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Is Art of Love Based on a True Story: What’s the Story?

One of those trite, formulaic love comedies about a man and woman struggling to get back together is Art of Love. An original Turkish film on Netflix, it takes place in several European locations. Though the other has given up, one ex-partner still thinks they can work things out. The causes and means of the couple’s reconciliation will be explained to the readers throughout the text.

Is Art of Love Based on a True Story

Alin and Ozan were the Interpol Art Crime Unit officers who responded to the Istanbul-based museum heist incident. Their inquiry demonstrates that the burglar was exclusively taking valuable artworks. When they saw the trend, they discovered that the artwork’s worth was being increased. 

Alin was ready to apprehend the perpetrator after her inquiry led her to another piece of art that she thought the aforementioned thief would target. Alin went out of the museum after the aforementioned criminal completed the act. To her surprise, the burglar turned out to be her long-gone ex-boyfriend, Guney. 

Is Art of Love Based on a True Story 

While some elements of “Art of Love” may give you the idea that the movie is based on a genuine story or a real thief, the screenwriter created the scenario entirely on his own, owing to his inventiveness. The most costly and valuable works of art are often the ones that art thieves target. But Pelin changed the plot in several ways, one of which being that the art thief in the crime movie takes the least valued works of art rather than the typical ones.

The Turkish film Art of Love tells the tale of the romance between an Interpol agent and an art thief. Even while it seems intriguing, the movie seems to lack a clear storyline and instead consists of a collection of interconnected concepts, despite including some stunning actors.

Recently dispatched to apprehend an art thief, Alin is a young police officer. Other than a black pin as his calling card—which might have been more generic, no?—this individual hasn’t been leaving any clues behind. Ozan, Alin’s companion, suggests that there could be a connection between the paintings. This is somehow the perfect tip that Alin needed.

Story of Art of Love

In “Art of Love” on Netflix, we meet an art thief who has a reputation for breaking into prominent and secure institutions and taking not the most precious but the least expensive artwork on display. Alin, an Interpol Art Crime Unit officer, has been after this amorous thief for a long now, but he always seems to be one step ahead of her. She eventually learns the location of his next victim after years of perseverance. She is astonished to discover that the thief is none other than rich businessman Güney, with whom she was going to tie the knot. But he vanished just before that.

Alin and Ozan soon discover that the art thief is targeting any paintings that have anything to do with love, rather than just the least valuable pieces in the museums. Combining this information enables them to determine the thief’s next intended victim. Alin turns out to be correct, but the burglar manages to steal the picture in broad daylight without anybody seeing it, leaving Alin with just enough evidence to track him down, see his face, and escape capture. Alin recognizes the robber right away. Guney, her former flame. 

Review of Art of Love

To their dismay, Güney (Birkan Sokullu), Alin’s ex-boyfriend, turns out to be the thief. The young lady’s supervisors won’t consider arresting Güney until she has strong evidence, which is an issue because he is a well-known millionaire. She conceives a scheme, of course, to capture Güney and get vengeance for the abrupt manner he broke up with her all those years ago. Alin’s feelings for the charming millionaire begin to reawaken the more time she spends with him, which throws off her strategy.

Noteworthy are the film’s visuals. The film’s rather disorienting plot gains credibility since it has breathtaking visuals that fill the screen continuously and appear to have been shot on location in Budapest and Prague.

Esra Bilgiç and Birkan Sokullu are skilled performers who have excellent on-screen chemistry. Art of Love is more enjoyable to watch than it should be because of the two actors’ performances, the costumes, and the settings where the film was shot.


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