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BattleBots Season 14 Release Date: Is It Coming This Year?

Robots, gadgets, and everything related to robotics has been popular topics among people that have a huge interest in Sci-fi movies as well as series. But what if we get to see a reality show based on Robotics and gadgets? If we focus on factual information then there are very few reality shows out there that involve fights and competition between machines, right? 

But we have one show that involves battles against machines and all. BattleBots is a 2000 American Show which has 11 seasons in total. This American show is actually inspired by the British Show Robot Wars. The genre of this show is Robot Competition or we can say it mainly focuses on gadgets as well as battles. 

The creators of this interesting show are Gred Munson and Edward P. Roski and the directors of this show are Dan McDowell and Ryan Polito. The narrators of BattleBots are Chris Rose and Kenny Florian. Let us discover more information about this series here. 

BattleBots Season 14 Release Date 

BattleBots Season 14 Release Date 

BattleBots made its debut on August 23, 2000, and the latest season was released on January 6, 2022. The latest season is the 11th season of BattleBots and it officially ended on April 7, 2022. BattleBots is a great show and the content of this show is so good that fans can not wait for another season. Fans are already asking for the 14th season whereas the 12th season is not yet out. 

It is evident enough to say that the 14th season is not going to be released now because there is still no information about the 12th season, we can not jump to the 14th season without witnessing the 12th season.

Maybe the 12th season of BattleBots will be released in 2023 or 2024. If we get any information about the upcoming seasons we will update you without wasting a single bit of your time. 

Name of the Show/MovieBattleBots
Season/ Part/ Episode NumberSeason 14
Season 1 Release Date23 August 2000
Season 14 Release DateNot announced

BattleBots Season 14  Story 

It is totally impossible for us to assume the exact storyline of the 14th season as there is no information about it. As this is a reality show, we can expect it to have the same storyline as the previous seasons. We will get to see more battles in the arena and amazing prizes will be included in the 14th season. 

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BattleBots Season 14 Cast 

BattleBots Season 14 Release Date 

BattleBots is a reality and competition show which means the star cast of this show is not always the same. We can expect to see new contestants in the 14th season but we are not sure of anything. There are a lot of chances not to see the same cast in the 14th season. We are expecting to see new faces as well as new hosts in the 14th season. But now we do not have any information about the 14th season, if you are wondering about the cast line-up then we are sorry to say that we do not have any information about it. 

You can check the cast for the previous seasons below. The overall cast of BattleBots includes Chris Rose, Kenny Florian, Faruq Tauheed, Derek Young, John Remar, Lisa Winter, Jason Bardis, David San Filippo, Michael Ayers, Jessica Chobot, Jenny Taft, Peter Abrahamson, Naomi Kyle, Alison Haislip, Fon Davis, Samantha Ponder, Bobak Ferdowsi, Leland Melvin, Orvis Slack, Frank Ippolito, Molly McGrath, Brandon Unger, Simone Giertz, Vernon Davis, Mark Setrakian, Grant Imahara, Adam Savage, Michael Stevens, Ed Roski, Mark Liu, Boomer Mays and many more are there. 

BattleBots Season 13 Recap 

There is no recap for the 13th season because it is also not out. We don’t hold onto any information about the 13th season and its storyline. The overall story of this show is about Technology. Participants prepare robots and let them fight against each other to win. 

BattleBots Season 14 Trailer 

You will find many videos of BattleBots on YouTube but there is not even a single video on YouTube about the 14th season because the show is not yet renewed for season 14. 

Where To Watch BattleBots Season 14?

You can watch this show on Amazon Prime Video but the 14th season is still unavailable. 


The show got 7.2 ratings out of 10 on IMDb.

FAQs- BattleBots Season 14 Release Date 

How many seasons are there of BattleBots?

There are 11 seasons of BattleBots.

Is the 12th season of BattleBots already out?

No, the 12th season of BattleBots is still not out.

Is the 13th season of BattleBots out?

No, the 13th season of BattleBots is also not out.

When will the 14th season of BattleBots come out? 

We still don’t have any idea when it will be out.

When was the first season of Battlebots released?

The first season was released in 2000.

When did the 11th season of BattleBots get released?

The 11th season was released on January 6, 2022.

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