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You Cannot Hide Season 2 Release Date and Spoilers!

You Cannot Hide is a Netflix thriller television series that premiered on September 30, 2019, and finished on October 11, 2019. This series might be classified as a kidnapping drama, a drug cartel drama, or a drama about friendship and love. You Can’t Hide (Spanish: No te Puedes esconder) is Isla Audiovisual and produced by Telemundo. This is a Spanish-language television series that’s broadcast globally on Netflix. The series is set in Spain and has a total of ten episodes. The primary characters are Blanca Soto and Eduardo Noriega, although there are lot more Spanish actors in this series. In this article we have brought updates about You CAnnot Hide Season 2 Release Date and other updates.

You Cannot Hide Season 2 Release Date

Depending on such content, creators have been scheduling more seasons of You Cannot Hide, but there’s no official date for season 2. Various reports say that the IMDb rating of this series still remains 9/10 and also it has been nominated for an International Emmy Award for Best Non-English Language U.S. Primetime Program in 2020. The contribution has to have been made to television in the first place. Either be a United States production or have first aired in the United States between January and December of the preceding year. This series has not had a theatrical release in the United States or anywhere before the initial television broadcast. This top-notch series is really really hard to put down. The suspense is on the top of the edge, with the great use of coincidence and a cast of interconnected characters. Binge-worthy, to be sure. Netflix, congrats for hitting it out of the park with this one.

You Cannot Hide Season 2 Cast

Here the lead cast Blanca Soto portrays Monica, Ivan Sanchez portrays Alex, Eduardo Noriega portrays Daniel, who is Monica’s wife. Samantha Siqueiros is Natalia, Monica and Daniel’s daughter. Patricia Guirado portrays Eli, Peter Vives portrays Alberto Torres, Maribel Verdú portrays as an inspector. Bárbara Goenaga portrays as Ana, Juan Caballero as in Humberto and many more.

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You Cannot Hide Season 2 Synopsis

This is a story of progress, the culmination of getting your audiences really riveted so that they want to know what’s next and they click over. The lead character Monica and her daughter fled from her husband’s drug trafficking past in Mexico. Her husband,who had a shady, dark background, and, soon this news appeared among people in Madrid, and the Madrid cops were hunting for them. She assumed their new identities in Madrid but thighs had never happened as she thought and faced many dangers in Madrid. When Monica’s pretty daughter, Natalia, went missing, Daniel, who was actually a former cop, but washed out for any reason, offered to aid in finding her. Soon, Monica herself fell into enemy hands while chasing down leads. It was all up to her husband, and Daniel to get to the bad guys in time, and that’s how the story led to a final suspenseful outcome.

Blanca Soto gives a strong performance as a mother trying to protect her daughter. Monica gives a powerful performance. There’s no massively weak link but some characters can hold more intensity better than others. Some emotional moments have been created by the characters and they represented it professionally. Everyone has put on a fantastic show with a fantastic story. Excellent cinematography, it’s as good as the story and editing and the pacing are really outstanding, the characters are developed very quick and you can easily understand what’s happening in the story and hooked you care about the consequences of the characters. This is an initial story you will definitely fall in love with automatically.

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