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Attack on Titan: Why Does Eren Want to Destroy the World?

Eren Yeager is, without a doubt, the most essential character in the whole Attack on Titan franchise. Who are we fooling, he’s the franchise’s most essential character? Eren’s actions have influenced Attack on Titan’s tale from the start, and what began with Eren’s rage concluded with Eren’s death. Meanwhile, we watched Eren’s transformation from hero to anti-hero. In this post, we’ll explain why Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan genuinely wants to destroy the world.

The Wall Titans are on their way to executing mass extermination all over the earth. Eren Yeager, our villainous protagonist, has evolved significantly since his first appearance in Season 1. Eren has evolved from a little lad sworn to destroy the Titans to a villain intent on destroying the majority of the world, excluding Paradis Island.

Viewers have frequently pondered why Eren’s personality altered so significantly in Season 4 of Attack on Titan. Here’s what we have to say about it.

Why Does Eren Want to Destroy the World?

Why Does Eren Want to Destroy the World?
Eren Want to Destroy the World

Fans of Attack on Titan who are perplexed as to why Eren wants to destroy the world should recall his speech to all Ymir subjects about the Rumbling. During the speech, Eren tells anybody who will listen that he wants to safeguard his homeland, Paradis Island, and its inhabitants. He says that, while Paradis does not wish for the outer world to perish, the world wishes for Paradis’ demise.

Zeke, Eren’s older brother, planned to sterilize all Eldians so that they would be wiped out completely. Eren, on the other hand, does not want his race to become extinct. Furthermore, as Connie correctly pointed out in another episode, Zeke’s “euthanasia” plan had other flaws. What would happen to the Eldians when they were all elderly and dying, and there were no more new ones to take their place? Who would then protect them from the rest of the world?

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Was Eren Truly Evil?

Finally, the answer to this query is linked to two things, both of which are connected to Grisha’s basement mystery. Eren was shaken by the realization that his entire existence had been a lie. He was dissatisfied, he felt deceived, and he had lost a certain life aim, which he had possessed prior to that epiphany. The first rationale is as follows:

The second cause is Eren’s delicate mind, which has been disintegrating for some time. Eren’s mentality eventually cracked completely when confronted with all the truths and inescapable choices, and this is the second reason he turned evil.

Eren was well aware of the implications of his actions. He realized that allowing Zeke to carry out his plan would result in a catastrophic disaster with the deaths of his friends and allies, therefore he knew he had to stop him no matter what the cost. He also understood that if he lived, people would see him as a leader and that he would live a long time, making his succession uncertain because he couldn’t predict how different individuals would react.

Proof of Eren Trying to Destroy the World

Why Does Eren Want to Destroy the World?
Will Eren be able to destroy the entire world?

Eren’s full address to Ymir’s subjects all around the world, explaining why he started the Rumbling:

“All Subjects of Ymir, pay attention to what I’m saying. Eren Yeager is my name. By way of the Founding Titan’s might, I now address all of Ymir’s Subjects. On the island of Paradis, every wall has been unhardened. The Titans who had been buried within them have started to walk. My mission is to safeguard the people of Paradis, who gave birth to and raised me. The world, on the other hand, wants the people of Paradis to perish. Their animosity has spread far beyond this island over many years. They will not stop until every last one of our people has been slaughtered. Their yearning is something I refuse. All areas beyond this island will be trampled and rumbled by the Titans of the Walls. Until the people who reside there be extinguished from this earth!”

Will Eren be Able to Destroy the Entire World?

We won’t say much about what happens in the Attack on Titan Season 4 finale since we don’t want to give anything away, but Eren’s attempt fails. We’ve already addressed the potential that it was all pre-planned, as Eren may have anticipated his fate owing to the Attacking Titan’s skills, but this was never verified in the manga.

Whatever the case may be, his plan finally failed, but only if we assume that his objective was to kill the entire globe. If we accept Eren’s claim that all he sought was peace, then his strategy was ultimately successful, albeit with a large number of victims.

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