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Better Late than Never Season 3 Release Date Updates

Universal Television in association with Storyline Entertainment, produced an American Reality Travel Show called Better Late than Never. This was an adapted television show and is based on situations where celebrities travel around and overseas and experience evolving and new culture, adventures, and ticking off their bucket lists. With its initial production commencing in August 2015, the show first premiered on August 23, 2016. This was aired on NBC. Season 1 was episodes based on places in Asia, which summed up to 4 episodes. Season 2 was then released over the period 2017-18 and was based in Europe. The second season however had 8 episodes, which were four more than what was aired in season 1. The seasons with an average IMDB rating of 8.5/10 and 80% rotten tomatoes are known for their moderately successful seasons.

Better Late than Never Season 3 Release Date

Better Late than Never Season 3 Release Date
Better Late than Never

With a series completely basing its performance on the stardom of the cast with a glorious decade-long career, the show was aired on primetime on NBC. Season 2 was given a green signal with high viewership anticipations. However, a sudden 40 % drop in the performance from season 1 was a huge disappointment. Thus, following only two moderately successful seasons, and died out reception of the show from the viewers, Jeff Dye himself, by June 2018 confirmed that there will not be a third season. His declaration about the de-functioned state of the show and near to zero possibility of springing up back into existence.

SeasonsRelease Dates
Better Late than Never Season 1 Release Date23 August 2016
Better Late than Never Season 3 Release DateCanceled
Better Late than Never Season 3 Release Date

Better Late than Never Season 3 Story

This reality show is based upon the same old concept of including the biggies of the industry accompanied by a carrier and navigator usually called the host. Within the two episodes, the five people undergo several thrilling experiences just checking items off their bucket lists. During season one, the cast covered a few places over the Asian continent. The places covered in Season 1 were Tokyo, Kyoto and Hongkong, Seoul, and Thailand. After being aired for the last time on September 13, 2016, the show came back with a season 2 on December 11, 2017, where they covered the continent of Europe. The places they covered in Europe were Munich, Sweden, Lithuania, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Morocco, and Sahara.

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Better Late than Never Season 3 Cast

Better Late than Never Season 3 Release Date
Better Late than Never

A show predominantly known to sustain upon the stars and their power has a cast where almost all of them are elderly and are well-known people from Hollywood. However, if you’re let down by the number of elderly characters there is an exception, which is the host himself. The host is the very amazing and well-established American actor and comedian, Jeff Dye.

Other than the host, the real stars of this series would be Henry Winkler, William Shatner, Terry Bradshaw, and George Foreman. The quartet needs no formal introduction given their huge celebrated acting careers from renowned production houses. However, a summary of them is highly desirable.

Jeff Dye:

A well-known American Comedian and actor, Jeff Has hosted two series on MTV and has notably occurred over Money from Strangers, Girl Code, Comedy Central, etc.

William Shatner:

Best known for his role portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk, William Shatner is a glorious Canadian actor with a seven-decade long acting career. His final appearance was as Kirk in Star Trek generations.

Terry Bradshaw:

Former American professional footballer, Terry Paxton Bradshaw was known as the quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League. Presently known for being a sports analyst, he was seen in a reality travel show.

Henry Winkler:

Renowned American actor, and comedian Henry Winkler, is well-known for his claim to fame from American Television Series, Happy Days. Time and again, he has proven himself to be a character actor and has been awarded many prestigious awards.

George Foreman:

A former professional boxer from America was seen to be a part of the reality show and also is an entrepreneur, minister, and author. Often called Big George, he is a two-time world champion in heavyweight.

Better Late than Never Season 3 Trailer

According to official sources and the host of the show, Jeff Dye, the third season of Better Late than Never stands canceled and is not scheduled for production and development. Hence, there shall not be a trailer update regarding the third season.

Where to Watch Better Late than Never Season 3?

One can stream the already released seasons of the series from various platforms, like fuboTV and Hulu. However, a production of the NBC can also be watched over or NBC mobile streaming application.

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