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Yurei Deco Episode 13 Release Date, Story, and Characters

One of the best Japanese Anime series, Yurie Deco was released for streaming on July 3, 2022. One of the most popular and trending series, Yurei Deco has won people’s heart with its amazing concept. The fans are so hyped after watching the already aired episodes that they are eagerly waiting for the next episode to release. 12 epsiodes of the series have come so far, and the fans are now looking forward for the release of the 13th episode.

Yurei Deco Episode 13 Release Date

If you are eager to know the release date of Yurei Deco Episode 13, then you are just at the right place, as we have all the required information, which would somewhat help in satisfying your curiosity.

All those eagerly looking forward to the release of Yurei Deco Episode 13, your wait ends here! As per the information available, the Yurei Deco Episode 13 will be released on September 25, 2022. The of its kind plot and amazing storyline have successfully captured people’s attention who are enthusiastically waiting for the next episode. Well, their wait is finally over, as the day is not far when they will finally be able to watch the next episode.

Name of the ShowYurei Deco
Episode NumberEpisode 13
Yurei Deco Episode 1 Release Date3 July 2022
Yurei Deco Episode 13 Release Date25 September 2022
Yurei Deco Episode 13 Overview

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Yurei Deco Episode 13 Story

The story is based in the cyber city of Tom Sawyer where society has only one objective, which is to earn “LOVE”. Now, interestingly, earning love in this society is measured by the likes a person gets on social media. People belonging to this augmented reality, barter their love in exchange for different things like public services and appearance-transforming avatars. This exchange takes place through the Decoration Customizer, which is commonly known as “Deco”. Deco is basically a hologram device, which is implanted into the eyes of a person from early childhood. The people of this Tom Sawyer community have a very peaceful life, thanks to the careful regulation and management by the government. The only disturbing element is Phantom Zero. Phantom Zero is a notorious criminal who brings all the love to zero.

Berry, is a very roguish girl who finds Phantom Zero quite fascinating. She lives with utmost ease in the Tom Sawyer community until her Deco malfunctions because of which she starts seeing a camouflaged prankster named Hack. Now, Berry starts believing that Hack is Phantom Zero and starts chasing him. In the process of chasing Hack, she discovers some of society’s most under-the-cover secrets. It eventually comes to light that Hack is not the only one stepping outside the rules of this system and the vibrantly beautiful society of Tom Sawyer, hides certain dark corners within it.

Yurei Deco Episode 13 Characters

Yurei Deco Episode 13 Release Date
Yurei Deco Episode 13

The mystery genre series has some very interesting characters, considering the plot of the series which in itself is very unique and outstanding.


Finn is the leader of the Yurei Detective Club, an amazing chef, and the developer of the device called SOS, which she uses tactfully, for creating Hyperverse spaces.


Hank is the resident engineer of the Yurei Detective Club who is talented enough to gather all the junk from the community and build something useful out of it.


The lead character of the series is Berry, who is crazy about Phantom Zero and wishes to meet him someday. She wishes to capture him and earn a lot of love. She quite often describes the things she likes as “Love-y”. She is the one who discovers Hack because of the malfunction in her Deco.


The Hack is a kind of citizen who is known as a “ghost” and has a very peculiar language. He uses Deco camouflage to remain hidden from everyone’s view but is found by Berry because of some malfunction in her Deco. He is a very talented hacker.

Mister Watson

Mister Watson is the resident informant of the Yurei Detective Club who is mute and is always dressed up in a cat costume. He is fond of hearing rumors and loves collecting them from different people across the community.

Madam 44

Madam 44 is apparently a very normal lady but being witty, she is a very secret member of the Yurei Detective Club.

Big Bro

Finn’s elder brother is not actually blood-related. Kicks Finn out of the house after some incident happens.


Smiley is the girl who wears a gas mask and therefore, has expressions that are always hidden. She has very cold behavior and is least bothered about anything except earning more love.

Where to Watch Yurei Deco Episode 13 Online?

Where to watch the series must be the next question on your mind right? Well, don’t worry, because we have the answer to that as well. You can enjoy watching episode 13 of Yurei Deco on Crunchyroll. So, tune into Crunchyroll and get ready to watch this wonderfully entertaining series.

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