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Will Werewolf by Night in the MCU?

Werewolf by Night was released and with just a runtime of about 54 minutes, the movie presentation will be loved by all. It has the enigmatic storyline that one might expect from a Marvel comic and the characters are quite clear instantly.

The movie revolves around a bloodstone that goes on the hunt for his new owner. Elsa bloodstone the heir of the stone is a little out of the family line and is not interested in the hunting of monsters.

Now to the fact in the end Elsa picks up the bloodstone without being repelled by its powers. This is a signal that the MCU universe will have a quite handful of new characters that might link to the marvel universe or have a storyline that might be intertwined in between.

Will Elsa and Jack Rusell be in MCU?

The bringing of colors from black and white in the end surely indicates a subtle storyline that has been set up for the future. The special presentation can be considered as a brief history of these two characters mainly covering the:-

1- How Elsa and Jack Rusell met
2- Who owned the Bloodstone now i.e Elsa
3- depicting the werewolf powers in Jack Russell
4- And the Goodness in them that left the monster Ted unharmed

These aspects can be considered as setting up the plot for an upcoming surge of movies or shows in which these two characters will be the main element. Even more not much of the past nor the future is shown and as we know Marvel dives deep into every character with their own shows and movies depicting more of personalities and the powers they have. Just like Loki, She-hulk, and Moon Knight this too might have its own coverage.

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Elsa and Jack Rusell Relationship

These two characters showed many things similar and the chemistry seemed to have a lovely connection in the future that we might see. When Jack sniffs through Elsa so that her smell is conceived in him and not to attack her, shows the goodness in him and he knows his wolf avatar is deadly. Elsa even trusted Jack when he was also amongst other hunters yet she allowed him to tie the wound she had in the cemetery.

They both will likely fall in love in the upcoming parts with the powers combined they might be a great pair. Yet we don’t know the problems Jack might face as the Bloodstone threw him yards away when he tried to touch it. It might be a deadly love affair they both will have and we are sure Marvel won’t give that to us easily until there is some story involved.

Will Werewolf By Night Be Connected To Blade?

Will Werewolf by Knight in the MCU

This is the beginning of Phase 4 of marvel and moreover, the story is not something that can be depicted directly as the comics are not exactly how Marvel makes its cinema around. It’s nothing like a manga whose storyline is all embedded in a comic. But too much extent, there will be several characters which could get entangled with Werewolf by Knight.

The prime characters suspected to be in the Werewolf by Knight are Blade and as well as Moon Knight as the Bloodstone is the key elements involved in the show which can be connected with historical magic and powers. Just as we saw in Moon knight as well. And Elsa and Jack Russell both have great characters who can come up fight different evil around. But we have to wait until there’s something solid to prove that something like this can happen in the future.

Will There Be Werewolf by Night 2?

Marvel is on part 2 of Werewolf by Night as the story didn’t end directly and has a ton of story to omit. Though the exact date has not yet been revealed it is profound that Part 2 of the series will surely be released sometime in 2023. The official announcement is yet to be done.

The gap between the first and the second part will be decided after there has been the observation of the viewer’s reaction and thus it will be the main factor. Meanwhile, we are sure that a second part will be there as this is phase 4 of MCU and there are tons of stories that have to take place

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