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Will There Be A Case 63 Season 2?

There are so many things out there that caught for attention and listening to podcasts is one of them. Case 63 is one of the most popular podcasts that has been loved and listened to by many people. There is one thing about this podcast that has been driving the fans crazy, will there be a second season of it? You can learn the answers below. 

Will there be a Case 63 Season 2?

There is a probability that season 2 of Case 63 will release in 2023 as of now it has one season. Well, for now, we are hoping to see the next season as soon as possible so we are assuming it to be released in 2023 still, there is nothing to be sure of now, so we have to wait a little bit more. 

Name of the Show Case 63
Season NumberSeason 2
Case 63 Season 1 Release Date25 October 2022
Case 63 Season 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Case 63 Season 2 Overview

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What will be the storyline of Case 63 Season 2?

The storyline of Case 63 Season 2 will continue from its chilling end. 

In episode 10 story turns and Eliza knows that Marie is her sister’s friend her sister has Leukemia and soon will require plasma immunology therapy and Marie will be the one to donate her plasma. Eliza was shocked and confused and told Marie to leave. In the end when Eliza woke she was in the hospital and under police custody. She was last seen and found naked at JFK Airport as she was missing. She is unable to understand what is going on with her.

She saw someone looking alike Peter but he said he was Dr. Vincent. Vincent told her about the situation in which they got her and asked some questions. But she seems confused. Eliza asked which year she was in and Vincent said she was in 2012. 

By the end, we are left with many questions and suspense. Hopefully, if we get to next season we will be able to find out the answers with some suspenseful story and questions. 

Is the cast for Case 63 Season 2 already decided?

We can assume the cast Cast 63 Season 2 is the same as Season 1 and we can get to hear Danny’s voice and some new character voices will be added. 

The season 1 cast was Julianne Morre who is an Academy Award-winning actress and played the voice cast of Dr. Eliza Beatriz Knight who is a psychiatrist. 

With her, we have Oscar Issac who is a Golden Globe Award-winning actor. He played the voice cast of Peter Roitre who is a mysterious patient. 

In season 1 Zoe Winters voice cast the character Marie Baker who was wanted to prevent from boarding Flight 262 by Peter. 

What is the Recap of Case 63 Season 1?

Case 63 is a Chilean podcast that got its English adaptation and was released on Spotify on 25 October 2022.

This podcast tells a story about a psychiatrist Dr. Eliza Beatrix Knight and her patient Peter Roiter. Peter claims to come from the future and wants to save the world from the global pandemic.

A story about time travel. Twists and turns. The first episode talks about how Eliza met Peter. Peter from the very first told Eliza that he came from the future in 2062. Eliza didn’t believe it at first. She claimed that he was maybe in some kind of depression or mental trauma for which he is claiming he came from the future. Peter already knew Eliza won’t be believing him but still, he persists that he is from the future. He is a 39-year-old fellow. 

Peter told about his parents and how he met n he was born and it will be awkward if Eliza tell his mother and father about how Peter is born and how they met since according to him his parents do not know about each other in the present time.

Peter mentioned Marie Baker but he doesn’t really know her personally. He just wanted Marie to board a plane and he didn’t state the answer to Eliza for which reason he doesn’t want to let Marie board the flight. At the end of the episode, he told Eliza’s full name which Eliza hasn’t even said to him. 

The story further goes with twists and turns with some intense suspense music. 

In the last episode, Eliza goes to JFK airport where she met Marie, and Peter told her to immunize Marie Baker. Marie and Eliza talk a little. When they both go to the bathroom there Eliza gets to know that Marie was her sister Danny’s friend and her sister has leukemia and she is going to give her plasma for plasma immunology therapy.

Eliza got shocked after she got to know and she became confused about all the things happening to her. Marie left Eliza as she said to go Marie. Later we get to know Eliza was missing and found naked at the airport and someone similar looking as Peter came, who claimed he was Dr. Vincent started asking questions at the end she asked which year she which in and it was 2012. 

Is the official trailer for Case 63 Season 2 out?

The official trailer of Case 63 Season 2 is not out yet. It will probably be released in 2023. We will keep on updating you about the release date and let you know the largest news. 

Where to watch Case 63 Season 2?

You can listen to Case 63 Season 2 on Spotify

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