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A Silent Voice 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, and More

Who would have guessed that the words “A Silent Voice 2” would bring so much joy to weebs around the world? The true meaning of sadness and how a person can appear normal on the outside but be completely broken on the inside were clearly demonstrated in this film. If you cry while watching this anime, whether you’re male or female, you’re a human being.

The film’s emotional themes, which were grounded in the complexities of reality, were created by director Naoko Yamada and screenwriter Reiko Yoshida. As the film’s shocking conclusion came to an end, some fans wondered if there would be a sequel.

A Silent Voice 2 Release Date

It is currently unknown whether or not a sequel to this film, which is based on a short manga, will be produced. The manga’s story arc and major plot points have already been consumed, according to first-film spoilers.

There does not appear to be any plans for a sequel to “A Silent Voice,” as it was a stand-alone film. Yoshitoki ima drew only seven volumes of the original manga. Many aspects of the novel were incorporated into the screenplay. At this time, there will be no sequel to the story. In the film, the story came to an end. People want to see what happens when they are aware of this in their later years. They all want to know if Nishimiya and Shoya will marry someday. There are infinite possibilities, but this only addresses the person in question’s current situation.

PartsRelease Dates
A Silent Voice 1 Release Date17 September 2016
A Silent Voice 2 Release DateNot Announced Yet
A Silent Voice 2 Release Date

A Silent Voice Story

A Silent Voice 2 Release Date
A Silent Voice 2

A Silent Voice is based on Yoshitoki Oima’s manga and follows a young man named Ishida Shoya. When he was in elementary school, he was assigned to a class with a deaf girl named Nishimiya Shoko, but the majority of her classmates did not accept her or her disability well. As a form of entertainment, Ishida and his classmates relentlessly harassed Nishimiya. When Ishida transfers schools, she is singled out as the sole perpetrator of Nishimiya’s abuse. As a result of this, Ishida became the target of bullying and ostracism from his classmates. Ishida was a different person in high school, tormented by the consequences of his past actions. He was attempting to make things right for the first time in his life.

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A Silent Voice 2 Story

A low-pitched voice spoke, ending on a high lilt. According to current information, the sequel to A Silent Voice may never be made. The manga creator, Yoshitoki Ima, only published seven volumes of his original manga. All of the material has been reworked by the filmmakers. There is currently no way to find out what happens next in the story.

The film’s storyline comes to an end. Fans are well aware of this, but they are interested in seeing how the characters’ adult lives unfold. They’re all curious about Nishimiya and Shoyo’s future marriage. In contrast to the film, which only addressed their current situation, there are an infinite number of possibilities. Yoshitoki ima, on the other hand, went above and beyond anything we’d ever seen. Shoyo’s observation of everyone’s expressions while standing in the middle of the festival is a goldmine. Kensuke Ushio’s Lit(Var) – A Silent Voice is the perfect soundtrack for the video.

Is there any scope for New Media to bring out the Sequel?

A Silent Voice 2 Release Date
A Silent Voice 2

Despite the film’s positive reviews, many manga readers were unimpressed. The reason for this is that many details about the story and the characters’ backstories had to be omitted in order to make a single film. A Silent Voice was able to capture a great deal of emotion in its unusually long running time. There is, however, a lot of room for development in the story and character development that could be explored in a series.

It’s also possible that what has already been adapted will inspire the development of new media. For example, the protagonist’s younger sister, Nishimiya Shoko, could have her own spin-off series following her development and exploration after the film ends. The world of the film could be further explored in a video game, specifically a visual novel based on the plot. Players would be able to learn more about other characters and their backstories as a result of this.

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