Wisting Season 3 Release Date: Show Canceled?

Wisting Season 2 premiered recently on December 26, 2021. People loved this series and the second season itself tells about that there will be another season so just buckle up. Makers hoped for the best and yes it is achieved which is a good response. Although if you have enjoyed the previous season and are excited for wisting season 3 release date. Do not worry nobody is gonna disappoint anyone and this is the hard-core saying from actors and makers themselves. Now you all must be interested in wisting season 3 about what will be the storyline, who will be there, and what other things would happen this time that could even shock everyone and so many more speculations. This site pop times will be giving all the basic information you need as it will make the fans eager to watch the latest version. So basically this series Wisting is a Norwegian crime drama intact a television drama that stars Sven Nordin as widower William Wisting, a senior police investigator, and Carrie-Anne as a Police officer. So this is the basics of what this series is all about and will be explaining little for everything. So stay tuned!

Wisting Season 3 Release Date

Wisting Season 3 Release Date

So who all are eager for the next season of this series?. Obviously, there are many people who want this upcoming season as soon as possible. So the 3rd season’s renewal thing is almost confirmed but it will take some time because the previous season was recently released and it will be released on OTT. It is said that this series is the most expensive series ever made in Norway. So by this, we are so sure that it’ll take longer than expected. For those who watched 2nd season, the series has left many unsolved miseries and much more suspense. So our assumption is the end of 2022 or will be in the start or mid of 2023. And previous seasons had 10 episodes this might have a little more. This all this been said by a very close source. So that we can keep you updated.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Wisting Season 1 Release Date11 April 2019
Wisting Season 2 Release Date26 December 2021
Wisting Season 3 Release DateNot Announced Yet
Wisting Season 3 Release Date

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Wisting Season 1 Story

So the plot of this series is very intriguing which tells about murder happened on a Christmas night. And by murder it says a death body of a man. On a Christmas tree farm near Larvik, Norway, a man’s body is discovered hidden in the snow under a tree. William Wisting the protagonist and his team of detectives are looking into this case personally. Robert Godwin, an American serial murderer who has been on the run for more than 20 years, was linked to the homicide via fingerprints. The police  thought that he have fled away the county to Larvik while hiding somewhere and as away as possible where no one could ever see him. And the police  assumed that there is a involvement of a local someone in this case  As a result, FBI Special Agents Maggie Griffin and John Bantham are dispatched to Norway to assist with the investigation. So to catch the killer they made well alerted plan which said they are  keeping their presence secret to avoid alerting the killer, and those who all are afraid will be  fleeing back again. Line Wisting who is Wisting’s daughter and also a investigating journalist working on a piece on their next-door neighbour, who died alone in his home. Her investigation unwittingly connects to a police murder case, and she becomes a target because Line’s having an affair with Bantham, which allows her to learn his true name, jeopardises his cover. Meanwhile, the police locate the killer’s primary dumpsite where a body count grows dramatically, and the search streches into Sweden, where Wisting and Griffin finally corner the culprit in a dramatic climax. This what people are crazy about. The heroic moves of everyone and the suspense they have created is very truthful and amazingly. 

Wisting Season 1 Cast

Wisting Season 3 Release Date

Cast will be same as previous season. But it may have some extra character’s because the original character’s are much needed because the show’s is well dependent on a them itself from there acting. William Wisting, a police detective, is portrayed by Sven Nordin. Maggie Griffin is played by Carrie-Anne Moss. Wisting’s daughter Line, journalist Jonas Strand Gravli as Thomas, Wisting’s son Kjersti Sandal as Torunn Borg, Wisting’s deputy Mads Ousdal as Nils Hammer, and police detective Mariann Hole as Sissel are all played by Thea Green Lundberg. As Benjamin Fjeld, a police detective, Lars Berge takes on the role of Lars Berge. This are the main cast for now.

Where to Watch Wisting Season 3?

Fans of the WISTING SEASON 2 television series have been waiting for the Wisting Season 3 trailer. While fans await the WISTING SEASON 3 trailer, expect a few more official WISTING SEASON 3 teasers or trailers in the months ahead.

you can watch this series on Amazon Prime, Google Play, and Vudu.

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