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Yona of the Dawn Season 2 Release Date And Possible Spoilers!

Yona of the Dawn Season 2

Talking about another anime series, Yona of the Dawn Season 2 is one of the best anime based on adventures, epic fantasy, and romance. This is going to be a fabulous feast for those who crave a flavor of ancient human tradition ( especially Japanese ) in the anime series. With a beautifully sequenced story, this anime proved to be a top-notch anime series of its time.

The series had a great set of characters having different pasts of themselves and it’s a great experience to see them chasing for a single goal altogether. The background music used in the episodes is truly nostalgic and will surely make you fantasize about it, a whole day.

Overall it’s a fantastic series to be watched, no matter if you are new to the world of Anime or a person who notices every single event of the series and analyzer of previous experiences. The animations used in the anime are really of great quality, clearly showing the efforts and dedication of the producers of the series. This series must be watched by teenagers and youth people. Adults who takes interest in watching anime showing about ancient Japanese tradition definitely must watch it. This series was so popular, that the viewers of the series started speculating about the release of the second season.

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Release Date

The anime series was aired from October 7, 2014, to march 24, 2015 on AT-X, Tokyo MX, SUN TV, TV Aichi, RKK, and BS11. It had a run of a total of 24 plus 3 OVA episodes and was produced by Pierrot studio. The series was truly a success among its massive no. of viewers, and keeping in mind its popularity and the business it did, we can predict that the announcement of the second season will be done in the first trimester of 2023. Still, the world of Anime is very unpredictable and we can hope that the above-mentioned prediction may come to be true and we would be able to watch its the second season of it happens so.

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Story

The story of the series revolves around a fictional territory of kouka, which seems to be inspired by Asian cultures, and was founded by the crimson dragon god. He came to earth from heaven in form of a human. It is believed that the era in which humans were living was full of evil. And people were doing wrong deeds recklessly to gain as much as the power they can and had diminished faith in God from their hearts. The crimson dragon King was ended up fighting those humans. The story had a lot of characters showing different adventures and adversities.

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Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Characters

Yona voiced by chiwa Saito was a single child and the only princess of the pacifist king 2 . She belongs to sky tribe descent and has rare red hair and violet eyes. It is shown that she is the reincarnation of the crimson dragon King and due to this reason, the blood of the four legendary dragon gods will react to her soul the moment they will lay down their eyes on her and will keep the oath of dragon warrior to protect and fight on behalf of her.

Son Hak voiced by Tomoaki Maeno and young version voiced by ayashi takagchi is Yona’s childhood best friend and bodyguard too and is also popular as “ lightning beast “ for his amazing lightning-fast battling skills leading him to become the strongest soldier of the kingdom of kouka, but he does not have as much popularity outside the sky and wind tribes.

Yun voiced by Junko Miyagawa is an orphan boy and was adopted by the monk, ik su as an apprentice when he was young. He is often made fun of for his skills which are similar to a girl like cooking and preparing medicines.

Sun won voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi is the very first cousin and first love of yona. He is also a son of the king UK’s brother, you iron, and currently kouka’s 11th king of the sky tribe.

Dragon warriors

Kija voiced by Masakazu Morita and his young version voiced by Haruka chisuga is the inheritor of the white dragon’s claw and spent his most life being isolated in a hidden village. He was truly devoted and loyal to yona and was raised by hearing the tales of hiryuu which lead him to possess a strong sense of duty as the white dragon.

Sinha voiced by Nobuhiro Okamoto, and the young version voiced by Danae Kobayashi is the inheritor of the blue dragon’s eyes. When Sinha took birth, his mother killed herself due to the fear of inheritors of the blue dragon’s power. He grew up very quietly, socially awkward, and lonely too.

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Trailer

The status of the trailer of the second season is same as the announcement of the second season of the series. But die heart fans are constantly hoping for a much-sequenced story as before and a lot of amazing characters having truly unique pasts and goals which they want to accomplish throughout the series. The trailer should also be more descriptive than before.

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