Wrong Side of Tracks Season 2 Release Date Updates

Spanish television series are at present developed with the same standards as that Hollywood projects. The main reason behind this will be the competition that became stronger than ever like before. Even we had witnessed some shows and movies that overcame the strong competition put forwards by British and American industries. Shows like Money Heist set a trend in the world where a massive population watched the series. Desperations spread around the world after the end of each season and the wait was on for the announcement of the next season. In the present times, Spanish series and movies are looked forward to by many people across the world. Wrong Side of Tracks is a television series that was released on February 1, 2022. Telling a different genre unlike the Money Heist, the first few episodes that had been released got decent public support. In addition, Wrong Side of Tracks is just the translated title of the series. The original version is titled “Entrevias” and is released in the Spanish language as well. Furthermore, the television drama was created by Aitor Gabilondo and David Bermejo. A sitcom was started with the name “La Que se avecina” in the year 2007. This gained popularity while they experimented with various cultural as well as traditional aspects and merged them with the central theme. Aitor and David simply got inspired by the series and with the help of Mediaset Espana and Alea Studios they came up with the Wrong side of Tracks. Currently, a local channel named Telecinco bought the broadcasting rights of the series and is still airing it through the channel. 

Wrong Side of Tracks Season 2 Release Date

Wrong Side of Tracks Season 2 Release Date
Wrong Side of Tracks Season 2

The important thing that we need to understand is that the second season of Entervias had already been released. At the same, the second part of Wrong Side of Tracks hasn’t been released to date. Tackling the confusion, both of the series is the same and is nothing else but a dubbed version of the original one. In Spain the second season is almost moving to an end and will be after that they will move forward with the English version. It was too soon after the release of season one that the production team of the show declared the second part. The renewal was expected by everyone as it had all the things to keep the audience exciting and engaging at the same time. Even though their online content-providing partners haven’t announced the premiere date, it can be expected any time within July 2022. As far as reliable sources had denied all the types of speculations we must weigh for the official confirmation. Nevertheless, we can confirm that the second season is coming in 2022 itself.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Wrong Side of Tracks Season 1 Release Date 1 Febraury 2022
Wrong Side of Tracks Season 2 Release Date Not Announced Yet
Wrong Side of Tracks Season 2 Release Date

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Wrong Side of Tracks Season 2 Story

The comedy series revolves around a drug dealer who turns to do things awkwardly. With his granddaughter Irene who is extremely alert and has a vision. But this invites troubles from the surroundings they live in. Now ex-military personnel who fought in Bosnia takes the charge to dispose of the ones that were after Irene. With his post-traumatic stress disorder situation gets even tense and a bit humorous.

Wrong Side of Tracks Season 2 Cast

Wrong Side of Tracks Season 2 Release Date
Wrong Side of Tracks Season 2

Jose Coronado: Tirso Abantos

The sixty-four-year-old actor from Madrid plays the lead role in the series “Wrong Side of Tracks”. In addition, Jose is extremely experienced in the field of acting. He came to the industry as a male model and got a chance to act in the movie named “Waka-Waka”. Moreover, he had appeared in more than thirty projects. 

Wrong Side of Tracks Season 2 Trailer 

There are numerous trailers available on YouTube but nothing seems to be official. The first season itself went released without a trailer or a teaser. This might be the same case with the second season as well. However, we cannot exclude the possibility of them releasing a separate trailer for season two. On the contrary, the second season is already streaming in Spain. This could also mean that they are planning to do things conventionally.

Where to Watch Wrong Side of Tracks?

Netflix had released the first season through its online platform. The first season includes a total of eight episodes with each episode having a duration of approximately an hour. Therefore, the second season and a possible third season will all be coming out through Netflix. Currently, no other online media platforms showed any interest in streaming the series online. Even though this is the case many unregistered websites allow viewing the series online. As they don’t come under official surveillance it is not recommended to make use of these sources. 

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