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Brigands: The Quest For Gold Season 2 Release Date

On April 23, 2024, the Italian television series Brigands: The Quest for Gold is scheduled to launch on Netflix. The nineteenth-century drama is set in southern Italy and centres on a woman who goes from being a submissive wife to a powerful bandit leader. It’s a powerful story about freedom and progress. Michela De Rossi plays Filomena, the series’ protagonist. The trailer for Brigands: The Quest for Gold suggests that the story will be captivating.

There are a total of six episodes in Brigands: The Search for Gold. From April 23, 2024, to a different time depending on the viewer’s time zone, the first episode will be available on Netflix.

Brigands: The Quest For Gold Season 2 Release Date

Brigands: The main character in The Quest for Gold is Filomena, who, after being compelled to leave her town, joins a group of brigands. In contrast to numerous portrayals and claims, the brigands are essentially armed thieves or rebels who steal to gather wealth to gain independence and survive. Usually from small towns in the countryside, they prey on passing tourists. Filomena joins the brigands and takes on the role of leader after cutting her luxurious hair. But she’s not alone—there are other more cunning and nasty female bandits out there. Filomena’s upbringing, excellent observation skills, and calm yet passionate mentality provide her a significant advantage in the hard jungle terrain.

Story of Brigands: The Quest For Gold Season 2

In “Brigands: The In Search of Gold” Felomina informs Ciccilla (Ivana Lotito) at the end of Season 1 that she wants Schiavone, also known as Sparrowhawk, killed. She desires revenge for being betrayed. Unaware of Michelina’s predicament as her boyfriend, Francesco Guerra (Giulio Beranek) would like to collaborate with the brigands to rescue her from Fumel’s (Pietro Micci) grasp. The history of Michelina and how she came to be the brigand’s commander might also be covered in the second season. Fumel, the adversary, is still alive and would like his gold returned. He is coming to pursue the bandits.

Schiavone’s motivations may also be explained in the second season, along with the reason behind his betrayal of the brigands. In the last episode, Federico Ielapi’s character, Jurillo, truly blossomed when he murdered Gianmarco Vettori’s Marchetta. He might also prove to be a significant character in the next second season.

Recap of Story of Brigands: The Quest For Gold Season 1

Brigands: The Search for Gold tells the story of Philomena, the obedient wife of a wealthy Piedmontese leader who is determined to find a substantial crop of gold that is thought to be concealed someplace in South Italy. The leader plans for his soldiers to make a quick trip and seize the gold on his behalf, believing that the money will enable them to cease the insurgent and bandit activity in the South and establish “peace.” However, Philomena carefully hoards the map—a component essential to his scheme—when she is forced to flee.

Contrary to various interpretations and assertions, the brigands are primarily rebels who plundered to obtain money for their survival and freedom. And shy, protected Philomena goes to live with them, shaves her luscious hair, and blends in, eventually becoming a leader. However, there are other female bandits as well, and these are more skilled and vicious than her. However, Philomena’s background, keen observation, and composed yet fervent mentality provide her a significant advantage in the dangerous jungle environment.

To regain their independence, the leaders of these brigand organizations must present a united front in place of small-scale feuds when the State sets them against one another. All of this must be completed before the State seizes the gold, while Philomena and her band of brigands battle and look for it. Brigands: The Quest for Gold is a compelling story of emancipation and transformation, as well as an underappreciated chapter of history, but it would be incomplete without Michela De Rossi’s wonderful performance as Philomena.

Cast of Story of Brigands: The Quest of Gold

The cast of Story of Brigands: The Quest of Gold is as follows-

  • Michela De Rossi as Filomena
  • Matilda Lutz as Michelina
  • Giuseppe Lo Piccolo as Salvatore
  • Orlando Cinque as Pietro Monaco
  • Marlon Joubert as Giuseppe Schiavone
  • Josafat Vagni as Manzo
  • Gianmarco Vettori as Marchetta
  • Nando Paone as Ventre
  • Federico Ielapi as Jurillo

Where to Watch Story of Brigands: The Quest of Gold 

This series will be available on Netflix


Where to Watch Story of Brigands: The Quest of Gold 

This series will be available on Netflix. 

Is this show worth watching? 

Yes, this show is worth watching.

When is season 2 releasing? 

Season 2 is expected to release soon.

What is the expected date for release of season 2?

There is no information about the confirmed date, however it is expected to release soon. 

How many episodes are there in season 1?

There are six episodes in season 1.


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