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World Trigger Season 4 Release Date Updates!

Daisuke Ashihara’s World Trigger, often known as WorTri, is a Japanese animation series written and presented by him. From February 2013 to November 2018, it was serialized in Weekly Shnen Jump before being moved to Jump Square in December 2018. Shueisha has condensed the book’s chapters into 24 tankbon volumes as of December 2021. Viz Media has acquired manga for English distribution in North America.

From October 2014 to April 2016, an animated series television series remake produced by Toei Animation aired on TV Asahi. From January through April 2021, a second season aired, followed by the third season in October 2021.

World Trigger was adapted into an anime in 2014. The first season of the show has a total of 73 episodes. It was reintroduced for the 2nd and 3rd seasons. There’s a whole total of Twelve episodes in Season 2. The series appears to be popular in the United States, but still, it looks to be even more popular in Japan. In a poll conducted across Japan in January 2021, World Trigger has voted the 14th best manga of all time. More than 150,000 voters participated in the election.

World Trigger Season 4 Release Date

Toei Animation, the studio behind the famous and largest Trigger anime series, has failed to announce the series’ fourth season. Fans shouldn’t be too concerned about the lack of information about the series’ future now that the third season episode has been aired.

Although there are no official watching figures for Crunchyroll simulcast titles, World Trigger has remained successful with a global audience throughout its television broadcast. Despite the show’s bright future, fans of World Trigger may expect a long wait for season 4.

Season 3 will cover up to 22 chapters of the manga, as previously indicated. Toei Animation’s production crew will have to wait for extra volumes to be released before generating another season of animation, despite the fact that just 24 volumes have been issued in Japan. Based on the manga’s current chapter count of 160, a whole anime season will require around 30-40 chapters, with season 4 set to cover 196. If volume 25 continues at its current rate in Japan, fans should expect enough source material to be available by summer 2022. Season 4 of World Trigger is set to premiere in October 2022 or January 2023, depending on the autumn or winter programming schedule.

Name of the ShowWorld Trigger
Season NumberSeason 4
World Trigger Season 1 Release Date5 October 2014
World Trigger Season 4 Release DateNot Announced Yet

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World Trigger Story

World Trigger Season 4 Release Date
World Trigger

A doorway to some other universe has appeared, and huge, immortal monsters have emerged from it, posing a threat to the entire humankind. An unusual gang of fighters has co-opted extra-terrestrial technology to fight back as Earth’s final defense.

The story centers on residents of Mikado City who’ve already learned to live with frequent fights with their neighbors and have resumed their daily lives. The use of boundaries has become increasingly prevalent.

One day, a white-haired mystery kid named Yma Kuga shows up at the local school to attend classes. Kuga is one of Border’s most powerful humanoid Neighbours in order to keep his true identity hidden. A classmate at the school, Osamu Mikumo, is a C-class Border trainee. Because of Kuga’s complete lack of knowledge of city life, Mikumo’s job is to accompany him to Mikado City and keep his secret from the Border.

A classmate at the school, Osamu Mikumo, is a C-class Border trainee. Because of Kuga’s complete lack of knowledge of city life, Mikumo’s job is to accompany him to Mikado City and keep his secret from the Border.

World Trigger Season 4 Story

Well, till now there is no announcement regarding the release of the new season but the fans are asking for spoilers. No at all, guys, unfortunately, we cannot give you the spoilers as there is no information regarding the story that has been disclosed from the sides of the makers. So, chill and wait for the official announcement.

World Trigger Season 4 Characters

World Trigger Season 4 Release Date
World Trigger

This show includes a number of well-known and outstanding voice artists like Yuki Kaji characterized Osamu Mikumo, Tomo Muranaka represented Yumma Kuga, Nao Tamura played Chika Amatori, Hideyuki Tanaka performed as narrator, Brian Doe featured Osamu Mikumo, and Yuichi Nakamura depicted Yuichi Jin.

Where To Watch World Trigger?

The 14th episode of World Trigger season 3, titled “Resolve,” has already aired on January 21, 2022. Netflix has the show available to watch.

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