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Who Is Amie Walker? Is She Paul Walker’s Half-Sister?

The public is a lot more interested in knowing about the personal life of the celebrity. Whether it is related to their love life or family. It’s difficult for them to hide their personal life from the media. Fans want to know all about their siblings, boyfriends/girlfriends, and family.

We live in a world full of obsession with celebrities. Celebs need the media’s attention to gain fame. The media publish their stories and headlines through which they earn money and attention from the fans. Along with the celebrity their sibling and friend end up coming into the spotlight. The media start knowing even about their personal life.

Here we are all set to tell you about Amie Walker. Who is She? And about her life.

Who Is Amie Walker?

Amie Walker is the half-sister of the late eminent personality and actor Paul Walker. The actor was known for his work in Fast And Furious franchises and Brian O’Connor. He was born on 12th October 1973 and died on 30th November 2013. He started his career as a model and took his journey to become an actor.

Amie Walker, full name Amie Kaz Walker has been the least in the spotlight among all the siblings. Amie was born in 1967. Her nationality is American. Her father Paul William Walker 3 former amateur boxer and sewer contractor. It is not yet known about her biological mother but her stepmother Cherly was a fashion model. Amie grew up following Marmon’s faith along with her siblings. Her ancestors were English, Swiss, Irish, and German. As she was not interested in coming into focus very little is known about her personal life. Her birth date is still unknown. She is 1.63 m tall (5 feet 4 inches) and weighs 56 kg. Kaz is around 54 years old. Amie is the second daughter of her parents. Ashlie Walker, Paul Walker, Caleb Walker, and Cody Walker are her siblings.

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Why Is Amie Walker Famous?

Amie Walker is famous for being the sister of Paul Walker. He was a famous actor who died on November 2013. Amie was close to his brother. He never wanted him to die. His brother died in a car accident at the age of 40. In this car accident, his many family members remained alive except him. 

After his brother’s death, the fast and furious franchise was not ended. His brother Cody and Cabel shared the same facial characteristics and played in the final franchise of the movie.

Amie Walker Networth

Amie Walker is the half-sister of Paul Walker, as his brother’s net worth was super good but her net worth is not known. Her career life is private. The media are still unaware of her career. It is believed that she has a good net worth, but she keeps it private.

Amie Walker Family

Who Is Amie Walker?

Amie Walker belongs to the family of Pauls. She was born around 1967. Her father is Paul William Walker 3 and her stepmother is Cherly. She has 4 siblings. She is the second daughter in her family.

Her paternal grandfather was into boxing for a short period. He was known as ‘Irish’ Billy Walker. Amie’s father won the two times golden gloves championship. 

Amie is a half-sibling to Celeb and Cody. Her brothers are also actors. Celebs got married to Stephanie Branch and have a son named Maverick Paul Walker. They will soon welcome another baby to the world. Cody is also a well-known Actor. Amie also has a half-sister Ashlie Walker. She is married and has 4 children. She is a nurse and Monat. Amie including her has 5 siblings. Amie had her stepmother. Nothing is known about her biological mother. Her family also had a boxing background from her paternal side.

Amie Walker Relationships

Amie Walker always wants to keep her life away from the media because of which nothing is known about her relationship status. No one is aware of whether she is married or not.

Amie Walker Boyfriend

Her dating life is unknown as she never wanted to be a part of the media. She might have got married now and have some kids. The probability of having a boyfriend is less.

Nothing is known about her marital status.

Amie Walker is stern about her private life unlike her siblings, she does not like to be the part of media.

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