a part of it, instead of letting him perform on the stage with the members SM let him upload an apology letter for not participating, EXOLs were extremely pissed with SM because of this. And they have been in the music industry for 10 years now the members are debuting as soloists which is very salty SM should have debuted all the members as soloists after EXO got debuted but it took 9 and 10 years for SM to debut the members as Soloists.

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Well, it is indeed true that without SM we could have never known EXO because that company EXO got debuted but that does not mean they will not treat the boys in a proper way. The fans of EXO are always thankful for what SM has done for EXO but the way the boys get treated is already fading away the good deeds of SM entertainment.

Most of the fans eagerly want them to leave the company but we do not know exactly whether they will leave or not. Whatever decision EXO and the members of EXO will make there is one thing that we all are sure of EXOLs will always love them and support them no matter what. They have taught us so many things, and their songs have always been a comfort for all of us, no matter where they go and which company they join, their songs and voices will always be supported by all the EXOLs out there.

Are you an EXOL? Who is your bias? Some fans even consider EXO as their Youth, some consider them as their universe, and some call them their lifelines, they are the priorities of millions of people, they bring a smile to the faces of millions of people, this boy group has been doing so many things for the other people and their fans so they should only deserve good things and happiness. What do you think? Should EXO leave SM entertainment?

There is one thing that we can say, if they will leave SM then it will be a huge loss for the company as EXO brings a lot of profit to the company as well as the Company’s Stock. Once the contract period will be over we will know whether they will leave or stay, till now SM entrainment has not yet stated anything regarding the renewal of their contract we only know that Lay has left the company officially. Lay also dropped his new song, check out his new album on Spotify.

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