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Will Saul Goodman Die In Prison In The Series End Of Better Call Saul?

Saul Goodman, does the name remind you of something? I am sure you are familiar with this name especially if you have watched Breaking Bad. The show has been a massive hit due to its amazing story and the team that worked both on and off the screen. Followed by the success of the series the prequel and spin-off were dropped for all the viewers and the fans that also happened to get as much love as the predecessor. The spin-off that I am referring to is Better Call Saul which is based on the famous characters Jimmy McGill popularly known as Saul Goodman.

The crime, legal, tragic drama series with some black comedy punch created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould was first released in 2015 and came to an end recently on August 15, 2022. The series just after its first release became very popular because the series was based on the popular character Jimmy and all the fans wanted to know more about him. The series has been hailed both by viewers and critics for all the aspects be it in terms of acting, characters, direction, writing, story, and others. In fact, the show has been called a well-made sequel to Breaking Bad. The series has won several prestigious awards and nominations including Primetime Emmy Awards, Writers Guild of America Award, Critic’s Choice Television Award, Golden Globe Award, and many more. It also became the highest-grossing script and show when it was released.

With the emotion-rising storyline, the series has come to an end but looking at the aftermath of the end, we can say that it is not yet the end but rather the beginning of new theories and era that the fans are questioning and thinking about. The biggest question that all the fans and the viewers are wondering about is the death of Saul Goodman, is he dead or not, and how he is dying? Thus, to answer all the curiosity that has been left by the series, we have brought this article. So, start reading to unveil everything.

Will Saul Goodman Die In Prison?

Will Saul Goodman Die In Prison
Better Call Saul

We know that all of you have been eagerly waiting to know how is Saul Goodman ending or rather I should say dying. Whether he is really dying or not? Well, as I mentioned earlier, I would like to warn you for the last time that the article consists of spoilers so read it after you are all prepared to take the revelation. So, the burning question that does the Saul Goodman die in prison or not is finally going to be revealed. The long six-season running successful series has finally put a full stop to the story with its final episode and they finally did not miss a chance to disappoint the fans and the viewers at all. The shock has in turn left all the fans with a lot of questions and the biggest being the topic of our discussion.

So, let’s get to the bottom of the entire dying thing of Goodman. Physically, he is not dead but what has died is the disguise that Jimmy McGill took as Saul Goodman. He has put an end to Saul Goodman. So, in a sense Saul Goodman as a persona is dead. Well, according to the episode Saul made all the efforts to run away from the cops who are chasing him down. He did escape quite well, but that didn’t last for long because when he hid in the dumpster he was caught by the police and eventually was taken into custody.

After being locked up in jail a lot of incidents took place that we will keep for you to watch, but eventually to save Kim Saul confesses everything when he was brought to trial. The ending had a lot of reminisces, flashbacks, and the return of some of the characters to make the ending as ultimate as it could be. In the trial after all the confessions and nostalgic flashbacks, the verdict is given that Saul is getting sentenced to 87 years in prison. The episode and the show were brought to an end with Saul being locked up in prison where Kim visits him and they share cigarettes and started talking about the future and what can happen.

Finally, towards the end, Kim is seen looking at Saul and walking away and once Saul goes out of vision is when the series ends. This means that the series has not revealed whether he has died in prison or not for the time being. It was a classic dramatic end that could have happened but with all the flashbacks, it definitely became a roller coaster ride for all the viewers. In the end, we can say one thing for sure, metaphorically Saul Goodman as a character has been buried in the grave by Jimmy McGill as McGill has confessed everything but whether McGill or Saul really died in prison physically is something we are left to think on because apparently it has not been shown that he has died.

So, now it is for you all to decide do you want to take the metaphorical death as the death of Saul, or do you think he is still alive because McGill has not died yet, since we have given you all the possible things that we have understood after watching the episode and what the makers tried to communicate but as they have left for the viewers to decide, we would also leave things for you and would love to know what you all think.

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Better Call Saul Story

Will Saul Goodman Die In Prison
Better Call Saul

Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould created crime drama series a prequel to Breaking Bad and is based on a story that has taken place six years before all the things that happened in Breaking Bad. It follows the change and the transformation of Jimmy McGill into Saul Goodman. He was a con artist earlier but now he is trying to become a respected lawyer. He as a lawyer represents the criminals and gradually turns into one as he gets highly involved in the underworld crimes in the city. His biggest inspiration is his brother who is elder to him named Chuck. He is used to working in his brother’s law firm where his arch nemesis is one of the managing partners, Howard Hamlin.

But eventually, the relationship of the brothers seems to get attacked due to the work as Jimmy experiences his brother sabotaging him. Eventually, he starts interacting with criminals, transformed himself into a man called Saul Goodman, and starts to think about his past as a conman but side by side his respect as an attorney starts going down the line to an illegal one. In simple words, the entire show is a high tide ride and I am pretty sure you will understand what I mean if you have seen Breaking Bad.

If you are intrigued by the small and brief story of the entire series that I explained here and want to know more then watch it now, but just a recommendation that watch Breaking Bad before streaming this show, to get the references, and flashbacks right. And I can tell you that you will not be disappointed, in fact, you would want to know more just like we still do. 

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Better Call Saul Cast       

Will Saul Goodman Die In Prison
Better Call Saul

The cast of the popular and loved show Better Call Saul includes a huge list of actors whom you know quite well because of their amazing work and the talent they have delivered on screen many a time. The long list of the cast includes Bob Odenkirk, Rhea Seehorn, Jonathan Banks, Patrick Fabian, Michael Mando, Giancarlo Esposito, Tony Dalton, Michael McKean, Mark Margolis, and Bryan Cranston. It also includes Aaron Paul, Kerry Condon, Ray Campbell, Cara Pifko, Peter Diseth, Ed Begley Jr., Julie Ann Emery, and Rex Linn. The list also has Luis Moncada, Juan Carlos Cantu, Dean Norris, Lavell Crawford, Daniel Moncada, Jeremiah Bitsui, and Laura Fraser.

Along with them the series also includes Jessie Ennis, Dennis Boutsikaris, Eric Steinig, Tina Parker, Raymond Cruz, Clea DuVall, and Steven Bauer. Lastly, the list includes Julian Bonfiglio, Vincent Fuentes, Keiko Agena, Ann Cusack, Ellen Fogarty, Josh Fadem, Tamara Tunie, and Jean Effron. All these actors have been one of the reasons that make the show a grand success along with the story and team behind the series.

Where To Watch Better Call Saul?

Will Saul Goodman Die In Prison
Better Call Saul

If you have liked seeing the award-winning story of the show and you have been a fan of Breaking Bad, then I am pretty sure that you would not want to miss this show. I know you must be thinking that where you can watch the show and how you can watch the show. So let me tell you everything. The show is available to be watched on Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos. The Tv series consists of six seasons and 63 episodes in total.

The running time of the episodes is around 42 to 69 minutes. Now, since you know all the things about the series and whether Saul dies or not then you would like to see that as well. So, tune in to the platform now to watch the series and experience the excitement and thrill that the series has to offer.

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