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XO Kitty Season 2 Release Date: Is The Romantic Comedy Releasing?

After the end of the first season, fans have been thinking about XO, Kitty Season 2, particularly when it was revealed in June that Jenny Han’s romantic comedy spin-off series To All The Boys was recently confirmed for a second season.

Here are all the data we currently know about the release date and schedule for XO, Kitty Season 2.

As of this writing, there is no release date for XO, Kitty Season 2. It could, however, be available in 2025. The continuing strikes by members of SAG AFTRA and the Writer’s Guild of America are the cause for the 2025 release date, since they are unlikely to be settled by the conclusion of 2023 or even the beginning of 2024. As a result, when production on the second season starts in 2024, it will probably take at least a year to complete before it is available on Netflix. Therefore, the delivery date of 2025 becomes much more feasible.

The second season of the Netflix sitcom “XO, Kitty” is about to premiere, giving fans of the program cause for celebration. The successful “To All the Boys” film series inspired Jenny Han to create this spin-off series, which centers on Kitty Song Covey’s quest for love in South Korea. Since the first season of Netflix debuted on May 18, 2023, fans have been anxious to learn more about Kitty and her complex love life. This is all the information we have about “XO, Kitty” Season 2.

XO Kitty Season 2 Release Date

XO Kitty Season 2 Release Date

Netflix formally announced in June 2023 that “XO, Kitty” will get a second season. In light of the show’s great premiere, the renewal seemed obvious. With an amazing 72.1 million hours viewed in its debut week, it was the second most watched series in the weekly Top 10.

But the revival arrived at an odd hour. It happened during the Hollywood writers’ strike, which has now ended, although the Screen Actors Guild and the studios are still in the midst of discussions. Production schedule delays might result from this.

Since the strike is finished, “XO, Kitty” Season 2 scriptwriting should begin. If production begins in 2024, the release date may coincide with Season 1’s chronology. Various venues, such as Seoul, Incheon Airport, and the Independence Hall of Korea in Cheonan, hosted production for the first season from March to June of 2022. Season 2 may probably debut in 2025 at the latest, according to the same schedule.

XO Kitty Season 2 Story 

Kitty Song Covey’s first season of “XO, Kitty” left her feeling really mixed up. After making it to Seoul, she was forced to leave the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS) after it was revealed that she had been residing in the male dormitory. When she admitted to having emotions for Yuri, her relationship with Dae Heon Kim suffered. But Kitty found out that Yuri was back with Juliana, her girlfriend. On her way back to Los Angeles, Kitty happened to sit next to Min Ho, who then revealed his emotions for her, further complicating matters.

Who Kitty will wind up with in Season 2 is the most pressing subject on fans’ minds. It’s unclear whether she and Dae will be friends following an honest but painful split.

In her commentary, Dae’s actor Minyeong Choi emphasized that Dae thinks that the best way to love Kitty is to let her go. The actor who plays Min Ho, Sang Heon Lee, made hints that his character is still in love with Kitty, which might lead to a romantic relationship between the two buddies.

If Yuri is successful in getting Kitty to return to South Korea, it might pave the way for complicated developments in her relationships. An additional subplot for Season 2 is the search to find out who Eve Song, Kitty’s mother, is!

XO Kitty Season 1 Recap 

As soon as the episode starts, it’s evident that Kitty and Dae’s long-distance relationship is getting harder for them to maintain, partly because of deteriorating technology that makes communication almost impossible. Kitty receives the call that basically introduces the entire series as she is having a slow FaceTime session. Over the summer, Kitty helped her grandparents cleaning out their basement and found a trunk filled with souvenirs from her mother’s previous life. A picture book and school attire jacket from the year her mother attended the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS) on a scholarship and learned more about her Korean heritage are among them. 

Kitty has the notion to apply for the same scholarship her mother won during her junior year of high school because it just so happens that Dae attends KISS. Following her acceptance for the scholarship, Kitty manages to persuade her father to grant her permission to take it, enabling her to attend KISS and, in addition to spending time with Dae, rekindle her relationship with her mother in a way she never imagined possible by going back to her former school.

With that, our journey starts as Kitty packs her bags and travels to Korea in quest of love and an encounter that would change her life. Her trip to Korea starts with an unpleasant airport meeting with an unidentified guy who subsequently plays a significant role in her life, and her arrival also doesn’t quite go as planned. Due to her typical cat behavior, Kitty becomes distracted by the numerous stores at the Korean airport and fails to see the KISS airport bus. 

As Principal Lim descends to the tables to welcome new pupils and their families, Kitty eagerly approaches her in the hopes of making the connection after recognizing her from pictures in her mother’s photo book. This results in an awkward scene where Principal Lim quickly dismisses Kitty, but it’s obvious that Lim and Kitty’s mother had a bond of some kind.

Kitty sets out for the city since she doesn’t want to miss the huge welcome party or the opportunity to surprise Dae, but she struggles with navigation, which sets up our second chance encounter for the episode.

The much anticipated reunion between Kitty and Dae occurs at the end of the episode. It doesn’t turn out the as we had hoped, though, as the episode concludes with Yuri showing up and introducing herself as Dae’s girlfriend, cutting short their reunion!

Cast of XO Kitty Season 2

The cast of XO Kitty Season 2 has yet not been released. However, the expected cast of season 2 are as follows- 

  • Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song Covey
  • Minyeong Choi as Dae Heon Kim
  • Gia Kim as Yuri
  • Sang Heon Lee as Min Ho
  • Théo Augier as Florian
  • Yunjin Kim as Jina Lim
  • Anthony Keyvan as Q
  • Peter Thurnwald as Alex
  • Jocelyn Shelfo as Madison
  • Regan Aliyah as Juliana
  • Saraya Blue as Trina
  • John Corbett as Dan Covey

Trailer of XO Kitty Season 2

If only obtaining a trailer could be as simple and quick as Kitty getting a job at KISS. Regretfully, it’s not. We don’t even anticipate a teaser for the second season to appear very soon.

But we will be prepared and poised to drop one in here as soon as it happens. Why not rewatch the To All the Boys trilogy or XO, Kitty in one sitting till then? You know you want to, so go ahead.

For XO Kitty season 2, there isn’t currently a trailer available. Additionally, we anticipate seeing no teasers until 2025. As previously stated, filming has not yet begun. Consequently, there isn’t any video for any advertising spots. A few months before to the release date of the upcoming season, teasers ought to start appearing. Watch this guide for updates as we wait for further information.

Where to Watch XO Kitty Season 2 ?

Like its predecessor films, XO Kitty is an original Netflix production. Thus, the streaming site will only provide XO Kitty season 2.

The best part is that Netflix has all 10 of the season 1 episodes accessible to stream right now while you wait. If you want to experience the entire timeframe, you may also watch every film in the To All the Boys I’ve Loved series. You may peruse our helpful guide, which includes information on every detail arriving on Netflix this month, for further suggestions.


Are the teasers of XO Kitty Season 2 out? 

For XO Kitty season 2, there isn’t currently a trailer available. Additionally, we anticipate seeing no teasers until 2025.

Will there will be XO Kitty Season 2?

Yes, there will be season 2 for XO Kitty and it has been announced in June 2023.

Where will Season 2 will be released?

Season 2 will be available to watch on Netflix.

How many episodes in XO Kitty Season 1? 

There are total of 10 episodes in Season 1 of XO Kitty.

What is the storyline of XO Kitty ?

XO Kitty follows the story of Kitty Song Covey who moves to South Korea to be closer to her boyfriend and learn more about her mother’s past.


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