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Escaping Polygamy Season 5 Release Date Latest Details!

Escaping the societal cages of standards and decency that have been imposed on women for ages, few women have come up with a very interesting concept. This concept eventually turned into a show called Escaping Polygamy that escaped the strong bars of mindless restrictions on womanhood An extremely popular television show that originated in the United States in 2014 December was called Escaping Polygamy. This show has continuously helped several other females to overcome life hurdles and embrace independence. Polygamy was very persistent in ancient times across many places and cultures.

For example, the Rajputs married daughters of wealthy kings to increase the number of the province under their kingdom. This showed the inconsideration of men towards women because neither the husband nor the father saw anything in the whole procedure. This practice slowly died as time progressed but unfortunately it kept being persistent in some of the areas and cultures around the world even in modern times. These were notably directed by multiple several prestigious directors throughout the different seasons. The directors include Ira Speir who contributed in one in 2017 then there was Steve Brewer who also worked on one episode in 2017. Then there was Curt Wallin in two episodes in 2018.  Javier Gomez and Jerome Jarnigan were also two other directors that did their job in making the show. The executive producers that brought together the whole show and helped the show to launch were Dee Bagwell Haslam and Rob Lundgren. The show is networked on the line of Lifetime.

Escaping Polygamy Season 5 Release Date

Escaping Polygamy Season 5 Release Date

Escaping Polygamy escaped their construction frame and hit the screens on December 30, 2014. Then the airing of the seasons continued due to its virtuous aim and goals. Season 3 of Escaping Polygamy launched from 7 August 2017 to 28 August 2017. Then the fourth season of Escaping Reality launched on the next year itself is 2018. The first episode of season 4 showed itself dated 18 June 2018. The Lifetime channel has not made any official confirmation on season five yet but it is much anticipated. The return of the show as the fifth season will also stand as the return of hopes and a strong backbone for helpless women.

Escaping Polygamy Season 1 Release Date30 December 2014
Escaping Polygamy Season 2 Release DateFeb 21, 2017
Escaping Polygamy Season 3 Release DateAugust 7, 2017
Escaping Polygamy Season 4 Release DateJune 18, 2018
Escaping Polygamy Season 5 Release DateNot Announced
Escaping Polygamy Season 5 Release Date

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Escaping Polygamy Season 4 Recap

The previous season was the fourth season which was a similar continuation of the first three shows portraying different women trapped in the crushing weight and prison of polygamy. The fourth season shows how they are rescued by the three sisters who came from a polygamous group based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their group was called the Kingston clan. They could relate to the struggle and pain of girls in similar situations and hence, helped them stand their ground and rooted for their journey of freedom.

Escaping Polygamy Season 5 Story

Season five of Escaping Polygamy is also expected to have much more instances and situations of women trapped in and burdened with polygamy. The show might go on the renewed discovery of suffering humans due to unjust societal structures and beliefs forcefully imposed upon them. The fifth season will delve into the discovery of such situations and the discovery of rescue methods for these girls.

Escaping Polygamy Season 5 Cast

Escaping Polygamy Season 5 Release Date

The cast of Escaping Polygamy majorly includes the three sisters who had a different yet similar story of sorrow under the malfunctioning umbrella of polygamy. The first one was Andrea Brewer who was the sixth wife of her husband. The other two sisters were Jessica Christensen who was married to her uncle and was his third wife then there was Shanell DeRieux who was the seventh wife of her husband.

Where To Watch Escaping Polygamy Season 5?

The previous seasons of Escaping reality have been available on several online networks like Hulu+Live Tv, Fubo TV, Philo, and the main network called Lifetime. Originally available on A&E, then it shifted to Lifetime. There are many other networks that stream this show which include the Paramount Network, AMC, Discovery, and IFC. Sling and video channels also had streamed the episodes of Escaping Polygamy. Hence, it can be concluded that the launch of Escaping Polygamy Season 5 can also be seen on these networks themselves. The trailers and specific clips of the show are available on YouTube. Hope you will look out for the fifth chapter of this extremely thoughtful and interesting show as well as check out details and updates on other shows that are equally interesting if not more!

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