Yowamushi Pedal Season 2 Release Date And Spoilers!

Talking about another anime series, Yowamushi pedal Season 2 is one of the best anime series out there for the viewers wanting a teen sports series, written and illustrated by Wataru Watanabe. The theme of the series of high school students participating in cycling competition and the unique leader who seems shorter than its other teammates made the series really attention-grabbing and most of the viewers were really satisfied with the sequencing of the events of the series, which is the main basis of judging any series.

The anime series has really a different kind of lead and also had amazing characters, and the animations of the series show the dedication and hard work of the production team. And all these efforts really lead to a massive amount of popularity of the series among the youth and teens. And this anime is truly a fabulous feast for those viewers who want to watch a series based on the team spirit of the team members participating in any outdoor games, and will surely have a different experience than watching other Animes consisting of superheroes and their fictional superpowers.

Overall, it was really fantastic series, and it’s really worth putting your spare time to watch this. I would suggest that this series must be watched by the viewers who are in their teens or they are youths, as there is a strong probability that their adult counterparts will not be that much interested to watch this, but if they are young by heart, they must definitely watch this. This series was so much loved by its viewers, that they started demanding that fifth season of the series.

Yowamushi Pedal Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the series was aired from October 7, 2013, to July 1, 2014, on TV Tokyo, TVh, TVO, TSC, TVA, TVQ, AT-X and was produced by TMS entertainment. It had a total run of 38 episodes. The fourth season ( last till now ) was aired from January 8, 2018, to June 25, 2018, on TV Tokyo, TVA, TVh, TVO, TVQ, TSC, NBC Nagasaki, AT-X, and was produced by TMS / 8 PAN. It had a run of a total of 25 episodes. The fifth season of the series is expected to be announced in the last trimester of 2022 and viewers of the series are expecting that this time, more characters and different challenges will be introduced in the series.

Yowamushi Pedal Season 2 Story

The story of the series begins as a boy named Nakamichi onada who had no friends till middle school and decided to join his ne high school’s anime club to change his friendship status. When he approached for this, he was shocked as the anime club was disbanded as no one took interest in it, and at least the participation of four members was required to reestablish it.

Amanda rode his city bicycle called “mommy bike” or mamachari till he was a little boy. A fellow freshman made fun of him inwardly seeing him riding it and he was a much more serious cyclist, but he changed his perception when he saw that he can ride on a steep hill with little effort. A fellow student of onada named Naruko visited Akihabara to buy some plastic dundun models for his younger siblings and catches his attention because of his bicycling skills. As the series continues, both Naruko and Imaizumi try to persuade him to join the bicycle racing club of their high school named sohoku.

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Yowamushi Pedal Season 2 Characters

Sakamichi onada voiced by Daiki Yamashita is the lead of the series and a first-year Josh school student who is a member of the sohoku high school bicycle club. He is a shy otaku but he received a dramatic boost in his confidence level after joining the bicycle club and gained the admiration and trust of his fellow mates too.

Shunsuke Imaizumi voiced by Kosuke thorium is a famous student of the first year in high school and also a member of the sohoku high bicycle club. He is not an exciting and cheerful personality at all, but when he faces certain situations, he becomes confident too. He is also a logical thinker.

Shoukichi Naruko voiced by Jun Fukushima is also a student of the first year in high school and a member of the sohoku high bicycle club too. He is a sharp, spunky, and competitive personality and takes cycling really seriously, and is really disappointed if he is defeated in a race, doesn’t matter if it is his fellow team member, he’ll be the same.

Shingo kinjou voiced by Hiroko yasumoto is a sunglasses-wearing boy and a captain of the sohoku high school bicycle club. He is really a devoted member of his team and an all-rounder cyclist too.

Yuusuke Nakashima voiced by showtaro marikubo is a third-year high school student and a member of the sohoku high school bicycle team too. He has amazing dancing skills and can do it when cycling. He has strange looks and is an awkward personality.

Jin tadokoro voiced by Kentaro Ito is also a member of the sohoku high bicycle team and a third-year high school student too. He is truly an ace sprinter and his riding style makes him look “ human bullet train”,

Junta Teshima voiced by Daisuke kishio is also a member of the sohoku high school bicycle club and a second-year high school student too. She works in collaboration with aoyagi and is also a climber.

Hajime aoyagi voiced by Yoshitsune Matsuoka is also a member of the sohoku high bicycle club and a second-year high school student too. She is an all-rounder and considers herself unskilled, though she somehow manages to claim first place in races with the help of Teshima.

Yowamushi Pedal Season 2 trailer

The status of the release of the trailer is the same as the announcement of its fifth season and die heart fans of the series are expecting that the trailer of the fifth season will have more amazing characters in the series and different challenges too.

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