Will There Ever Be Zoids Wild Zero Season 2 For The Show?

Fans haven’t seen Zoids Wild Zero on screen for more than one and a half years. Zoids Wild Zero Season 2 is now on their minds. Fans of this franchise are eagerly anticipating another season of this action drama, which ended last year. The first season was great, and they are looking forward to the second season. Is it safe to assume that the anime will return soon? Details can be found here.

It is an anime series based on a Japanese sci-fi action movie. Adapted from a Takara Tomy Zoids model kit, the show uses realistic computer graphics. The first episode of this show was animated by the OLM animation studio. In October of this year, the anime series debuted. On October 16, 2020, it concluded after 50 episodes. As a result, fans of the show have been looking forward to its sequel.

Zi’s natural habitat is metallic life forms called Zoids, and in the 21st century, Earth became inhospitable to life. Zoids and Earth are now facing extinction. After migrations to Jupiter, the inhabitants attempt to recreate the Earth for human living in the form of a “Zit-Forming” scheme. However, the scheme fails and Earth is left to exist in turmoil. Migrants are plagued by zombies and bombarded by unpredictable weather phenomena, making their lives difficult. Zoids buried in the earth are used to bolster the armies of the Empire and Republic. In a chance encounter with a girl fleeing the clutches of the Empire, second-generation Earth citizens Leo Conrad and Buzz Cunningham meet Sally Land.

Will There Ever Be Zoids Wild Zero Season 2?

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Watchers’ reactions to the show’s debut were mixed. However, critics did not seem to enjoy this show. This resulted in low ratings for the series. According to MyAnimeList, the show currently has a score of 5.98. In this case, however, the low score is not the major issue. There is a greater problem with the animated series’ popularity.

Furthermore, its MAL group does not even have 3K members in total.
Despite the demand for the second season of Zoids Wild Zero, the makers have decided not to renew it for another run. Furthermore, the first season lasted for 50 episodes and concluded on a positive note. A sequel wasn’t possible with its ending. Thus, it is unlikely that this show will be renewed.

Zoids Wild Zero Season 2 Release Date

The chances of this animated show being rerun are very unlikely, as we mentioned above. Should the production studio be given another chance, The second season will premiere around the end of 2023.

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Zoids Wild Zero Season 2 Story

Throughout the story, Sally searches for her grandfather, Dr. Borman, a scientist who participated in the Zi-Forming program. During the series, he gave her a pendant, instructing her never to leave it in the hands of the Empire. A Dr. Land, a rival researcher, seeks to find Sally’s pendant. The pendant becomes Leo’s Zoid, creating the Beast.

As part of the Zi-Forming scheme, Liger interacted with Regeneration Cubes, which were abandoned after the failed scheme. In the process of extending their journey, Leo, Sally, and their comrades learn about the pendant’s function, the relationship between the two scientists, and how all of this fits into the concept of the Zi-Forming of Earth.

What’s The Show About?

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Based in the 21st century, when life was declared impossible on Earth, the story of this animated series takes place. This resulted in the migration of the inhabitants of Earth to a planet called Zi. Zoids are metallic organisms that inhabit it naturally. As well as Zi, however, it also faced the end of its days after several years. Consequently, they returned to Earth. They created a scheme known as ‘Zi-Forming’ in an effort to make the planet habitable again. However, their plan failed badly, and they are living a difficult life.

Zoids Wild Zero Season 2 Publication

On October 4th, 2019, the premiered. It will replace Inazuma Eleven Orion on TV Tokyo every Friday at 17:55. Afterward, the series will be streamed on YouTube via the CoroCoro and Takara TOMY channels every Saturday at 8 p.m. Following its premiere on TV Wakayama on the 17th and Sendai Broadcast on the 27th of October, it is aired on TV Wakayama beginning at 17:30 starting on the 27th of October. South-East Asian countries will begin airing Zoids Wild ZERO in August 2020. In Japan, the final episode of Zooids Wild ZERO will air on October 16th, 2020, followed by reruns of Paw Patrol.

Zoids Wild Zero Season 2 Delayed Due To Pandemic!

Zoids: Wild ZERO anime production was halted on May 21, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that has been ravaging Japan. New episodes will not be aired until further notice following episode 32.

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