Deep Insanity The Lost Child Episode 11 Release Date
Deep Insanity The Lost Child

Deep Insanity anime is adapted from the manga. The series is currently airing. But we know that this season will have 12+ episodes. MAL scored the series 4.92. 

The sci-fi anime series runtime is 24 mins each. 

To be presided over, it’s actually a mixed media project. It contains the serialization of a manga. Then next is the PC and mobile game. And now as the Anime. 

The manga has 2 volumes and till now only 10 episodes have been released. 

Now let’s come to the million-dollar question. Will the series have a new episode? Or was it canceled?

Buckle up and start reading!! Here’s what we know about Deep Insanity The Lost Child Episode 11 Release Date.

WARNING: Episode Spoilers Ahead!

Deep Insanity The Lost Child Episode 11 Release Date

The next chapter of Deep Insanity will release on… Drum Rolls Please!!! On the 23rd of December 2021 at, 12:30 am (JST). That means the series has already been released and is waiting for your watch. Fans were eagerly waiting for its release. 

Deep Insanity The Lost Child Episode 11 Story

Deep Insanity The Lost Child
Deep Insanity The Lost Child

Kai is seen enjoying a drink with the bartender. She is about to close the bar. She is well aware that Ki came to her for a reason so she asks him about it. Kai shows her Xo’s notebook and asks her if she can break it. 

This particular chapter will focus on the BBQ party. Kai, Kobata, Larry, and Sumire have brought back the commander. So, this calls for celebration and hence, the party. Vera is not able to enjoy the party nor can she spoil their fun. For she knows that Xo is missing. Kai came to her and asked about the secret of the mystery mission. Here she makes a big decision. She decides to remove Kai for his own good. Kai is then seen reading Xo’s notebook before dying.

Kai and the sleepers try to find the secret in HQ. Whose secret? Well, Xo’s. Later Vera heads out to find the target. She reminds Kai of his duty.  Kai accepts the same without a word. 

I am not revealing more than this. Watch to find out!!

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Deep Insanity The Lost Child Episode 10 Recap

Deep Insanity The Lost Child
Deep Insanity The Lost Child

Vera is worried about Kai as he is unaware of the mission they have planned out. It involves assassination. Larry tells her that Kai would come and talk to her. Kai invites her to the party. Vera from then on starts avoiding Kai. She decides that she will not attend the party. Her absence won’t make them disobey her is her thought. She comes up with excuses to avoid the party, however. But she failed to do so. She reaches the party but reaches there when it’s quite late.

Deep Insanity The Lost Child
Deep Insanity The Lost Child

The anime is set between the manga and the video game. The story is set in showing a young member Ki who joins the asylum. It is inhabited by both the monsters and the humans who are seen as affected by the Randolph Syndrome. Kai is a new recruit who hopes to become a hero. There are other characters as well, who have important roles to play.

The new illness is slowly but steadily approaching humanity. People place bets on the depths of the new world in order to get huge wealth, plots from the organization. And also, for, their own ambitions as well.

Shigure Kai is the only man standing in the front line with the only wish to challenge the Asylum. Now that the TV series is here. You can watch the Anime on Funimation. 

Well with this I have come to an end.  That’s all folks!

Go and watch the anime, you’re going to love the plot.

Happy Watch!  

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