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Bad And Crazy Episode 6 Release Date Is Here

Bad and Crazy Season Trailer

Bad and Crazy is a South Korean Heroic drama. The drama is on air, with the first episode premiering on 17th December 2021. Only a few days back. The drama will have 12 plus episodes. The runtime is 1 hour and 10 mins each. MDL (My Drama List) has rated it 8.8. This is a hot drama series capturing the hearts of many K-Drama fans. The drama is airing every Friday and Saturday. The drama is available in English, Korean, Portuguese, and other languages. It’s an action, thriller, fantasy, and mystery drama series.  

This is already on my Wishlist. Have you added it to yours? Well, if not, then do it! I am sure you will enjoy watching it. Now that I have asked you to watch this. You might be wondering when the next episode will air? Is episode 6 coming? And will it finish? Well, to know, read along!

Scroll down! 

Bad And Crazy Episode 6 Release Date

Don’t worry, and don’t get anxious. The countdown is on. The next episode; episode 6, will be released shortly. The third episode is coming on the 24th of December. Yes, just before Christmas. HOHOHO!!!! The time is at 7:10 in the evening. Your eve is sure to get more special. Then do watch the series, with your cake in hand. And Episode 6 is coming right after that. Episode 6 is releasing on January 1st 2022. Yass on The New Year!! Now go and enjoy your special eves’ with the new episodes. The season will have 12 episodes and it will air weekly. So yeah, you will get a complete season. 

Bad And Crazy Episode 6 Story

Bad And Crazy Episode 6 Release Date
Bad and Crazy

You can watch this one on Drama cool. This being an ongoing series not much is revealed yet. And I am not going to give the spoilers and spoil the mood.

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Bad and Crazy

The story shows Soo Yeol, a guy who rediscovers himself after meeting someone. That someone is K who is righteous but somewhat crazy. Soo Yeol is a police officer who is competent at his job. He is the officer of a drug squad with only a high school degree. Soo is very ambitious. He takes on the duties that his seniors give him and he completes them all with success. He always comes up with the outcome expected of him. But a problem is, he turns blind to some of the major ongoing problems, especially injustices.

With the promotion period coming back up he is faced with a crisis. He is faced with losing the opportunity as he has no one to back him. Although he is given the promotion a rightful opportunity, everything turns upside down for Soo. His life comes to a halt with a sudden comeback of crazy K back again to his life.

What happens after that? Will Soo lose or will he gain the last opportunity? What will happen if he loses? 

Stay tuned and watch the series. This is an indeed interesting series which will leave you awestruck. Ready to get some goosebumps, then go stream the series online. With the new episodes releasing twice a week you can start watching the show from now.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you can see the trailer attached above.

Bad And Crazy Where To Watch

The OTT platform is a life savior in this new pandemic difficulty. You can binge-watch most of the K-Dramas in Viki Rakuten, Netflix, or even in Amazon Prime. 

But this drama is available on tvN and iQiyi. Now go and binge-watch!

That’s all for now! I will take your leave and come back with the next update very soon!

Happy Watch! 

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