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Will there be a March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3

With its first two seasons making waves in 2017 and 2018, the highly anticipated March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3 has fans eagerly awaiting new episodes for over 5 years. The acclaimed coming-of-age drama, based on Chica Umino’s manga, follows shogi player Rei Kiriyama’s journey with the Kawamoto sisters.

As fans wonder about the fate of the anime, recent information on a potential third season in 2023 is explored. Are there any official updates confirming the release of March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3? Stay tuned for the latest developments in Rei’s captivating story.

March Comes In Like A Lion Season 3

While March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3 is yet to receive an official announcement, the likelihood of more episodes is high, considering the anime’s commendable Blu-ray sales and impressive manga success. The potential for a third season remains undeniable.

The financial success of the March Comes in Like a Lion anime is evident, with Season 2 boasting over 1,600 Blu-ray copies sold and the latest manga volume 17 reaching over 450,000 copies. The series has also generated extensive merchandise, with figures and more than 400 pieces available.

Anticipation for March Comes in Like a Lion Season 3 Episode 1 is strong, especially once studio Shaft concludes projects like the ‘Madoka Magica Movie 4’ and ‘Kizumonogatari’ movie, paving the way for eager fans of the series.

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Where to Continue March Comes in Like a Lion Beyond the Anime!

To delve into the manga of ‘March Comes in Like a Lion,’ start with volumes 1 to 9, covered by the first two anime seasons. Currently, only up to volume 3 is translated into English. However, to continue the story beyond the anime adaptations, seek out ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’ Manga Volume 10 in English.

While the manga is not yet complete, author Chika Umino has outlined a clear conclusion plan. Umino revealed the series is approaching its final chapters, expressing commitment and requesting ongoing reader support.

While the prospects for ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’ Season 3 appear promising, nothing is certain until an official confirmation. Supporting the franchise while anticipating a Season 3 announcement, expected next year, is the best course of action.

March comes in like a lion plotline

Rei, a skilled shogi player since middle school, faces emotional struggles as a 17-year-old lonely professional. His adoptive family, especially step-siblings, poses challenges due to his troubled past after losing his real family. Rei’s emotionally immature personality hinders resolution.

In a twist of fate, Rei forms a close bond with three joyful sisters—Akari, Hinata, and Momo—despite his somber life. Unlike Rei, they maintain their zest for life despite challenging circumstances. Enduring the stress of professional shogi, Rei grapples with unraveling complex family dynamics.

The series aims to explore whether these newfound relationships with the three sisters can wield enough power to reshape Rei’s perspective on life’s events and people.

The expected storyline of March comes in like a lion

The upcoming third season of “March Comes in Like a Lion” will introduce dark characters, including Namerikawa and Radio. In this season, Rei is anticipated to engage in shogi matches against these formidable opponents. Fujimoto Radio, characterized by lion-like hair and a beard, exudes confidence and a generous personality.

Seijiro, the estranged father of the three sisters, is set to make an appearance in the third season. He proposes to live with the sisters, but Rei discovers a disparity in Seijiro’s soul. The third season will also highlight a love affair involving Akari, who attracts numerous suitors due to her beauty and personality. Notably, Professor Hayashida and Shimada, particularly captivated by Akari, are expected to play prominent roles in the upcoming season.

Where to watch

Chica Umino, renowned for ‘Honey and Clover,’ introduced ‘March Comes in Like a Lion’ in 2016, originally airing two seasons on NHK G and licensed by Aniplex of America. Gaining global popularity, it’s available on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. Animated by studio Shaft, and directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and Kenjirou Okada, the anime captivated audiences. As fans eagerly anticipate a potential third season after the second aired from October 14, 2017, to March 31, 2018, watch for updates on your preferred streaming platforms.

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