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Wonder Egg Priority Season 2 Release Date Updates

Wonder Egg Priority Season 1 Trailer

Konichiwa! How are my fellow Otakus doing? Hope you are all well. Created by Shinji Nojima, the anime gained huge popularity. If you are reading this article, I will count you as one. And if you haven’t watched the anime then oho!! What are you waiting for? Read the article, go through the updates and then stream the season online. The story, the characters, the plotline, the art, throbbed in the hearts of all the audience. 

Rated 7.7 by IMDb, 7.80 by My Drama List (MAL), audience vote of 4.8; the anime gained a huge fan base. It’s quite a famous anime, enjoyed by all. If you haven’t watched the anime yet, watch the trailer then go stream online. For those who have watched season 1, anticipated new updates, keep reading. 

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2 Release Date

The anime premiered its first season not long back. The air date being March 2021, the anime is pretty new. If you follow the pattern, however famous or much-watched an anime is, the adaptation takes a while. With the first season premiering a few months back, you can only hold your patience for now.  The anime even went for the best anime round back in 2021. 

But here lies a problem. Studio Clover Works has not made any official statement about its season renewal. Nor does it have any plans to move on with this one as of yet. Not to forget without the presence of sufficient source material the adaptation for its sequel is impossible. And tbh, the company is rarely seen to produce any sequels for the famous animes. But then again, since this anime gained a huge fan base the team might give this one a thought. 

So, if the production house thinks about a remake, you might as well get good news by this year. A new season renewal takes a time of approximately 6 months, so guys let’s hope for the best! Keep your fingers crossed, who knows you may get to see a new season by this year and at the most by early 2023.   

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2 Story

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2 Release Date
Wonder Egg Priority

Gomen’nasai!! Hontōni gomen’nasai! Since I have already mentioned the source material is less. And so is the news of its update. Discussing the plot is very difficult. You can read the manga if you are curious. Then again, the anime had a special episode that answers all. Nonetheless, stay tuned and read other updates. Before that if you haven’t watched the anime, season 2 is available yes or no, doesn’t matter much. Do watch this anime that you are surely going to enjoy. Do go and watch the trailer! Then, stream the show online. 

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Wonder Egg Priority Season 1 Story

Wonder Egg Priority Season 2 Release Date
Wonder Egg Priority

Depressed by her friend’s death, Ai strolls around with a broken heart. She suddenly comes across an egg that promises her a new future. What will happen when Ai breaks the egg? The egg breaks to take her to a new dream world where she has to save the lives of others. Will these give her a new chance to bring back her dead friend? 

Watch this psychological horror drama as the story intrigues you to binge-watch it. 

Wonder Egg Priority Where To Watch?

Stream the show on Funimation as it is originally networked by the channel. Go and stream the anime online.

That’s all for now folks! Stay tuned for more updates! Till then Sayonara! 

Happy Watch! 

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