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Is Ricky Stanicky Inspired by a True Story?

Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Ricky Stanicky,’ directed by Peter Farrelly. Is Ricky Stanicky Inspired by a True Story? It revolves around three men who have continued to lay the blame for all their antics on a fictional person. The person is named Ricky Stanicky. However, when their respective partners demand to meet the elusive Ricky. The men scramble to find someone who will be willing to take the brunt of the crimes laid on the feet of the fictional man. The world is curious to learn more about just how this story. Is it, not unlike the titular character, a fictional creation, or is it inspired by real-life events?

Is Ricky Stanicky Inspired by a True Story?

The story of ‘Ricky Stanicky’ developed over many years. When asked why he was so passionate about the movie. The director Peter Farrelly simply commented that it was because the script was “funny.” Known for his work in ‘foolish,’ ‘Shallow Hal,’ ‘There’s Something About Mary,’ and ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever,’ Farrelly is well respected when it comes to comedic cinematic creations. His passion for this particular project has certainly been palpable for all to see.

The initial concept of the movie was written by Jeff Bushell. A writer through whom Farrelly himself got to know about the movie. The initial development of the movie began in May 2010. James Franco was set to play the titular role, and Summit Entertainment was ready to finance it. However, the project took a backseat soon enough, and Franco left it in 2012. There was a time when actors like Joaquin Phoenix and Jim Carrey were also considered for the main role, but things did not pan out.

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Ricky Stanicky Plotline

The film follows the story of three friends who have known each other since they were kids. Then came up with a unique way of getting themselves out of trouble. They invented an imaginary fourth friend, Ricky Stanicky, who would be the scapegoat for anything that went wrong in their youthful capers. Even as they grew older, the boys continued to use Ricky whenever the situation arose. Ricky would be the excuse that the friends would use to cover up their misadventures. However, it is easy to see how the shelf life of Ricky would start to expire. Those around them start to question Ricky’s role and wonder why nobody has ever met him. With events escalating, there is, of course, only one way out — hire someone to pretend they are Ricky. To get the meetings out of the way and move on with their lives as normal.

The relatability of the premise comes when you start to think about how having your own personal “Ricky” would come in handy. Perhaps, dear reader, you can even think back to a time when you have used a similar tactic. To avoid some dreadful get-together, party, or social gathering. Ricky is pretty much a “get out of jail free” card that can be played at the most necessary of times, personifying the white lie that makes life more bearable. Of course, we can relate.

Farrelly’s Trust in Cena and Efron for ‘Ricky Stanicky’

Farrelly has expressed his trust in Cena’s comedic timing on more than one occasion, even comparing him to Jim Carrey. It was thanks to the actor’s performance in ‘Peacemaker ‘ that Farrelly realized that Cena was “chaotic” and might just be the one needed to bring Ricky Stanicky to life. The director’s admiration for Efron is also well-known, given that Farrelly worked with him for ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’ and has been openly appreciative of the skills that the actor showcased in ‘Iron Claw.’

While ‘Ricky Stanicky may not be based on real-life events, there are moments that one cannot help but easily relate to. Blaming all possible faults on a convenient scapegoat might just be a dream for many, and the panic that the three friends find themselves in when they are called out on their lies is too relatable. However, the story itself is fictional and has developed over 15 years. With some of the best names trying to bring the story to the screen at one point or another, the anticipation behind the Amazon Prime Video movie is certainly easy to understand despite it not being based on a true story.

Where to watch

You can watch “Ricky Stanicky” on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Peter Farrelly, the film follows three friends who invent an imaginary scapegoat named Ricky. As their lives unravel, they must hire someone to pretend to be Ricky.

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