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Is Kannur Squad based on a True Story?

Arrival of ‘Kannur Squad’ to the silver screen – A cinematic masterpiece Directed by the Talented Roby Varghese Raj. Headlined by the legendary Mammootty on 28 September. The Theaters came alive with the pulse-quickening narrative of this much-anticipated investigation thriller. Is Kannur Squad based on a true story? That promising audiences an unforgettable journey into the realms of suspense and intrigue.

With a U/A certification, the film introduces us to Mammootty’s character, George Martin. An assistant sub-inspector in the Kannur Squad – a team inspired by the real-life police force led by former Kannur SP S Sreejith.

This Cinematic journey delves into the lives of four key police officers. It vividly portrayed by Mammootty, Rony David Raj, Shabaressh Varma, and Azeez Nedumangad. While the actual Kannur Squad boasts nine members, the film strategically focuses on these four protagonists. George Martin, alongside his comrades, brings alive the challenges and triumphs faced by these specialized police unit. As the narrative unfolds, audiences are in for an immersive experience, navigating the intriguing world of crime and justice.

Is Kannur Squad based on a true story?

Mammootty spills the beans on ‘Kannur Squad,’ revealing a tantalizing blend of reality and fiction. In recent interviews, he unveiled that the film, inspired by the Kannur Squad’s real-life heroics between 2007 and 2013. It artfully weaves a fictional narrative around two intriguing cases. The actor, delving into the plot, shared that the Kannur SP in the film, portrayed by Vijayaghavan, thrusts the team into a case transcending Kasargode SP’s jurisdiction, adding a layer of complexity to the storyline.

In a fascinating twist, Mammootty disclosed that the film’s writers, Rony and Muhammed Shafi. That is tapped into the insights of the actual Kannur Squad officers back in 2018. The result? A cinematic tapestry that authentically mirrors true events, with the seasoned actor himself confirming the incorporation of their invaluable inputs.

As buzz around the film’s gripping narrative and thriller action sequences resonates, the anticipation for its opening day collections mounts. However, a shadow looms as reports surface of the movie leaking online in HD just hours after its theatrical debut, raising the stakes for the film’s ultimate success. The drama unfolds both on and off the screen, adding an extra layer of suspense to the ‘Kannur Squad’ saga.

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The Real Kannur Squad

The ‘Kannur Squad,’ a formidable team of police sleuths, unravelled mysteries and hunted down criminals both within and beyond Kerala’s borders from 2007 to 2017. Led by the seasoned Baby George, additional sub-inspector, the squad comprised skilled officers like P Vinod Kumar, K Manoj Kumar, Rafi Muhammad, CK Rajasekharan, C Sunil Kumar, Reji Scaria, and K Jayarajan.

The gripping tale takes a tragic turn on August 4, 2013, at the residence of industrialist Abdul Salam Haji in Kasaragod. Under the cover of darkness, a ruthless gang of robbers invaded, leaving shockwaves as they attacked and looted. In a chilling twist, the perpetrators took a life when they realized the plunder had reached its limit – Abdul Salam Haji’s life.

The real-life horror served as the spark for an audacious mission undertaken by the Kannur Squad. Despite the crime scene boasting modern security measures, including CCTV cameras, the team embarked on a relentless pursuit. The accused, who thought they had escaped, were eventually apprehended a staggering 6000 kilometres away from the scene of the crime.

While ‘Kannur Squad’ draws inspiration from this incident. The film weaves in additional elements and changes to deliver an intense, roller-coaster experience. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding thriller where realism meets riveting performances. That promising audiences an electrifying journey into the world of crime and justice.

Mammootty effortlessly dominates every frame

Mammootty, at 72, isn’t just winning hearts but conquering the cinematic landscape with ‘Kannur Squad.’ Beyond its box office triumph, the investigative thriller is now making waves in the realm of OTT streaming. Drawing parallels with cinematic gems like ‘Khakee’ and ‘Raghavan,’ ‘Kannur Squad’ stands out by weaving true events into a fictionalized narrative that keeps audiences on the edge.

In a refreshing departure, the film sidesteps clichés, steering clear of romantic subplots and unnecessary hero glorification. Instead, it plunges into the intricate world of police procedures. It offers a riveting peek into the meticulous workings of the squad. Mammootty, as George Martin, effortlessly commands attention. A character that balances whistle-worthy moments with grounded flaws, anger, and unyielding determination.

The film’s visual allure, stellar performances and well-choreographed action sequences contribute to its undeniable charm. Mammootty’s age-defying presence is amplified by a pulsating background score. It creates a thrilling cat-and-mouse game that holds viewers captive from start to finish. While director Roby Varghese Raj’s debut may not be flawless. It undeniably marks him as a promising talent in the vibrant world of Malayalam cinema. ‘Kannur Squad’ isn’t just a hit; it’s a celebration of storytelling and Mammootty’s enduring brilliance.

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