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Yurei Deco Episode 8 Release Date: Is It Revealed?

Yurei Deco is a Japanese anime series which is written by Dai Sato. It is directed by Tomohisa Shimoyama and is animated by Science SARU. The anime is stylized in a very unique way making the series stand out. The characters are uniquely characterized and styled along with the story and the setting. The series was first released in July 2022 and gained quite a lot of attention everywhere. The series has been praised for all its aspects. The anime in the same year of its release was adapted into a webtoon on Line Manga by Lien Corporation.

The series has become popular in a short time and has garnered quite a lot of reviews. All the fans of this series and the ones who are becoming interested to watch it has been curious to know when is the new episode releasing. Thus we are here to give you all the details regarding the series and the release of the new episode.

Yurei Deco Episode 8 Release Date

Yurei Deco Episode 8 Release Date
Yurei Deco

The mysterious and fun series has released the official date of episode 8. I know you have been waiting for this moment for a long time especially after the last episode has left you thinking that what is going to happen in the next episode. Episode 8 of Yurei Deco is releasing *drumrolls* on August 21, 2022. This means that the series is just a few days away from release. So, if you haven’t watched episode 7 yet or are yet to watch the whole series then do watch it now to catch the new episode fresh.

Name of the ShowYurei Deco
Episode NumberEpisode 8
Yurei Deco Episode 1 Release Date3 July 2022
Yurei Deco Episode 8 Release Date21 August 2022
Yurei Deco Episode 8 Overview

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Yurei Deco Episode 8 Story

The anime series Yurei Deco directed by Tomohisa Shimoyana takes place on an island based on a very familiar name that we have all read in our childhood, Tom Sawyer. The inhabitants of this island life through the use of a real system called Deco. Their currency is called Love. In this Deco system, an average girl named Berry owns a damaged Deco that reflects her things that others can’t see. She meets a girl who apparently looks like a boy named Hack and gets impressed and charmed by her. She in turn meets the team called Yurei Detective Club which is being led by Hack.

The team is quite unique, they are socially not alive and work invisibly in the system which is being controlled digitally. While working in the group Berry comes to know about Phantom Zero who is working underground on Tom Sawyer Island and is mysterious to all. Both Berry and Hack decide to find out the truth about this mysterious figure and get on the journey to catch the figure. Now whether they will be successful in this mission or not and what will be revealed once they find out about the figure and how it will affect the island is something we all can find out only if we watch the series.

Yurei Deco Episode 8 Characters

Yurei Deco Episode 8 Release Date
Yurei Deco

The cast of the mysterious anime Yurei Deco includes a bunch of characters who make the series fun and exciting. All of them have unique traits which make them stand out individually. The characters that can be clubbed into a group, Yurei Detective Club are Berry, Hack, Finn, Hank, Madam 44, Smiley, and, Mister Watson. Apart from this group, there are other characters like Masial, Lamp, Logi, Harper, and, Phantom Zero.

Yurei Deco Episode 8 Trailer

As of now, the team of the series or the distributors have not released any trailer for the episode. They have not even made any announcement regarding the trailer which means that for the time being there is no trailer. The series generally does not release a trailer of an episode, however, if we get any update on any kind of teaser or trailer of the episode then we will notify you. For the time being, if you are interested to get a glimpse of the series then you can watch the trailer of the series.

Where To Watch Yurei Deco Episode 8 Online?

If you would like to experience this unique story after reading this article or would like to know where you know that where you can watch all the episodes including episode 8 then do not worry because we have got that covered as well. The series is exclusively available on Crunchyroll.

So, you can tune in to the website to watch the anime. If you would like to read the manga along with the series then you can get that in Line corporation’s Line Magazine. Since you have got some time before the release of episode 8, so watch the series and get yourself updated.  

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