Wotakoi Season 2 Upcoming Details And Release Date

Wotakoi: Season 2 is one of the few series that have successfully mixed adult characters in their story and thus have become highly successful. This is unique as most of the mainstream anime is about a teenager. Wotakoi is written by Fujita and it began as a webcomic first in the year 2014. It quickly became a hit which helped it join Comic Pool, which is a joint publication by Ichijinsta. It also started to print the manga a year later. Due to its success, the manga was adapted into an anime and even a live-action film. The theme of the series also became a very popular trend on TikTok.

The series follows a group of otaku and their working in the office. Narumi, who is one of the main characters of the show, enjoys reading and drawing. Whereas her boyfriend, Hirotaka is a very passionate gamer, which allows Narumi to be a nerd without the fear of being judged or rejected. Similarly, many other interesting characters are there like Hanako who is a very famous cosplayer in school, and Kamakura who reads manga and is very fond of anime. Many fans have been waiting for the second season of the show and here is everything that we know as of now about the show’s second season. Here we will discuss the series Wotakoi Season 2.

Wotakoi Season 2 Release Date

There is no news as of now about the second season of the show. The first season of the show is available on Amazon Prime and has a very high rating of 4.8 out of 5. Many reviews show us how the audience finds the characters highly comforting and their geeky and nerdy style is loved by the fans of the show. This is particularly because most of the characters are of the same age as that of the audience and thus they find it very relatable. In addition to this, the manga of the extremely popular anime series has also been a massive hit.

According to Crunchyroll, more than 10 million copies have been sold and published as of August of 2020. But even after all this success of both the manga and anime of Wotakoi, if the second season of the show does not come it will not come as a surprise. However, given that most of the things have been delayed due to the pandemic, fans can remain hopeful. Right now, all that fans can do is read the ten volumes of the manga or watch the first season of the show.

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Wotakoi Season 2 Story

The second season of the show will most likely continue from where the first season left. Nao finally learned that Kou is a girl. This came both as a surprise and embarrassment for both of them, both can go on dates together and get over that fact. The first season of the show covered the first four volumes of the manga out of the ten volumes available. So judging by this, we can say that probably the second season of the show will also have four volumes available.

This means the fans will have very interesting episodes to look forward to like Narumi’s first attempt at cosplay, Nao, and Kou’s relationship, and many more. There is a lot of source material available to make a second season and probably the third one too but it remains to be seen what the studio and the makers decide.

Wotakoi: Love is Hard For you Season 2 Characters

There are in total six main characters in the series. It is highly unlikely that the series will introduce any new characters in this otaku circle. Also, all the voice actors of the show will come back. Such actors include the likes of Arisa Date who portrays Narumi in the show and

also Kent Itō who represents Hirotaka. Also, Yuki Kaji will be back who is also famously known for his stint as Shoto Todoroki in the very famous My Hero Academia. Also for those wondering if Wotakoi will have an English dub for fans, then they can be left disappointed as the company has not released any plan regarding this. And most of it depends on Amazon and whether they want a dubbed version as they have exclusive rights to the show in the US.

Wotakoi Season 2 Trailer

As of now, the show has nothing to show to you as the second season is not yet confirmed.

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