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You and I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 17 Release Date: Suzuki and Tani Continue to Delight!

Old-school, swoon-worthy love gets a revival in ‘You and I are Polar Opposites.’ There are not as many stars in the sky as there are cute, to-die-for moments in this delightful manga. Following the story of bright and outgoing Suzuki and timid Tani, the manga reminds us of the delight and simple joys of a budding love can hold. A slight touch of passing hands, or flushed cheeks when you look at each other at the same time – the fun of taking it slow and steady is something most of us have forgotten.

The first chapter of the manga was released almost a year ago and it instantly became a hit with romantic manga fans all over. The sweet and innocent love story of Suzuki and Tani has since been high on the to-be-read list of all manga lovers so it’s no wonder they are excited to know when the next chapter will release. But the wait is over, guys because we are about to give you some really good news.

You and I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 17 Release Date

You and I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 17 Release Date

Only a few more days to go and your eyes will be able to feast upon the 17th chapter. Yes, you read it right! The 17th chapter of this wonderful manga is set to release on 30 October 2022. Suzuki and Tani will be back with their usual lovey-dovey shenanigans so make sure you are ready to fall head-over-heels with their relationship all over again.

Name of the MangaYou and I Are Polar Opposites
Chapter NumberChapter 17
You and I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 1 Release Date2 May 2022
You and I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 17 Release Date30 October 2022
You and I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 17 Overview

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You and I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 17 Story

The promises of new love are unending and it’s well-deep. There is never a dull moment in those first few months full of butterflies and jitters.
Where to look?
What to say?
How to act?
Should I hold hands? These questions plague our minds when we first begin dating someone, especially as a high schooler. God, this manga got us dreaming of going back to school JUST to experience those innocent feelings bubbling up once again.

And that’s how You and I Are Polar Opposites begin. Suzuki, one of the protagonists, is as energetic as Tani is shy. And with a dynamic like this, how can we not fall in love with this sweet duo? Well, Suzuki is slowly falling for Tani but is embarrassed to admit it to anyone. What would her friends say if they found out that an outgoing and popular girl like her likes someone like Tani? So she keeps her feelings to herself.

Oh, but the Gods of Love have other plans for both of them. On their way back, their hands accidentally touch and Suzuki’s cheeks turn redder than a beetroot. Such an obvious reaction doesn’t go unnoticed and soon this becomes the hot topic of her group. Her friends don’t let this go and keep bugging her to ask him out. Yeah, leave it to friends to put it in embarrassing situations.

But, as it turns out, it’s not as embarrassing and all that and they finally get into a relationship together. That moment when they confess their feelings is an absolute swoon-fest. It’s just so adorable that want to scream with excitement for those two finally getting together.

The way their relationship progresses is very down-to-earth. Nothing over-the-top fluff or grand gestures at all. Which is another thing that makes this manga so relatable. There are tons of romance stories out there but to find something truly sweet and close to reality is a rare thing these days. And that makes reading You and I Are Polar Opposites an unforgettable experience.

Their bond grows slowly and steadily as the last chapter comes to an end with both of them bantering over what nicknames to call each other. This scene right here gives us more flashbacks of times gone by and leaves us aching for more!

But based on where the chapter left off, we can expect more scenes with Tani and Suzuki’s mom together in the next chapter. And more cute and heart-melting moments between Suzuki and Tani are a given.

You and I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 17 Characters

You and I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 17 Release Date

First, we have Suzuki, the popular crowd-pleaser. You can expect her to be in the very, middle of any gathering or brawl. Oh, she likes to be in on the news, no matter what. Then there is Tani, who manages to attract our Suzuki without ever meaning to. Add the supporting characters like Suzuki’s mom, and both the protagonists’ amazingly supportive friends and you’ve got yourself a p[erfect romance for a light read. And you can be sure to still find all your favorite characters in Chapter 17 of the manga as well.

Where to Read You and I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 17 Online?

Once the chapter is released, you can read it on Manga Plus without any interruptions. All chapters are available there so what are you waiting for? Hop, skip, and jump, people!

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