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World Trigger Chapter 224 Release Date Updates

World Trigger is a Japanese manga which is created by Daisuke Ashihara who was credible for story writing and illustration. This manga has been published from February 2013 to November 2018 in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine which has been very popular among the fans. The story tells us about the fantasy world where the invasion of “neighbors” is being handled by a group known as Border and how the boy named Yuma Kagu is stuck between all this. This ongoing manga brings in the thriller and the excitement with the amazing plot. There is also an anime adaptation of the same name that has been released in October 2014 and is still ongoing with the third season completed in January 2022.

World Trigger Chapter 224 Release Date

World Trigger Chapter 224 Release Date
World Trigger Chapter 224

The previous chapter of the manga has made everyone quite curious about what is going to happen next in the plot. Fans have been asking about the next chapter that promises more fun and excitement in the series.

The 224th chapter of World Trigger is scheduled to be released on 9th July 2022.

World Trigger Chapter 224 Story

The plot introduces us to a world where monsters or also known as “neighbors” have invaded the planet Earth. Four years since the invasion, the Mikado city has been used to the occasional battles between the creatures and the humans. These wars every time bring up a huge mess and destruction. The only group of people who can fight against these neighbors is the National Defense Agency or in short, they are called the “Border”.

The border has been very famous and found quite everywhere in the country. They completely spread out to find the hidden neighbors so they can’t escape them. However, of all this, a mysterious boy with white hair gets transferred to a local high school. The boy’s name is Yuma Kuga. His identity remains hidden as he doesn’t interact with his classmates and remains like a loner most of the time.

Kuga hides the fact that he is a humanoid neighbor. He is also said to be stronger than the neighbors. He keeps his profile low in the society to escape the Border.

Yet he gets some exposure due to one of his classmates, named Osamu Mikumo. Mikumo has also kept a secret from everyone about him being a C-class Border. Their life comes together while they stay in Mikado City. They help each other while they try to survive the disaster going around them and protect their secrets from each other.

The plot seems to be based in a fantasy future where monster invasion is seen. It is amusing and interesting as we get into the manga. The plot exploits thriller, action, and adventure of this world of humans and monsters in one dimension.

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World Trigger Chapter 224 Characters

World Trigger Chapter 224 Release Date
World Trigger Chapter 224

Yuma Kuga: The main protagonist of the manga. He is chill and relaxed in a world full of neighbors. His father was a known border who sacrifices his life to save his dying son. While he scarifying his life, his father created a trigger and transferred his energy to his son. Now Kuga carries powers that are more powerful than the neighbors.

Osamu Mikumo: Osamu Mikuma is a border who is at the low Trion level. He is hard working and fights with his life to remove the neighbors as much as possible. He hides his identity to make sure he tracks down the monster faster.

Chika Amatori: A member of the Trion level which is described to be an “abnormal” level. She fights against those neighbors who took her brother and her friend as she tries to save them.

Yuichi Jin: Yuichi is a solo attacker on the A-Rank. The fighter is carefree and friendly as he tries to fight off the neighbor. He is very skillful and is a known strategist and can back himself up with his confidence.

Replica: Replica is Yuma’s guardian. He has looked after Yuma for a very long time and he is always there to help him out of the danger that he lives with.

Where to Read World Trigger Chapter 224?

The manga can be read on official websites like VIZ and Mangaplus. You can read all the previous chapters of this manga on these websites. The chapters are translated into English and uploaded there. You can find the upcoming chapters to uploaded there.

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