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Year of the Rabbit Season 2 release date and Where to Watch

Channel 4 has officially announced the cancellation of Year of the Rabbit Season 2. When is the Year of the Rabbit Season 2 release date? The disappointing dedicated fans eagerly anticipating its release on IFC. The decision stems from the impact of COVID on schedules. It prompted the network to forego a second series of the hilarious and fearless comedy show.

While Channel 4 expresses pride in the series, the cancellation was a difficult decision, leaving fans longing for more. As a result, discussions about potential plot developments. The cast updates and news about Year of the Rabbit Season 2 cease to materialize following this announcement.

Year of the Rabbit Season 2 release date

The dark comedy sitcom “Year of the Rabbit,” created by Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley, hails from the UK. Its first season, comprising 6 episodes each lasting 25 minutes, aired from June 10, 2019, to July 15, 2019. The series boasts a commendable rating of 7.4 on IMDB and 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, with 92% viewer approval, lauded for its unique blend of comedy and crime elements.

Regrettably, despite earlier renewal announcements, the show’s second season remains in limbo due to the profound impact of COVID-19 on production. Objective Media Group (OMG) is actively seeking a new partner for the series. It yet production has halted indefinitely, leaving the Year of the Rabbit Season 2 release date undecided.

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About Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit, a British dark comedy television series, premiered on Channel 4 in 2019. Matt Berry and Simon Bird, who also star in the series, are credited with its creation and writing. The storyline centers around Detective Inspector Rabbit (Berry), a Victorian-era police detective grappling with maintaining order in the tumultuous neighborhood of Whitechapel, teeming with ruffians, and thieves. He is assisted by his youthful partner Wilbur Strauss (Bird), Mabel Wisbech (Susie Wokoma), a Caribbean-descended female constable, and Sergeant Keen (Freddie Fox), a corrupt and often antagonistic presence in Rabbit’s investigations.

Drawing inspiration from classic crime dramas like Sherlock Holmes, Year of the Rabbit infuses a comedic twist and a contemporary lens into the crime-ridden landscape of Victorian London. Against a backdrop of poverty, racial and class divides, and seedy elements prevalent in late 19th-century Whitechapel, the series weaves in real-life historical events such as the infamous Jack the Ripper case, casting a shadow over the neighborhood.

 It emerges as a fresh take on detective fiction, seamlessly blending comedy with classic crime drama tropes, captivating audiences with its distinctive charm.

Year of the Rabbit Season 2 Plotline

Fans anticipated that the second season of Year Of The Rabbit would unfold six months after the events of Season 1, with Eli leading the charge to uncover the true identity of his mysterious adversary, Lydia. The storyline would have seen Eli and his team navigating perilous criminal syndicates while safeguarding the residents of Whitechapel. A new ally, adept at unveiling hidden supernatural truths. It was slated to join the team, offering invaluable insights for cracking cases. However, despite fans’ anticipation for the plot of Year of the Rabbit Season 2, it will not come to fruition.

The first season of the dark comedy comprised six episodes, each spanning 25 minutes. The number of episodes slated for Season 2 remained undisclosed. It leaves viewers speculating about the potential twists and turns awaiting them in the continuation of the series.

Stellar Cast

In Year of the Rabbit, the cast revolves around a team of detectives, featuring Matt Berry as Detective Inspector Eli Rabbit, the seasoned investigator. Alun Armstrong portrays Chief Inspector Hugh Wisbech, Rabbit’s senior officer, while Freddie Fox takes on the role of Rabbit’s junior partner, Detective Sergeant Wilbur Strauss. Susan Wokoma stars as Sergeant Mabel Wisbech, Chief Inspector Wisbech’s adopted daughter, and Britain’s pioneering female police officer.

The prospective Year of the Rabbit Season 2 cast would have included Detective Inspector Tanner, portrayed by Paul Kaye, Lydia, the leader of a clandestine women’s organization called The Vision and Rabbit’s nemesis, Gwendoline, the proprietor of the Bar of Gold, Joseph Merrick, depicted by David Dawson, George Larkham played by Alister Petrie, Murky John by Peter-Hugo Daly, and Princess Juliana of Bulgaria embodied by Sally Philips. Should the show have continued, the cast for Season 2 would have remained unchanged.

Where to Watch

You can watch Year of the Rabbit on IFC in the USA and Channel 4 in the UK. These networks broadcast the dark comedy series, offering viewers in both regions. The opportunity to enjoy the unique blend of humor and crime drama set in Victorian-era Whitechapel.

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